Here Is Your Chance To Try Satellite SOS Without Sending Emergency Messages

I was pretty excited to read about this Satellite SOS demo trial. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new features, and I know you guys too.

Let’s pretend you are out in the wilderness on your usual hike. And got your ankle sprained somehow, But unfortunately, you are too far from the city area to dial emergency or call someone to help. It seems like a good opportunity to study up on some new smartphone functionality, doesn’t it?

The short answer is “hell no,” and it appears that Apple has reached the same decision. 9to5Mac’s sleuths found a possible hint at a satellite SOS demo mode in the most recent iOS 16 developer beta. This may be useful for becoming acquainted with the feature before you actually need it in an emergency.

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Only the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro have the SOS via satellite function that Apple introduced earlier this month (and showed off to us). When you’re not in cell phone range, this device can still let you get in touch with emergency services by using satellite connectivity to do so. The new functionality won’t be available until November, so please be patient.

Meanwhile, Apple appears to be setting the stage for its debut. In iOS 16.1 developer beta 3, 9to5Mac discovered “several features” relating to satellite connectivity, but the demo mode jumps out as something we haven’t heard of before. Also, this satellite demonstration appears to be a true tutorial, as it calls for you to step outside and locate a clean view of the sky. According to 9to5Mac, you can access it at any time in the preferences panel.

Satellite SOS

Apple isn’t the only company looking at ways to link mobile devices to satellites, but the idea is still foreign to the vast majority of consumers.

Owners of the iPhone 14 might benefit from a demo mode in order to become acquainted with the feature and its functioning and perhaps be persuaded that it is worth paying for. Apple’s new iPhone 14 will come with two years of service free of charge. However, the company has not yet revealed how much the service would cost after that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the iPhone’s “SOS” emergency button do?

Emergency SOS is a simple and fast way to reach out for assistance and notify your emergency contacts (provided that cellular service is available). When you utilize Emergency SOS or dial 911 on your iPhone if you have a Medical ID set up, your health information will be transmitted to the appropriate personnel (U.S. and Canada only).

Can An iPhone Be Used As A Satellite Phone?

Even if you’re in an area without cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, you may still use your iPhone to send a text message to emergency personnel using a satellite link.

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