iOS 16: How To Hide Notifications On Your iPhone Lock Screen?

In this user manual, we will demonstrate how to hide notifications on your iPhone lock screen!

Apple introduced a number of modifications to the iPhone lock screen with iOS 16, adding several personalization choices and, for the first time, widgets. In addition to these modifications, iOS 16 has added the ‘Display As’, an option to the notification panel, which enhances it. 

Moreover, you can now customize how notifications display on your lock screen and even totally hide them with Apple iOS 16’s latest changes. In iOS 16, the lock screen makes notifications show at the bottom of the screen, where they are, by default, piled on top of one another.

Receiving notifications of various sizes might just end up driving you completely insane. Your phone may seem to be always buzzing, whether it is from the never-ending barrage of junk emails or your buddies crashing a group chat.

While that is true, Apple has been working to make your life a bit easier by introducing ‘Focus Modes’ in iOS 15 and giving users the option to genuinely hide notifications on their iPhone Lock Screen. In the new iOS 16, the steps below demonstrate how to hide notifications on your iPhone lock screen.

iOS 16: Notification Count On iPhone Lock Screen

Both permanently and momentarily, iOS lets you display the number of notifications on the Lock Screen. The permanent solution should be chosen if you wish to hide the alerts and maintain your iPhone Lock Screen tidy at all times. However, if you prefer to hide notifications until the need arises, use the temporary solution.

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How To Hide Notifications On Your iPhone Lock Screen Permanently?

The Apple iPhone’s lock screen notifications can be quickly and easily hidden, and they can be quickly and easily revealed by tapping on the number of available notifications. We will walk you through the process in this step-by-step guide to know how to hide notifications on your iPhone lock screen in iOS 16.

1: Use Settings App

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: There select the Notifications and then scroll down and choose the App whose Lock Screen Notifications you wish to hide.

hide notifications on your iPhone lock screen

Step 3: Remove the Lock Screen option under the “ALERTS” column on the subsequent screen by touching it.

hide notifications on your iPhone lock screen

2: Hide All Alerts on the iPhone Lock Screen

Unfortunately, the iPhone does not offer the option to conceal Lock Screen Notifications from All Apps. Therefore, the only way to hide all notifications is to disable access to Today View and Notification Center from the iPhone Lock Screen.

Step 1: Go to Settings, and select Touch ID & Passcode.

Step 2: Then select Settings > Touch ID. Enter your device’s Lock Screen Passcode when requested.

Step 3: On the subsequent screen, scroll down to the Allow Access When Locked area and turn off Notifications Center and Today View.

image 112

After removing access to Notification Center and Today View from the Lock Screen, no one will be able to access your iPhone’s Notifications without knowing its Lock Screen Passcode.

3: Hide Notifications From the Lock Screen

Step 1: Tap the notification on your lock screen.

Step 2: Swipe left on it to view the available options, then touch “Manage.”

Step 3: Select “Deliver Silently”

According to the description, “Quiet notifications remain in Notification Center but just don’t display on the lock screen, play a tone, display a message, or badge the app.” Basically, the lock screen will no longer display these alerts. This does not block all notifications, though; only notifications for the specified app will be concealed. For instance, removing your email alerts will not result in your iPhone hiding your iMessage app notifications.

How To Hide Notifications On Your iPhone Lock Screen Temporarily?

On the iPhone lock screen, swipe left or right to temporarily hide notifications. The Lock Screen notification view can be instantly changed using the pinch gesture. To switch the alerts to the count layout, simply pinch or swipe down on them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is low power mode in iOS 16?

Your iPhone’s battery life can be increased by using the ‘Low Power Mode’. The power-hungry services, such as mail fetch and automatic app downloads, are automatically disabled when low battery mode is enabled until your iPhone has fully charged. To save on excessive electricity use, many of us choose to keep it on. To assist the iPhone to live a bit longer between charges, it is noteworthy that you can now even enable ‘Low Power Mode’ with ‘Focus Mode’ in iOS 16.

On iOS 16, How to delete the lock screen wallpaper?

Start by using Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your iPhone. Long pressing the screen will now bring up the wallpaper gallery. To find the Lock Screen wallpaper that you want to remove, swipe left or right as necessary. Swipe up the wallpaper after that, and when you are done, tap the red delete button located at the bottom.

What is the focus mode in iOS 16?

Focus is a function that reduces distractions, so you can focus on a task. When you need to concentrate or put your iPhone away, Focus can temporarily turn off all alerts or allow only certain notifications while informing other people and apps that you are occupied.

Bottom Line 

This is how to hide notifications on your iPhone lock screen in iOS 16. After hiding the notifications, your lock screen will now display notifications as a number that you may tap to see them in full. We hope you found this guide helpful. 

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