Google Says it is flattering that Apple Follows Their lead For Their Smartphone Upheaval!

They said they will take it as a compliment. Google frequently brought up Apple during its most recent launch event, including the iPhone 14, iOS 16, and Apple’s resistance to implementing support for RCS texting.

Google revealed the Pixel Watch, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro at an event yesterday and provided updated information on the Pixel Tablet. Presenters at the event could not help but poke fun at Apple and some of Cupertino’s most recent announcements.

In one instance, Google Vice President Brian Rakowski discussed how Apple had stolen recent features from the Pixel and brought them to the iPhone. Additionally, he brought up the contentious topic of RCS technology in communications, which would improve iPhone and Android compatibility.

Brian Rakowski singled out three features, namely the Pixels’ always-on display, night mode for photography, and accident detection, where they outperformed the iPhone. Features that were available on the Google handset before the iPhone.

“We debuted Vehicle Collision Detection three years ago along with other essential measures to keep you safe, including safety check and emergency engagement,” Rakowski stated during the ceremony. With the release of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and the newest Apple Watch models last month, Apple added Vehicle Troubleshooting, and iOS 16 now enables security screening for customers. The Pixel has “a track record of revolutionary features that launched on the Pixel,” Rakowski said.

Google’s vice president of product management, Brian Rakowski, commented on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, “Pixel has always been a leader in smartphone innovation.”

About Live Activities on iOS 16 and the always-on features of the iPhone 14 Pro, Rakowski stated, “We see it as a compliment when others in the industry follow our lead, like the always-on display and At a Glance, presenting helpful information right on your Lock Screen.

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In addition to other crucial measures to keep you safe, such as safety checks and emergency sharing, we implemented Car Crash Detection three years ago, Rakowski stated. Apple released Car Crash Detection with the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and the most recent Apple Watch models last month. iOS 16 also adds Safety Check for users’ safety. Rakowski said, “Pixel has a remarkable history of developing ground-breaking features that were introduced on other devices.

Apple’s refusal to enable RCS messaging, the newest and most widely used messaging technology, is one of the most significant causes of contention between Apple and Google. Despite repeated public requests from Google to implement RCS, Apple still only allows iMessage and the SMS standard for texting on its devices.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, reacted to those requests by stating that the company is not being asked to do this by Apple users.

Google once more pressed Apple to alter direction during its keynote. “Almost everywhere you look, you’ll see that RCS has replaced older messaging standards. For the sake of everyone who uses a smartphone, we can only hope that every manufacturer will see the light and adopt RCS.”

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