How To Add A Photo Widget On iOS 14?

Here’s your simple guide on how to add a photo widget on iOS 14!

Apple has ignored chiefly the iPhone’s Home Screen for years. For better or worse, this has been the company’s policy for far too long, and it appears that it has now realized its error.

iOS 14 introduces a plethora of new Home Screen tweaks and minor upgrades to iOS’s backend. After so many problems and idiosyncrasies in iOS 13, as well as a new jailbreak, Apple decided to play it safe with iOS 14.

In the iOS 14 version, users can add a photo widget to their home screens. Here’s how to add a photo widget on  iOS 14 to your home screen. This widget allows you to browse and edit your recent images rapidly. There are a few options, and the process is relatively straightforward.

What is Widget On iOS 14?

Widget is a new iOS 14 feature. They were not present in the previous iOS version, and they were not present for a long time. The ‘Today View’ hides the ‘earlier’ widgets. If you do not employ the right-hand swipe, they will be forgotten quickly.

One of the more appealing ones is ‘Photos Widgets’. With photo widgets, you don’t have to browse your images and memories. You can browse them without having to launch the photos app. You have the option of changing the photos widget size as well as the memories displayed on it.

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There are a lot of widgets available for your favorite apps in iOS 14. During the beta period, these widgets were limited to Apple apps. Developers were updating existing widgets and apps.

As developers are becoming more engaged, your favorite third-party apps may receive new widgets relatively soon. This article will show you how to add a photo widget on iOS 14?

How to Add A Photo Widget On iOS 14?

A photo widget can be added to your iPhone’s Home Screen in several different ways. The Photos app widget, which Apple provides, is certainly one possibility. Another option is to utilize a custom widget in a third-party app. We will go through both methods for how to make a photo widget on your iPhone. 

Use Apple Widgets

Apple includes a widget for the Photos app alongside its other apps. This is the simplest method you will want to employ to add a photo widget on iOS 14 after reading the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: To make your icons move, long press the blank space area on your iPhone’s screen. When you do this, the icons wobble.

Step 2:  To access the Widget Gallery, tap the plus (+) icon in the top right.

Step 3: Choose the ‘Photos widget’ from the list or the popular place near the top.

Add a photo widget on iOS 14 home screen

Step 4: Select the widget sizes for your Home Screen.

Step 5: After selecting the size, click on the ‘Add Widget’ option. 

Step 6:  In the top right corner, press the ‘Done’ button.

Step 7: Your screen will display the photo widget.

Step 8:  Long press a black space on your iPhone’s screen to drag the photos widget to the desired location.

Add a photo widget on iOS 14 home screen

Step 9: Press and hold the photo widget when the icons start to jiggle.

Step 10: Move the photo widget around.

Step 11: Set the photo widget free.

Step 12: To fix the widget to its selected location, tap on the blank space on the screenAnd it will set there.

add a photo widget on iOS14 home screen

On your Home Screens, you may now locate the new Photos Widget. It can be used independently or in conjunction with other widgets. You can also transfer it to a new location. The Photos Widget will cycle through different photos and moments once you have placed them.

The easy step is placing the widget. The tricky part is choosing which photographs to display in the widget. Unfortunately, you can not select which pictures to display in Apple’s Photos widget. The photos that appear in the widget emerge from your ‘Featured Photos’ in the ‘Photos and Memories’, which you can see when you select the widget size.

The Photos app, not you, selects the featured photo. But you have the option of eliminating photos in Featured Photos from the widget at the moment.

How Do I Change the Images on My iPhone Photo Widget?

On your iPhone, you can customize the size and location of the photos widget, but you can not change which iPhone photo albums or photos display in it. Apple uses machine learning to select your best images automatically. There is no way to compel specific images to appear, prohibit them from showing specific people or even guide them in a specific direction.

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You can only prohibit the photo widget on the iPhone from showing certain images that the system has already selected. You can open a photo in the ‘Photographs app and choose to remove it from your featured photos if you do not want it on the widget. This will prohibit that image from being displayed in the future by the photo widget. To delete an image from your iPhone’s photo widget, follow these steps:

Step 1: Wait until the photo you wish to delete appears in the widget.

Step 2:  Select the share icon.

Step 3: In ‘Featured Photos,’ click on the ‘Remove’ button.

Step 4: Your photo widget will no longer show the image.

This method will not remove Memories or exclude photographs from Memories from appearing in the Photos widget. Hopefully, All of this will be changed in the future for the Photos app widget by Apple.

Use A Third-party App to Add a Photo Widget

You do have another alternative if you are frustrated by Apple’s Photos widget’s constraints and wish to change the photo in the widget. Widget Smith is a cost-free third-party app that will let you customize widgets and upload photos or an entire album simply from the Photos app. You also have complete control over the images, which you can choose and update at any time.

Step 1: First of all, open Widgetsmith.

Step 2: Choose from small, medium, or big widget sizes in Widget Smith.

Step 3: Default Widget is the first option to choose.

Step 4: Select ‘Custom’ from the list of widget kinds.

Step 5: To see only one image in the widget, click on ‘choose Photo.’ For all photos, go for photos in Album.

Step 6: By choosing the option below that says Selected Photo or Selected Album, you may choose the photo or album you would want to utilize.

Step 7: Hit the arrow in the top left corner, and it will take you to the previous page. You can rename the widget at the top by tapping on it.

Step 8: When you are done, tap ‘Save.’

Add a photo widget on iOS 14

After you have finished making your photo or album widget, drag it from the Widget Gallery and release it to the Home Screen like any other widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the iPhone, how to create a Google widget?

To get the Google widget on your iPhone’s home screen, just touch and long-press the home screen. You will see a plus icon; click it. Now search for the Google app in the search box, then tap it, and it will be added as a Google widget to your iPhone’s home screen for quick access to Google Search. You can also relocate the Google widgets by choosing the widget sizes. Then tap on ‘Add Widget’ and move or drag the widget to any side of your home screen. In the end, tap on ‘Done’ to fix its location. 

How to create a Google Calendar widget to work on my iPhone?

Touch and hold the home screen to bring up the plus sign, then search for and open the Google Calendar app. Swipe left to change the size of the widget, then hit ‘Add Widget’ and ‘Done’.

How do I edit my iPhone photo widgets?

To access the quick actions menu, press and hold a widget. Select ‘Edit Widget’ from the menu. Make your adjustments, then quit the widget by tapping outside it.

Bottom Line 

A photo widget is simple to add to your iPhone’s Home Screen. Use Apple’s Photos widget if seeing Memories or Featured Photos is not a problem for you. If you would rather pick your own photographs, try Widgetsmith or similar software for making custom widgets. Click Here for more such guides!

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