How to Customize the Lock Screen On iOS 16? Know Here.

As soon as you pick up your device, you will be able to view information more quickly and customize the Lock Screen as per your will, all thanks to Apple’s totally redesigned Lock Screen in iOS 16. You may alter your Lock Screen with widgets, change the color or fonts and add ‘watch-style’ faces to it, while simultaneously creating multiple Lock Screens so that you can switch between them as needed for work, home, vacation, and everything in between.

This is an innovation that many iPhone owners have been waiting for because it allows them to customize their Apple device and move beyond the generic lock screens of previous iOS versions while still preserving the iPhone’s distinctively minimalist design.

Even if customizing your iOS 16 Lock Screen is easy and straightforward, there can be some subtleties that you may overlook. Thus, here’s how to customize the lock screen with iOS 16:

Customization Options

You may customize the lock screen wallpaper, add widgets, alter the font used to display the time on the lock screen and employ depth effects for a more eye-catching appearance. There are many wallpaper options in iOS 16 to choose from, but you may even use your own pictures if you like. Additionally, the colors used for the lock screen clock, widgets, etc., may all be completely customized in iOS 16.

Wallpapers Customization

Picking your preferred style should be your first step when creating a new custom lock screen. A variety of alternatives are available for each style.

Step 1: Swipe your iPhone’s screen from top to bottom after unlocking it by using your preferred unlocking method.

Step 2: When the Lock Screen is pressed and held, the editing mode for the iOS 16 Lock Screen will appear.

Step 3: In order to access ‘Add New,’ hit the ‘+’ button there, or you can swipe from right to left until you reach it.

Step 4: There will be a selection of wallpapers, including a photo choice. Pick the wallpaper you want, or tap on images to select a photo to serve as your wallpaper.

Step 5: To set it as the background for your iPhone lock screen after selecting, hit ‘Done’.

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Wallpaper Options

  • People: A photographic background that simply starts with a people filter in your Photos library.
  • Photos: An image from your library of photos is used as the background.
  • Photos Shuffle: Throughout the day, the background image is automatically changed using Photo Shuffle. Between Hourly, Daily, On Tap, and On Wake, the frequency can be changed. Additionally, you have the option of manually selecting photographs or using the Photos app’s featured photos, which are specifically picked for you, based on a variety of categories.
  • Emoji: Choose as many as six emojis, and a pattern will be created.
  • Weather: Similar to the Weather app itself, the Weather lock screen option displays the local weather in real team. For instance, if it is cloudy outside, the clouds would be present on your wallpaper. Similarly, you will witness an animation of rain on your lock screen if it is pouring outside.
  • Astronomy: The Astronomy Lock Screen changes throughout the day, depending on the time and your location, just like the Weather Lock Screen. The Earth and Earth Detail, which is a close-up perspective, is one of the available alternatives.

Time Customization

All other elements of the Lock Screen, including the font and color of the time that is displayed, can be changed after selecting a Lock Screen wallpaper. Any Lock Screen wallpaper can have its design changed by selecting ‘customize’ and proceeding to select the box that appears.

In addition to a variety of fonts, there are a number of color options available, depending on the lock screen. All colors are supported by the majority of Lock Screens, but some Apple-designed choices have limited color possibilities.

You can select a color from a predetermined range or utilize the color wheel to select any other color you like, as is the case with the majority of color selections.

Step 1: On the screen, click on the ‘Font & Color’ option after tapping the clock.

Step 2: The font and color you wish to use should be chosen. Other widgets on your lock screen will use this color as well.

Widget Customization

The ability to add widgets to your Lock Screen really distinguishes iOS 16 from previous versions of the software. The wallpaper customization is irie for giving your Lock Screen a unique appearance, for which the following are the steps:

Step 1: The widget’s selector will appear when you tap the frame either above or below the time.

Step 2: To include any of the suggested widgets in the widget’s selection, simply tap them.

Step 3: A variety of widgets are available for each app, which you may select by tapping on the column list of apps. Pick the one you want by swiping, and then tap, drag, or drop it into the frame to put it where you want.

Step 4: In the top-right corner of the screen, select ‘Done’ once you have finished organizing your widgets.

customize lock screen

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Link Focus Mode To The Customized Lock Screen

In iOS 16, you can assign a distinct ‘Focus mode’ to each unique Lock Screen you design.

Step 1: To add a new Focus, open ‘Settings,’ then click on the ‘Focus’ option and hit the plus sign ‘+,’ located in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: In the following screen, select ‘Custom.’ After giving your ‘Focus’ a name and a relevant icon, select Next.

Step 3: When your ‘Focus’ is active, configure any notification settings for individuals and apps to silence notifications, then select the Lock Screen option under ‘Customize Screens’.

Step 4: Choose an existing lock screen from the gallery or create a new one.

Step 5: The top-right corner should say Done.

Now that your Focus Mode is connected to your Lock Screen, it will turn on whenever you enable your Focus.

Modify Lock Screen Notifications in iOS 16

With iOS 16, alerts can now also be piled at the bottom of the lock screen. Previously, they had only appeared at the top. Here’s how to customize the notifications on the Lock Screen of iOS 16 if you’re sick of the default settings.

Step 1: Access Notifications by selecting Settings from the menu.

Step 2: All three of these formats are represented visually by icons in the Dispaly As section: Count, Stack, and List.

Step 3: Pick the notification style you like.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can a full-screen music player be seen on the iOS 16 lock screen?

You must first confirm that iOS 16 is installed on your iPhone. Then, stream your music on Spotify, Apple Music, or a podcast. The music player will continue to be visible in an expanded view on your Lock Screen, even while your screen is locked. You may minimize this by tapping the empty space on your Lock Screen just underneath the music player.

How do I alter the lock screen password on my iPhone?

You can modify your Lock Screen password under the settings on your iPhone. Scroll to Passcode; there, select ‘Change Passcode’ in Settings and click on it. To alter whether your passcode must contain letters or if it only contains digits, choose ‘Passcode Options.’

How can I keep the screen ‘on’ on my iPhone?

The settings on your phone allow you to leave the screen ‘on’ for as long as you like. Click on ‘Auto-Lock’ after navigating to Settings > Display and Brightness. Next, select ‘Never’.

Wrap Up 

The customizability of iPhones has never been well-known. However, with iOS 16, it appears that Apple finally realizes the users’ wish to enjoy showcasing individual flair on their iPhones. We’re hopeful that Apple will soon start providing even more enhanced customization possibilities across the system. 

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