Apple Watch Ultra: Features, Price, Design, And Much More

The brand-new Apple Watch Ultra is unlike other smartwatches. It performs all of the functions of Apple’s other watches but is also resistant to extreme weather, making it ideal for outdoor adventurers.

It is still a rugged device with more life-saving features than you probably realize, even though it probably can not handle frigid temperatures like Apple is claiming.

Some of the capabilities listed below are accessible on other Apple watches we have all seen in advertisements, but many are unique to the new Ultra. In either case, you ought to utilize them all. Here are all the Apple Watch Ultra features intended to keep you alive.

Apple Watch Ultra: Design

The design of the Apple Watch Ultra is unlike anything we have seen from Apple before. It indeed looks like a computer-generated image has come to life. With a titanium casing measuring 49 millimeters, the device’s size is undoubtedly eye-catching. During a brief demo, it seemed hefty and dwarfed the 45-millimeter Apple Watch Series 7 I have been wearing for the past year.

I am unsure if I could become comfortable wearing something so big on my wrist all the time. Even said, size is an apparent benefit for seeing data mid-workout and provides room for the battery. The following section has more information on that.

Saphire Crystal Glass Screen

Another notable modification is the Apple Watch Ultra’s flat, flush-with-chassis sapphire crystal glass screen. I could not judge the brightness on the spot, but it would be interesting to observe in full sunshine how much brighter the display is than any Apple Watch display before.

The side button is combined with the digital crown, which has enlarged and been given deeper grooves, in a protruding ledge on the right side of the device. As a result, using the buttons while wearing gloves is purportedly made simpler.

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Additional Action Button

Apple watch ultra side button

An additional action button, which may be set up as a quick launch for a specific function, is located on the left side of the Apple Watch Ultra.

A speaker grille can be seen above the new button and serves two functions: First, it enhances call quality even in windy conditions. Second, it emits an emergency siren of 86 decibels, enabling your alert to be heard up to 180 meters away. Not just in rural areas, the siren would help me feel more at ease.

The unique watch straps represent the last design element of the Apple Watch Ultra which I like the most. The Ultra offers three strap options, each tailored to your favorite outdoor activity, unlike the finest Apple Watch bands.

A G-hook

A G-hook on the Alpine Loop is designed to connect to top loops with reinforcements. The tubular form of the Ocean Band makes it ideal for use over wet suits during fast-paced water activities while maintaining security. The Trail Loop, on the other hand, is the thinnest Apple Watch band to date and promises more elasticity and a convenient tab for enabling rapid fit adjustments without taking the watch off.

Apple Watch Ultra: Battery

Even though I have become used to it, I have long complained about the 18-hour Apple Watch battery life. The 36-hour claimed battery life for the Apple Watch Ultra, therefore, sounds pretty impressive. According to reports, the Apple Watch Ultra can operate for up to 60 hours thanks to a new low-power mode.

The Apple Watch’s endurance is increased while in low power mode by turning off battery-sucking functions like the Always On Display and automatic working tracking.

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I must admit that the Apple Watch Ultra’s battery life, even at 60 hours, is inferior to the 80 hours watch 5 pros.

Apple Watch Ultra: Crash Detection

Apple watch ultra GPS Tracker

For those unaware, Apple has incorporated a new automobile crash detection feature into the second-generation Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Series 8, and all iPhone 14 models. The company created a high accelerometer sensor (g-force) and an enhanced 3-axis gyroscope for its watches, including the new Ultra. These are capable of detecting up to 256g crash forces.

Sensor Fusion

Your Apple Watch Ultra can recognize when you are in a collision thanks to an innovative “sensor fusion” algorithm developed using years of laboratory testing and real-world data.

If you do not cancel the alert within 10 seconds when this happens, the phone may immediately alert emergency response personnel. Calling 911, sharing your location, and even contacting loved ones on your emergency list are all included.

This helpful function may save your life if you are seriously hurt or injured and unable to contact for assistance.

Improved Speakers

It is a terrific concept that the Apple Watch Ultra’s improved speaker can produce an emergency siren sound that is nearly 86 decibels loud. Many hikers carry whistles for emergencies, but the Apple Watch Ultra eliminates the need for one. This siren may save your life if you are hurt while hiking, get lost, or are unable to escape a dangerous situation.

Apple Watch Ultra

I pushed and held the sizeable new orange “action button” on the Apple Watch Ultra’s side to activate the siren.

According to Apple, their brand-new emergency siren has two distinct sound signatures that alternate in patterns and may blast for several hours if necessary. There are two distress modes—one mimics an SOS, and the other is loud and noticeable. According to Apple, it can be heard more than 600 feet away.

I find this feature helpful; this is pretty cool because it might benefit real-world scenarios like assaults or robberies.

Along with all the watchOS nine capabilities available on watchOS 9-enabled devices, the Apple Watch Ultra has an entire watch face called Wayfinder that combines all the intricacies related to outdoor activities into one look. When I turned the crown, a crimson interface with a spy-like design enhanced the display for nighttime use.

Apple Watch Ultra: Water Depth

The watch contains a new depth-measuring app that evaluates your dive automatically while swimming and allows you to swim 2x as deep as possible with the standard Apple Watch (rating = WR100).

To create an on-wrist diving computer for the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple is collaborating with Huish Outdoors. I am sorry, but this is a very specialized sector for Apple to enter, and I am curious to see how it turns out. Do any divers out there want to collaborate with me on some anecdotes for a comprehensive review?

Temperature Resistant Sensors

The Ultra can withstand temperatures and depths that the standard Apple Watch cannot. It is licensed for recreational scuba diving (EN 13319) and has a rating of 100 meters under ISO standard 22810.

The Depth app, which can display the time, current depths (down to 40 meters), water temps, and several other metrics, will instantly start when you go underwater. In essence, it functions as an underwater computer.

The fact that this information is displayed automatically rather than requiring the diver to browse to it could be helpful in some circumstances, even though it is more of a novelty function than anything else.

The watch can withstand temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 131 degrees. The Ultra is, therefore, equal to the task, whether you are diving in icy water or climbing a mountain on a hot summer day.

Emergency SOS Call

Apple Watch Ultra Emergency SOS

All of Apple’s watches include an emergency SOS option that is easily accessible and may be able to save a life, similar to the company’s new emergency siren on the Watch Ultra. Although this is not unique to the new Ultra, it is essential to note.

Activate the emergency SOS feature by pressing and holding the button below the digital crown (which also powers the watch). The SOS slider can be moved from left to right to make an instant call, notify your emergency contacts, provide location information (if permitted), and more.

Final Words

The Apple Watch Ultra has shaken my understanding of the Apple Watch. The extra big display, a new additional button, a safety siren, and battery life are items I would probably spend $799 on. The watch offers a number of characteristics that only individuals who identify as explorers will find useful.

For testing gadgets like the Apple Watch Ultra, I have been known to participate in outdoor sports. I am hoping I will get the chance to use this watch as intended and test if Apple has successfully entered a new market.

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