Apple 27-Inch Mini-LED Might Launch in 2023!

Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young claims that Apple intends to introduce a 27-inch mini-LED external monitor in the first quarter of 2023. After, a much-expected release of Apple’s AR glasses in 2023, this is the next thing you might get as well. Let’s see what this announcement holds for us.

Young said in a tweet sent to her super fans that Apple has extended the release of the monitor to Q1 2023. So, all users have to wait until next year. Young is likely referring to January through March, which makes up the first quarter of the 2023 calendar year.

Young stated that Apple planned to release the 27-inch mini-LED display sometime in early 2023 while appearing as a guest on the MacRumors podcast in July. Young had initially anticipated that Apple would unveil the collection at WWDC in June, but he revealed in May that the debut had to be postponed until October due to design issues.

Young thinks Apple is now aiming for 2023 because the business can also not achieve the October deadline.

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The delay in the release of the 27-inch mini-LED display may be due to supply issues Apple has been having with its displays and other products throughout 2022, including Macs.

Apple’s upcoming display is reported to feature ProMotion compatibility and mini-LED technology, enabling up to a 120Hz refresh rate. The Pro Display XDR, a significant 6K display, is not anticipated to directly replace the gadget. Instead, it will mimic the Apple Studio Display, a 27-inch display.

Beyond its primary feature, the usage of Mini LED technology, which should enable better color reproduction, deeper black levels, and more vibrant HDR images, little is currently known about the display. A professional-targeted display would benefit from all of those characteristics, but they also suggest a high price tag.

The rumored 27-inch display is anticipated to cost more than the Studio Display, which starts at $1,599. This is because it will support ProMotion and use mini-LED technology.

Apple 27-inch mini-LED

Why Is Apple Facing A Shortage Of 27-Inch Mini-LED Display?

The all-new 27-inch Mini-LED display technology will be featured by Apple, which is expected to be unveiled as early as the second half of April. But according to individuals who asked not to be identified because the conversation was private, the American company’s overseas suppliers of the display are having trouble with their manufacturing yields. The insider claims that the situation is dire because at least one manufacturer of MiniLEDs has had to cease production.

Due to a problem with the production scenario, the larger iPad Pro (12.9-inch model) may arrive later and be sold in fewer units initially.

Backstory on Apple’s 27-inch High-End Display

A high-end Apple 27-inch panel with mini-LED technology may equal the 120Hz refresh rate of the current MacBook Pro models, something neither the Pro Display XDR nor Studio Display can manage.

My colleague Filipe learned from an inside source in the spring of 2018 that Apple is developing an external display with a 7K resolution. However, it is unclear whether this is the same LED that Young mentions arriving in Q1 2023.

Apple is developing a Studio Display with a greater resolution than Pro Display XDR.
Notably, while Young stated in March that the mini-LED Apple display will be released this year, Ming-Chi Kuo disagreed, stating that it might not be released until 2022 owing to “serious cost issues.”

This year, will Apple release a professional Studio Display with 120Hz and mini-LED? Analysts differ, but there is unquestionably a disparity between the Studio Display’s starting price of $1,599 and the Pro Display XDR’s starting price of $4,999.

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