How To Check The Battery Percentage Of My Phone? 4 Easy Ways!

Read here how to quickly check the battery percentage of your phone!

Have you ever wondered about ‘what’s my battery percentage?’ Have you ever wished to discover how much battery life your gadget currently has? There is a simple way to determine this. The majority of gadgets include a built-in battery % meter that lets you know exactly how much power is still in your battery.

You can learn how to check your battery percentage on Android and iOS smartphones by reading this page. So if you are unsure of when you will require a charge or are simply interested in your device’s battery condition, keep reading.

How To Check The Battery Percentage Of My Phone?

Your battery’s percentage indicates how much power is still in your battery and is expressed as a percentage. Look in the upper right corner of your screen to see the current state of your battery. The percentage of your battery is indicated by the number next to the battery indicator. If it displays ‘50%’, for instance, you still have 50% of your battery power.

How To Check the Battery Percentage Of My iPhone?

You may have observed that the status bar of the phone cannot permanently display a battery % indicator. Thankfully, there are a few fast ways to rapidly determine what my battery percentage is? We will walk you through the four methods for quickly determining the iPhone battery % and how much life is still left in your iPhone’s battery.

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To Check Battery Percentage, Use Control Center

The Control Center provides one of the easiest ways to check your iPhone battery percentage.

Step 1: On the iPhone, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to activate the Control Center.

Step 2: A precise battery percentage reading may be found in the display’s upper right corner of your iPhone.

Check Battery percentage from Control Center

To Check Battery Percentage, Charge Apple iPhone

Step 1: A Lightning cable, an outlet, or a wireless charger are needed for a second rapid way. Checking the battery level on your iPhone is simple when it’s charging.

Step 2: Tap the Side button located on the right of your device while the display is off to access your lock screen. Now, you can clearly see how much battery life is left.

Check the battery percentage

To Check Battery Percentage, Use Widgets

iOS includes a battery widget. This widget will be helpful if you frequently use it.

Step 1: On the primary Home screen, you may swipe to the right to find beneficial widgets for apps that give quick access to their features.

Step 2: Tap ‘Edit’ at the bottom of the screen after swiping right from the main Home screen.

Step 3: The Battery’s widget is located under ‘More Widgets’ on the Add Widgets screen. To access it, scroll down if necessary and tap the green plus sign next to it.

Step 4: In the widgets screen’s list of available widgets, the Battery’s widget is added near the bottom. By tapping and holding the three bars symbol and dragging it up to where you want the widget to appear in the list, you can relocate the widget to a different spot.

Step 5: Once finished, click ‘Done’. The Battery widget displays the battery life of your iPhone and any other devices you may have linked to it, like an Apple Watch.

Check Battery Percentage Using Apple Watch

Using your Apple Watch, check the iPhone’s battery level If you have an Apple Watch, you can check the battery level of your iPhone without pulling it out of your pocket.

Step 1: In the ‘App Store, look for and download the free ‘PhoneBattery’ app.

Step 2: Open the Watch app, scroll down to it, and hit the installation. Several settings are available when you launch the PhoneBattery app on your iPhone.

Step 3: You can modify the battery indicator’s appearance in the watch app and the app icon by selecting ‘Appearance’ from the Welcome screen. The circular indicator option shows the battery level as a circle, just like when your watch is being charged.

Step 4: Open the PhoneBattery app on your Apple Watch to see the current battery level of your iPhone.

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Step 5: If you are using the Grid view to browse the watch apps, place your finger on the grid and scroll until you find the PhoneBattery app icon; then, tap it.

Step 6: Swipe up on your screen to scroll down the page. Next, tap on the PhoneBattery option if you are viewing your Watch applications. The battery life of your iPhone is shown on your Apple Watch. It is helpful if you can not or do not want to use your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check your battery percentage on Android devices?

You can only access ‘Notifications’ in the Settings app on Android devices. Tap on Advanced settings when you have scrolled down to them. Next, locate the ‘Show battery percentage’ switch and flip it on. Your status bar instantly displays the battery level.

On an iPhone, how do you check the detailed battery usage by apps?

Go to Settings Battery on your iPhone to see how much battery life it has left. You will see a graph that illustrates your battery usage over the previous 24 or 10 hours. If you want more specific details about your battery usage, click ‘Show Detailed Usage’. This will provide you with a list of all the apps that have used your battery over the past 24 or 10 days, along with an estimate of how much time was spent on each app.

How can I check my Android battery’s health by using a dial code?

By entering a series of numbers, hashes, and asterisks into the call pad in the Phone app on an Android phone, you can access hidden diagnostic menus. Dial *#*#4636#*#* and look for the battery health information.

Bottom Line 

You can conserve energy and lengthen the life of your battery by being aware of the battery percentage. You can check the remaining battery percentage on various gadgets in a number of ways. Knowing how to check your battery level will enable you to make the most effective use of your smartphone.

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