How To Edit A Sent iMessage In iOS 16?

To find out how to edit a sent iMessage in iOS 16, read this article.

The Messages app has received some significant upgrades in iOS 16, including several long-awaited capabilities that compete with those offered by third-party messaging services. In iOS 16, you may now modify iMessage, which is one of the upgrades that come in iOS 16. Read below to understand how to edit a sent iMessage in iOS 16.

You now have the ability to alter a text that you hastily entered and then immediately regretted how you said it. The issue with Apple’s iMessage service used to be that once a message was delivered, there was little you could do to stop it in early versions of iOS.

iOS 16, however, changes all of that. For the first time, Apple now permits message editing up to 15 minutes after it has been delivered. However, there are a few restrictions described below, to the tool that you should be aware of before using the edit feature. 

A Few Restrictions To The Usage of Message Editing

First off, since it only functions with iMessage and not SMS messages. In order to use the message editing capability, users must be running the most recent versions of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9. When receiving an edited iMessage, people using Android or an earlier version of iOS will see text that reads ‘Edited to [text]’.

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When you modify a message, the receiver also receives the edit history, making the original content available. The small blue ‘Edited’ label on an edited message can be tapped to reveal the edit history, which can then be hidden again by tapping on ‘Hide Edits’. 

Steps To Edit A Sent iMessage In iOS 16:

  • Step-1: Locate the chat thread containing the iMessage you wish to change in the Messages app, by opening it.
  • Step-2: Long-press the sent message that you’d like to edit. (If you just don’t see the option, the message was sent more than 15 minutes ago; you cannot modify it.)
  • Step-3: The menu that displays will have ‘Edit’ on it.
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Image Source: Apple
  • Step-4: Make the necessary adjustments, then press the blue checkmark to the right to confirm. Tap the gray ‘X’ to the left of the message if you decide not to alter it.
  • Step-5: The recipient’s device and yours will both display the edited version. Instead of ‘Read’ or ‘Delivered’, an ‘Edited’ label will show up below the iMessage.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In iOS 16, how to mark a message as unread?

With the new ‘mark as unread’ function in iOS 16, you can label an SMS message or an iMessage as new, giving it the blue dot to prompt you to read it again.
If you receive a message but do not have time to read it or respond to it right away, marking it as unread preserves it as a new message with a notification badge on the Messages app. The ‘Mark as Unread’ option can be accessed by long-pressing the conversation and then tapping on it.

How can a text message’s heart be deleted?

To remove the heart from a message, tap and hold the message you want to remove the heart from, then tap the heart tap back button. If you have added a heart to a text, iOS 16 allows you to edit or remove it.

Does deleting an iMessage also remove it for the recipient?

You will only have the ability to remove messages for yourself if you are on iOS 15 or earlier. Starting iOS 16, you can erase a message within 15 minutes of sending it on both ends. However, if the recipient is not using iOS 16, they could still be able to see your erased message.

Bottom Line 

This is how to edit a sent iMessage in iOS 16. It is now possible to edit a message if you have made a mistake after it has been sent. Now that you may edit a sent iMessage, thanks to iOS 16 and iPad OS 16, this is changing. You can avoid sending messages with typos or mistakes by using the edit and undo message tools. But iMessage still allows users to access messages after deletion or editing. Click Here to read more such interesting and easy iOS 16 guides!

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