Apollo App Adds Reddit To The iOS 16 Lock Screen!

A widely used mobile app will integrate Reddit into the iPhone Lock Screen with this newly released iOS 16. The current version of the Apollo for Reddit iOS app takes advantage of the functionality introduced in iOS 16 which allows third-party developers to make widgets for the Lock Screen of your iPhone. These widgets can provide rapid access to specific information or a user’s preferred app.

Several new applications have already incorporated this feature. However, Apollo iOS 16 update is one of the most important to date, bringing not just one or two new widgets but a whole array geared to cater to Reddit fans.

What Does This Apollo Update Provides For Users?

The revised program (version 1.14 on the App Store) provides a variety of widgets for the iOS 16 Lock Screen that may be used separately or in combination, allowing Reddit users to monitor both the site and their own Reddit activity.

One of the new features is a Hot Post widget that allows you to pin a specific subreddit to the Lock Screen, where it will cycle through the day’s trending articles. Or, you may just pin a favorite subreddit as a shortcut that, when tapped, will take you directly to its page. (Perhaps a better solution for subreddits whose contents are too embarrassing to highlight on your Lock Screen!)

Reddit “karma,” the site’s user score statistic, measures your overall contributions to the Reddit forum and includes such metrics as the number of messages in your mailbox and the amount of a number of likes and comments your most recent post received.

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The new Scroll Distance statistics widget is an amusing and informative addition to Apollo’s Lock Screen widget portfolio. This widget will track how far you’ve scrolled in the app using your preferred distance measurement. Scroll distance in feet? Miles? Kilometers? This is a bizarre way to quantify your Reddit devotion.

Apollo Reddit lock screen iOS 16

The App has Additional iOS 16 Capabilities Besides The New Widgets

It is also adding a Live Text feature that allows users to interact with any text on photographs shared on Reddit. Apollo developer Christian Selig notes that this functionality was previously accessible in iOS 15, but only in Apple’s Photos app. He explained that with iOS 16, third-party developers may now use the same APIs.

According to the Apollo app’s update description on the App Store, the capability might be handy for copying the text of a recipe or translating a meme into another language.

In addition, Apollo will now display a city’s current weather and time when you click on a subreddit for that location, such as r/London. This functionality is enabled by Apple’s new WeatherKit framework, which debuted alongside iOS 16 this week.

The software contains an additional easter egg. Although developers are interested in the new “Dynamic Island” user interface upgrade, which transforms the pill-shaped notch at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro into a tappable and interactive feature for notifications, API access to build for this region is not yet available. (The feature is anticipated to appear in an iOS 16 upgrade).

Pixel Pals

In the meanwhile, Selig decided to add “Pixel Pals” to the Apollo app, a sort of Tamagotchi-styled companion that resides atop the region that would eventually become the Dynamic Island. A few different creatures are also available to move and climb in this currently unoccupied area.

The revised Apollo app also features new app icons and a long number of other minor bug fixes and enhancements based on user feedback; nevertheless, the Lock Screen widgets are the feature that makes this version worth downloading.

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