Canalys Research Shows iPhone 13 That Sweeps More Than Expected and a 13 Mini With reasons To Disappear

The iPhone 13 is predicted to do better than projected in sales by Canalys, but the iPhone 13 small is given plausible explanations for its predicted decline.

This new data from analysis firm Canalys explains why Apple wasn’t too concerned about the impending release of the iPhone 14 in the first half of 2022. Sadly, the latest research from Counterpoint falls short.

The iPhone 13, Which is Superior to Its Brothers

Twitter user Ricardo Sametband and others have been spreading the news:

This information is intriguing since it shows that iPhones account for 66% of all phones sold that cost more than $600. Apple is dominating the market with a 62% share in 2021 compared to 53% in 2020. premium.

The second piece of information is that the iPhone 13 now accounts for 42% of all iPhone sales. The iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max are tied for second place in terms of sales, while the iPhone SE maintains 12% of the market share and the iPhone 13 small barely scratches 5%. The reason why that size will likely discontinue being sold has been stated. In addition, sales of the other discontinued iPhone models account for 11% of the market.

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It’s interesting that the sales of the iPhone 13 regular model have surpassed those of any of the Pro models, but they haven’t even come close. This is expected to continue with the iPhone 14, however the more pronounced differences between it and the iPhone 14 Pro may encourage customers to shell out a few extra dollars. In the upcoming weeks, we shall observe this.

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