Exploring iOS 17 Emojis: A Colorful Journey of Expression

In today’s world of digital communication, emojis have become a universal language. Whether we want to express joy, sadness, excitement, or confusion, these tiny pictograms allow us to convey complex emotions with a single tap. 

Apple’s iOS updates have always been highly anticipated, and with iOS 17, emoji lovers had their eyes set on the new additions. Let’s delve into the world of iOS 17 emojis and discover what this update brings to our digital expressions.

The Evolution of iOS Emojis

Emojis, originating in Japan, have grown to become an essential part of modern communication. Apple was among the first to incorporate emojis into its operating system. Over the years, Apple’s emojis have evolved both in design and variety. Each iOS update brings a slew of new emojis and often redesigns existing ones to match contemporary sensibilities.

 What’s New in iOS 17 Emojis?

 1. A Diverse World

Diversity is at the heart of iOS 17 emojis. Apple has always been committed to inclusivity, and this update reinforces that commitment by introducing emojis that cater to a wide range of identities and expressions. 

New emojis now represent people with disabilities, gender-neutral options, and a broader spectrum of skin tones. This is a substantial leap towards ensuring that people from all walks of life can feel seen and heard in the digital world.

 2. Updated Icons

The update revamps several emojis to align with Apple’s evolving design language. Some of the well-loved icons like the smiley face and heart eyes have received subtle yet impactful makeovers, maintaining their familiar charm while looking fresh and modern. 

The redesigns make these emojis even more engaging, and you’ll find yourself using them more frequently to express your emotions accurately.

 3. New Faces

iOS 17 introduces some exciting new faces, capturing the nuances of human expressions more accurately. You’ll find a face exhaling, a face with spiral eyes, and even a face peeking out from behind a curtain. These new emojis provide a broader canvas for you to paint your emotions. Whether you’re feeling a sense of relief or a touch of mystery, there’s an emoji that suits your mood perfectly.

iOS 17 emojis

 4. Food and Drink

Apple knows the importance of good food, and they’ve expanded their food and drink emojis to reflect the diverse culinary experiences around the world. You can now use emojis like the “olive” or “glass of milk” to represent your dietary choices and favorite beverages more precisely. 

These new additions are a delight for foodies and beverage enthusiasts, allowing them to share their culinary adventures with vivid imagery.

 5. Nature and Animals

iOS 17 brings several new nature and animal emojis, enriching our emoji vocabulary. From the adorable “polar bear” to the majestic “bald eagle,” these emojis offer a fantastic way to describe your encounters with the natural world. 

Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate these additions, which allow them to share their passion for the great outdoors.

iOS 17 emojis

 6. Cultural Celebrations

Apple has made a conscious effort to celebrate various cultural traditions and festivals. You’ll now find emojis representing Diwali, Hanukkah, and even a “mooncake” to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

These additions allow you to share your festive spirit with friends and family more effectively, fostering cultural understanding and sharing the joy of celebrations from around the world.

 7. Tools and Gadgets

In this age of technology, it’s essential to have emojis that reflect our digital lives. iOS 17 introduces emojis for devices like the “laptop,” “smartphone,” and even a “charging cable.” Now, you can discuss your tech woes and triumphs using emojis that resonate with your experiences. These emojis make it easier for tech enthusiasts and professionals to communicate about their digital endeavors, enhancing the precision of their messages.

How Apple Develops Emojis?

The creation of emojis is a meticulous process. Apple collaborates with the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit organization that develops and maintains the Unicode Standard, which is the foundation for text and emoji characters used in software across the world. Here’s how the process works:

  • Proposal: First, a proposal is submitted to the Unicode Consortium to request the addition of new emojis or modifications to existing ones.
  • Approval: If the proposal is approved, it moves to the implementation stage. The Consortium reviews the proposal to ensure it aligns with the Unicode Standard’s principles.
  • Design: Apple’s design team works on creating the visual representation of the emoji. They consider user feedback and cultural relevance during this phase.
  • Testing: Once designed, the emoji is tested to ensure it looks good and functions properly on all Apple devices.

Release: The approved emoji is included in the next major iOS update, such as iOS 17. This is when users get to enjoy the new emojis.


How can I access the new iOS 17 emojis?

To access the new iOS 17 emojis, ensure that your device is updated to iOS 17 or later. Once you have the latest iOS version, you can use these emojis in any app or platform that supports Unicode emojis. Simply open your emoji keyboard and browse through the expanded collection of expressive icons.

Are the new emojis available on older iOS versions?

No, the new iOS 17 emojis are only available on iOS 17 or later. If you’re using an older iOS version, you won’t have access to these emojis. Consider updating your device to take advantage of the latest emoji offerings.

Can I customize the new emojis to match my preferences?

iOS allows limited customization of emojis through the use of skin tones and gender-neutral options. To customize emojis, tap and hold on the emoji, and you’ll see various skin tone and gender options to choose from. However, the level of customization may vary for different emojis.

How often does Apple release new emojis?

Apple typically releases new emojis with major iOS updates, which usually occur once a year. However, the exact frequency may vary, so it’s a good idea to stay updated with the latest iOS news and releases.

Do the new emojis support dark mode and light mode?

Yes, the new emojis in iOS 17 are designed to be compatible with both dark and light modes. They will seamlessly adapt to the color scheme of your device, ensuring a pleasant and consistent user experience.

Can I suggest new emojis to Apple?

While Apple doesn’t take direct emoji suggestions from users, you can share your ideas with the Unicode Consortium. They oversee the emoji standard and may consider your proposal for future updates.

Last Thoughts

iOS 17 has brought a significant upgrade to the world of emojis along with other great features, giving users an even more diverse and expressive set of tools for digital communication. With inclusivity at the forefront, this update not only introduces new emojis but also revamps existing ones, making them more relevant and appealing to users.

Whether you’re a casual emoji enthusiast or someone who relies on them daily to convey emotions and messages, iOS 17’s emoji collection offers something for everyone. It’s a colorful journey of expression, showcasing Apple’s commitment to staying at the forefront of modern communication.

Emojis are more than just icons; they are a global language that bridges cultural and linguistic gaps. They enhance our online conversations, adding depth and nuance to our words. Apple’s continuous efforts

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