How To Disable Lock Screen Perspective Zoom In iOS 16?

Check here how to disable lock screen perspective zoom in iOS 16:

Apple has completely redesigned the iOS Lock Screen with iOS 16. It is now more customizable than ever and includes widgets for the first time. When you tilt your iPhone, you can see more of the Lock Screen wallpaper, thanks to iOS 16’s perspective zoom feature.

Get the most out of your attractive and beautiful Lock Screen wallpaper with the help of perspective zoom. The greatest avatar of your Lock Screen can be seen by tilting your iPhone. In order to improve the viewing experience, perspective zoom makes your wallpaper move more and have a little more interaction.

Even while this feature is rather wonderful, not everyone might like it. If that applies to you, iOS 16 has a rather simple setting that you can use to turn off Perspective Zoom on the iPhone lock screen. Check the steps below to disable lock screen perspective zoom in iOS 16:

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How To Disable Lock Screen Perspective Zoom In iOS 16?

Here’s how to disable lock screen perspective zoom in iOS 16. 

Similar to previous iOS versions, the feature aims to enhance your iPhone experience with more motion and interactivity. However, you can manually turn it off if you do not see the appeal, find it distracting, or simply prefer a static background. You may see how to do it by referring to the instructions below.

Step 1: Face ID or Touch ID can be used to unlock your iPhone.

Step 2: Enter the wallpaper gallery by pressing and holding on to the lock screen.

Step 3: Tap ‘Customize’ after sliding if necessary to reveal the depth-effect wallpaper of the lock screen.

Step 4: In the lower-right corner, click the ellipsis icon (three encircled dots).

Step 5: The functionality can be disabled by tapping ‘Perspective Zoom’.

Step 6: After completing all of your adjustments, click ‘Done’ in the top-right corner.

Step 7: In the gallery, tap the wallpaper once again to make it active after selecting ‘Set as Wallpaper Pair.’

All of it boils down to that. Without the perspective zoom effect active, your selected Lock Screen ought to appear as it should.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to change my iPhone’s lock screen according to the time or location?

You can change your iPhone’s lock screen depending on the time and place, yes. All you have to do is click the plus (+) icon under Settings > Focus. Next, customize the screens. Then tap on the ‘Add Automation’ option. Choose the time or location and create a new lock screen.

Can I change the lock screen shuffle frequency in iOS 16?

On your iPhone, have your favorite photos been set to shuffle, but do you want to alter their repetition rate? You can select different frequencies for the photographs you put on shuffle when you put them on your lock screen. You can change the frequency to daily, weekly, on wake, or even on tap.

Can iOS 16 show the weather on the iPhone lock screen?

Yes, iOS 16 allows you to display the weather on the iPhone’s lock screen. You have the option of adding a weather widget or setting a Dynamic Weather lock screen. Similar to the Weather app itself, the Weather lock screen option displays the local weather at the moment. It displays real-time weather, so if it is cloudy, the clouds are present. You will witness an animation of rain if it is raining.

In iOS 16, how do you customize your iPhone’s lock screen?

When your iPhone is unlocked, long press on the lock screen and then hit the blue plus (+) button to modify it. In iOS 16, you may customize your lock screen by changing the text and color, the background, and the widgets.


Now you are aware of how to disable lock screen perspective zoom in iOS 16. If you don’t like the perspective zoom feature, then disable it. We hope you found this guide helpful, and that you have all the necessary information to disable the lock screen perspective zoom in iOS 16.

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