How To Get Email Reminders In Apple Mail With iOS 16

This is a simple guide on how to get email reminders in Apple mail with iOS 16:

The Apple iPhone’s built-in stock Mail application for emails has now been enhanced in iOS 16 and has a few new capabilities, one of which is the ability to establish email reminders, enabling users to follow up with the chosen emails at a later time.

You can easily and quickly set up and utilize the ‘Email Reminders’ feature in the Mail program on the Apple iPhone running the new iOS 16 by following the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial. Here’s how to get email reminders in Apple mail with iOS 16.

How To Get Email Reminders In Apple Mail With iOS 16?

Simply With The ‘Remind Me’ Feature of iOS 16!

Apple Mail now has a new feature called ‘Remind Me’ in iOS 16 that accomplishes exactly what its name says. When you open an email but do not have time to respond right away, you can configure the ‘Mail app’ to remind you to do so later.

‘Remind Me’ allows you to ensure that neither you nor anybody else forgets about the email by specifying a date and time for Apple Mail to resurface it in your inbox. Here is a description of how to get email reminders in Apple Mail with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

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Step 1: Inside your inbox of the Apple Mail app, tap on that mail which you wish to be reminded of later.

Step 2: Tap the ‘Reply’ button in the email that has just appeared.

Step 3: Select ‘Remind Me’ from the options by scrolling down.

Step 4: Pick one of the pre-programmed options (Remind Me in 1 Hour, Remind Me Tonight, or Remind Me Tomorrow), or hit ‘Remind Me Later’ to enter a custom time and date for a reminder to act on the email.

Step 5: Choose a day and time using the clock and calendar, then click ‘Done’.

iOS 16 Mail Updates
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That’s how, within 5 simple steps, you can get email reminders in Apple Mail with iOS 16!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to reverse an email sent through the Mail app?

You will now see a new message that reads ‘Undo Send’ at the bottom of the Mail app, which will show up each time you send an email. If you wish to make changes to the email’s text, all you have to do is tap on that message, and the Mail app will open the email again once it has been unsent.

How to schedule an email in Apple mail?

Tap and hold the send button to set up an email message. A new menu will now appear, with schedule options for right now, tonight at 9:00, tomorrow at 8:00, or ‘later’. In the event that you opt for the latter, the app will launch a calendar, so you may choose the day and time when your email will be delivered.

When you might have forgotten to attach a file, how does the Mail app know?

With iOS 16, if the Mail app notices that you want to send a file to the recipient, and you attempt to send the message without doing so, the program will display a notification suggesting that you could have forgotten the attachment. Following that, you will be given the choice of sending your email without an attachment and canceling the sending process.

How to follow up on an email using mail?

The Mail app will recognize any emails you send that state you are anticipating a response, and the next time you view the email, you will see a ‘Follow Up’ option next to the recipient’s name. You can immediately start writing a follow-up message in the Mail app after tapping on it.

Bottom Line 

We hope you enjoyed reading our post on how to get email reminders in apple mail with iOS 16. The Mail app has some welcome upgrades with iOS 16. One of the highlights is managing your inbox and setting future email reminder features. In iOS 16, a number of new features have been added to the Mail app with the goal of enhancing user experience. We hope you found this guide helpful. 

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