iOS 16: How To Add An Item To The Apple Health App?

You may now add prescription drugs and vitamins to the Health app in iOS 16, so you will be reminded to take them. To find out how exactly you can add an item to the Apple Health App, read till the end!

Do you find it difficult to remember to take your prescriptions in the right amounts at the right times and to keep track of your medication schedule? You can get assistance with that from your iPhone, thanks to Apple’s addition of a new medication management tool to the Health app in iOS 16.

You may add all the prescription, over-the-counter, and vitamin products you use in the new ‘Meds’ section of the app, which allows you to check for interactions, receive reminders to take your medications, and more.

How To Add An Item To The Apple Health App In iOS 16 

Here’s how you can easily add an item to the Apple Health App in iOS 16:

Step 1: On your iPhone, launch the Health app.

Step 2: Choose the Browse section, then choose ‘Medications’. You can also search for ‘Medications’ in the Health app’s search bar and choose it from the list of results.

Step 3: To begin adding a supplement, vitamin, or medication to the health app, tap ‘Add a Medication’. An overlay window will appear on your screen as a result.

Step 4: Tap ‘Next’ after entering the drug or vitamin’s name.

Step 5: You will need to select the type of medication, like capsule, liquid, cream, etc., on the following page. Tap on the appropriate choice from the list to select the form of your particular medication. Tap the ‘Next’ button to proceed after that.

Add an item to the Apple Health App

Step 6: The information on the medication’s potency can then be entered. To do this, first, type the numerical value that is listed on the medicine’s packaging into the text box, and then select the unit by hitting the ‘Choose Unit’ button. An overlay window will appear on your screen as a result. Then, as indicated on the packaging, choose the unit of medicine strength.

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Step 7: If you do not know the strength information, or it is a vitamin or supplement you are making a plan for, select ‘No Strength Information and then click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Step 8: You will then need to plan the medicine intake timetable. By tapping the ‘Frequency’ button, you can choose a frequency. As a result, your screen will display an overlay window.

Add an item to the Apple Health App

Step 9: Then, on the ‘Frequency’ page, select the medication’s desired frequency. Although the options are fairly self-explanatory, the following is a brief summary for your review:

  • Regular Intervals: Using this option, you can create a timetable based on how many days must pass before the next dose is scheduled. This will work for the majority of the usual prescriptions you are taking, whether they need to be taken daily, every other day, or in different ways. 
  • On A Specific Day Of The Week: As the name suggests, this option allows you to create a schedule based on the days of the week when you need to take the prescription. When you take your medications at unpredictable intervals, this option is best. 
  • As Needed: This choice will work best if you occasionally take vitamins, dietary supplements, and other medications. For prescriptions listed in the ‘As Needed’ category, you will not receive a reminder, but you can go to the Health app and manually log them as needed.

Step 10: Choose the frequency days from the ‘Choose interval’ box if ‘At Regular Intervals’ is your frequency selection. After that, select the medication’s start date by tapping on the date tile that is just below it.

Step 11: If you selected the ‘Specific Days of the Week’ frequency, choose the sections for the days you want to be reminded of the dosage. Then, by tapping on the tile that is located beneath the section, choose the starting date.

Step 12: Once your desired frequency has been selected and set up, confirm it by tapping the ‘Done’ button in the top right corner.

Step 13: After that, you will be asked to select a time of day when you desire to be reminded, depending on whether you chose the interval-based frequency or the specific day frequency. To do this, select ‘Add a time’ from the menu that appears under ‘Time of the Day’.

Step 14: To modify the time to your liking, simply tap on the time that is mentioned. Then, after the time field, tap on the quantity indicated and write the new number if you want to change the number of medications. Once you have set the medication’s time and dosage, click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the screen to continue.

Step 15: Tap ‘Next’ to proceed. Or select an icon for the drug by tapping on any of the grid’s icons. To match the medication in real life, you can select the background and drug icon from the color palette in any way you desire. Tap the ‘Next’ button when finished. On the final screen, look over the information you have input and add any pertinent notes, then tap ‘Done’.

Add an item to the Apple Health App

How To Delete A Medication From The Health App?

  • Open the Health app on your iPhone.
  • Select the Browse option and select Medications.
  • Tap the drug you want to remove after scrolling to Your Medications.
  • Tap Delete Medication after scrolling to Options.
  • Then, select Delete Medication.
image 47

Add An Item To The Apple Health App

Step 1: Open the Health app on your iPhone XR or a later model.

Step 2: Following Browse, select Medications.

Step 3: Click Add Medication.

Step 4: After selecting Get Started, tap the camera icon. Give the Health app permission to use your camera if asked.

Step 5: In the frame, place the drug label.

Step 6: Tap on the ‘Next’ option.

Step 7: To choose an interval, press Frequency; after that, tap Done.

Step 8: To further define when you take the prescription, press Add a time, then hit Next.

Step 9: Select the medication’s shape and press Next; alternatively, hit Skip.

Step 10: To make it your own, pick a background and medication color.

Step 11: Tap Next after reviewing your medication information and providing any optional details.

image 46

Following the addition of your drugs, you may download or share a copy of your current medication list by scrolling to the More area of the Medications screen and selecting Export PDF.

Log A Medication On Your Apple Watch

Both the Health app on the iPhone and the Medications app on the Apple Watch allows you to record medications.

On The iPhone

  • Activate the Health app.
  • Following Browse, select Medications.
  • Select the drug, then tap the plus sign (+). You can select the medication, next tap Log for As-Needed drugs.
  • Before tapping Done, tap Skipped or Taken.

Using the Apple Watch

  • Activate the Medication app.
  • Then select a drug.
  • To log the medication, select Log as Taken. If you didn’t take the medication, you can also select Skipped, then Done.
  • If you only take the drug when you need it, you can scroll to it in the Your Medications section, press it, and then tap Log.

Medication Tracking From A Reminder

You can receive notifications on your iPhone and Apple Watch when it’s time to take the prescribed meds. On your iPhone, select Browse, then select Medications from the Health app. Toggle Dose Reminders on by scrolling down and tapping Options.

When a reminder is sent to you:

  • Tap the notice on your iPhone, then tap Skipped or Taken.
  • Tap the notice on your Apple Watch, then select Skipped, Taken, or Remind Me in 10 Minutes.
  • You’ll also be informed if your time zone changes when you switch between them. Confirm the information about your medication schedule by tapping the notification.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to export medication on iOS 16?

The Health app has an ’Export Medications List PDF’ option in the Medications section that, as the name implies, generates a straightforward PDF listing the medications you are now taking. You can discuss this list with a physician.

How does the health app keep you from taking the wrong medication combinations in iOS 16?

The Health app frequently verifies that the medications you are taking do not interact with one another, preventing you from taking a combination of drugs that could be hazardous.

Can I remove medication from the health app in iOS 16?

Yes, you can. If you no longer require a specific item, you can delete it using the Health app. Remember that archiving an item will remove the drug from your schedule and Health Sharing.

Bottom Line 

This is how to add an item to the Apple Health App in iOS 16. Your iPhone will notify you after you enter your medication schedule in the Health app. You may set up reminders for your medication using iOS 16 so that you never forget to take a dose. Click Here for more such easy and interesting guides!

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