Apple’s 2021 Siri Remote Almost Had A Finger Reset!

According to FCC papers made by Apple before the launch of the second-generation Apple TV 4K and the accompanying Siri Remote in 2021, the remote had a different design in its early stages. As seen in the pictures, the remote appears to have an oval divot at the back that may have been designed as a finger rest.

In the original design of the Siri Remote, Apple placed the finger rest above the company’s logo. The released model has a flat back with no cutout for a finger rest.

The IR sensor on top of the remote is designed differently, and the button symbols have been tweaked somewhat. It’s unclear why Apple opted to do away with the dimple on the back of the remote, but it appears to have been a hasty design choice.

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The new Siri Remote is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, with a bigger aluminum shell and a touch-enabled clickpad that supports gestures in place of the original’s smooth touch surface. The addition of a side button for accessing Siri and a dedicated power button are also nice touches.

While there were rumors that Apple would implement a “Find My” function into the Siri Remote, this never materialized, and the FCC filing makes no mention of such a feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the new Apple TV Siri Remote?

Activate Siri by holding down its button until you are ready to speak, and then releasing it. The Siri button can be used to dictate text as well. You can use Siri to dictate text into an input field by pressing and holding the Siri button in that field. It’s possible that dictation is unavailable in your region or country.

How do I reset my Apple Siri Remote?

Press and hold the TV/Control Center button along with the Volume Down button.
After holding the buttons together, release them and wait for 5-10 seconds to settle.
A Connected alert will show up on your TV screen after your remote has finished restarting.

What features does the new Siri Remote have?

The second-generation Siri Remote provides precise control of your Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. Clicking on titles, swiping through playlists, and using a circular gesture on the outer ring to discover the exact scene you want are all possible with its brand-new touch-enabled click pad.

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