Apple To Make These iPods Models Obsolete This Month; Find More Here!

Apple, the tech giant, is rumored to be intending to deem some iPod models obsolete later this month, notably the last iPod nano, a few variants of the last iPod shuffle, and some versions of the 5th Gen iPod touch.

In a message to authorized service providers, the tech giant said that the iPod rotation from early 2012, along with the 7th Gen iPod nano and the 5th Gen iPod touch, will be characterized as obsolete on 30th of September.

Already this month, Apple will retire the 16GB version of the fifth-generation iPod touch, and by the end of the month, it will do the same with the 32GB and 64GB devices.

The iPod touch was still on sale as recently as this year, while the iPod nano and shuffle were retired outright by the tech giant in 2017.

While the iPod touch is no longer in production, Apple’s marketing executive Greg Joswiak stated that the “spirit of iPod lives on” through the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod mini.

Some iPod Models Have Been Deemed Obsolete By Apple

Apple iPod Obsolete

Apple said in a memo to authorized service providers on September 30 that the iPod shuffle (6th generation), iPod nano (7th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation) will be discontinued as of October 30.

The 16GB fifth-generation iPod touch is already out of date. Later this month, Cupertino will provide 32GB and 64GB storage capacities. Apple stopped making the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle at the beginning of 2017. But you couldn’t get your hands on an iPod touch until May of this year.

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When Apple has stopped selling a device for more than seven years, the product is considered obsolete, as stated on the company’s support website. As with software updates, Apple will no longer provide hardware support for products that are no longer in production. Mac laptops are the only devices that could get a special extended warranty covering exclusively battery replacement issues. Also, repair shops can no longer get their hands on replacement components for old models.

This will come as no surprise to iPod touch owners. Cupertino made the announcement on May 10 that the iPod touch was being phased out. The announcement marked the end of an era for the iPod.

Looking At Options 

Of course, the iPhone SE is still available for those who want an iPod-like experience but cannot justify purchasing a new iPhone. One was introduced at the beginning of the year, and it retained many of Apple’s signature characteristics, including a top and bottom bezel and a Home button.

The iPhone SE is the superior choice over an iPod, not that Apple is selling the iPod, anyhow, for individuals in the market for a throwback device, a device on a budget, or a device for children.

The iPod may be dead, but the music lives on, as Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak put it when the company announced the product’s demise.

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