How to Set a Dynamic Astronomy Lock Screen Wallpaper On iOS 16?

Check how to set a dynamic astronomy lock screen wallpaper on iOS 16!

Apple has increased the number of customization options for the iPhone Lock Screen in the newly launched iOS 16. These options include the capacity to modify the font and color, use filters, and even incorporate information-rich widgets into your wallpaper.

Apple has also added a few dynamic Lock Screen images that adjust to particular real-world factors, such as an astronomy wallpaper, which displays the Sun, the Moon, and the current alignment of the Solar System.

The astronomy wallpaper is available in a number of configurations that let you view the Earth from a distance or up close, depending on where you are; the Moon in great detail or up close; or the complete Solar System on your screen.

What Is Dynamic Astronomy Wallpaper?

The Astronomy Lock Screen changes throughout the day, depending on the time and your location, just like the Weather Lock Screen. The ‘Earth and Earth Detail’, which is a close-up perspective, is one of the available alternatives.

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Solar System, Moon, or Moon Detail are other options. In watchOS 9, the Astronomy Watch Face and Astronomy Lock Screen are nearly identical. There are no modification choices for the wallpaper itself, much like with the weather lock screen.

How To Set Dynamic Astronomy Lock Screen Wallpaper On iOS 16?

You can turn on the iOS 16 ‘Earth live wallpaper’, which displays a picture of our World, together with your current position. Wherever you travel, this wallpaper will follow you and show your location on your iPhone or iPad. The astronomy lock screen wallpaper is specially for you, if you adore the moon and the stars. Follow these steps to set a dynamic astronomy lock screen wallpaper in iOS 16:

Image Source: Apple App Store

Step 1: Press and hold the Lock Screen after unlocking your iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID.

Step 2: To add a new item, either hit the blue ‘+’ button or swipe left all the way to the very end.

Step 3: From the top row of options, select ‘Astronomy’ by tapping it.

Step 4: You can preview the various astronomical view options on the wallpaper by swiping left and right. These options include Earth, Earth Detail, Moon, Moon Detail, and Solar System.

Step 5: Tap ‘Done’ in the top-right corner of the screen after you are satisfied with the appearance and have added any widgets.

Step 6: In the pop-up, select ‘Set as Wallpaper Pair’ to make the dynamic wallpaper visible on both your Home Screen and Lock Screen. If not, use the separate option of tapping ‘Customize Home Screen’.

Step 7: To activate your newly generated Lock Screen, tap on it in the wallpaper gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In iOS 16, how can I personalize my iPhone’s lock screen?

You must first unlock your iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID and then long-press the lock screen with iOS 16 in order to change your lock screen. Go ahead and choose a wallpaper by tapping the blue plus (+) icon. Click ‘Done’ to finish.

Widget addition in iOS 16: how to do it?

By unlocking your iPhone with Touch ID or Face ID, you can add widgets to the lock screen on iOS 16 devices. Then, tap the day/date icon. Now, from the list of widget choices on your screen, select the widget you want to add to your lock screen.

What happens when a Focus mode and a lock screen are connected?

When a custom lock screen is connected to a Focus mode, it becomes associated with that Focus mode. The associated Focus mode will always be engaged whenever you select the lock screen as your usual lock screen. Your unique lock screen will be set as your default lock screen whenever the specified Focus mode is manually activated.

How to access themes on iPhone iOS 16?

You can choose from a number of thematic lock screens that include pre-made wallpapers and preset widgets to suit the themes they represent under the customization settings on the lock screen, which was only introduced in iOS 16. The four categories they fall under are Weather & Astronomy, Emoji, Collections, and Color.

How to switch to a different iPhone lock screen?

The Watch Faces on the Apple Watch are very similar to the Lock Screens in iOS 16. You may arrange a number of them and quickly switch between them with a swipe. After unlocking, simply long press the screen to access the interface for customizing the lock screen. Swipe left or right to navigate through the various lock screens you have created.

Bottom Line 

This was your guide to set a dynamic astronomy lock screen wallpaper on iOS 16. There are several fantastic wallpaper selections in the Astronomy collection that you may select from. We will continue to offer the most recent technological updates.

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