How Long Does iOS 14 Take To Install On Your iPhone?

Some iPhone users complain that the upgrade process takes a long time to download the update. So, how long does iOS 14 take to install? If the same is stressing you, then read this guide carefully to find your solution. We will go through how long does iOS 14 take to install and what to do if your iPhone or iPad is stuck in the middle of it.

If you opt to upgrade to iOS 14 on your iPhone, you will need to set aside some time to complete the process. Because switching from one iOS version to another can cause issues, you will want to keep an eye on the download and installation process.

Since the process will vary, we can not give you an exact time estimate. However, if you decide to install the updated firmware on your iPhone, we can help you estimate how long iOS 14 will take to install.

Let us get right down to business.

how to set iPhone to download and install iOS 14 automatically

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How long does iOS 14 take to install?

The answer to how long does iOS 14 take to install varies from device to device, making the issue of. In general, the time it takes to update your iPhone to iOS 14 varies based on your connection speeds and phone space. The average update time is 30 minutes. 

If an iOS update downloading on your device is taking too much time or if it fails in the middle of the update, it means there may be some issues or problems with the update process. Keep reading to find out more information about how long does iOS 14 take to install. Not all iPhones take the same amount of time, depending on the circumstances. Still, just for the sake of comparison, we will show you how long does iOS 14 take to install.

Once you hit the download button, a progress bar will be displayed. The remaining time will also be calculated. Once iOS 14 is downloaded, the ‘Install Now’ button will appear. As you have noticed, this update requires approximately 5-15 minutes. After clicking ‘Install Now’ to Restart, the update takes around 13 minutes to complete. The entire iOS update takes about 28 minutes to complete.

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What do you need to do post iOS 14 installations?

Following the installation, you may need to connect to your iCloud account, sign in to your device’s various apps and services, and set up ‘Apple Pay’. You should also check your vital data (pictures, music, and so on) to ensure that it was properly transferred from iOS 13. After that, double-check that your essential applications and services are operational.

Apps might go haywire while using new operating systems. If one or more of your apps are not working properly, try downloading the most recent version.

Why is updating to iOS 14 taking so long?

Multiple factors determine the time of an iOS update. Make sure you have a solid WiFi connection and that mobile data is off before updating your iPhone’s firmware. Connect the USB wire and keep your phone charged at the same time. What to do if your iOS update is taking too much time? To find the solution take the following points into consideration:

Internet Connection

Your iPhone’s Internet connection speed is perhaps the most crucial aspect in determining how long does iOS 14 take to install. If you want to upgrade to iOS 14, then you must have a stable and high speed Internet connection, otherwise your iOS 14 software update will be delayed. So, make sure you have a fast Internet connection. 

Update Size

The user’s location is another significant aspect that determines the length of the iOS 14 update. As we know, Apple doesn’t provide its service in every country. An iPhone user with Apple services will receive the software file iOS 14 of size 4.79 GB, while the others will only receive 2.83 GB. That is because they will get a stripped-down version that excludes services that are not available in their area.

Storage Space Available

If your iPhone’s storage capacity is at maximum, it will try to offload apps to free up space. This reason may cause the delay to the iOS 14 software update. Before updating your iPhone to iOS 14, make sure you have enough space of 5 GB on your iPhone. If you are not sure how much space you have, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and check.

iPhone Model

Older iPhones that are available for iOS can get a snipped version of the new iOS that is optimised for their Apple smartphone’s resources. Additionally, older iPhone devices may have slower Internet connection speeds, resulting in longer update times.

The Upgrade Time

If you are installing iOS 14 in its early stages, the timing of your attempt to update is particularly crucial. If people are upgrading to the iOS version early, it could cause Apple’s servers to become overburdened during peak hours.

Early morning time is the best time for iOS updates because most people are asleep, and your device has had much time to complete the iOS update. 

How do I avoid a long time installation?

Click on Download and Install to have your iPhone iOS 14 installed, and prepare for an update in the background as you use it.

You may set your iPhone to update to iOS 14 automatically while you sleep. Connect your device to the Internet and charge it at night.

Locate General > Software Update > Automatic Updates in Settings. Enable the option to ‘Download iOS Updates’. When your iPhone detects the new update, it will download the iOS 14 update file automatically.

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Why is my iOS 14 stuck on installation: How to Fix it?

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If the answer to how long does iOS 14 take to install, is eternity for your iPhone, it means you will not be able to update your iPhone normally. You could also run into situations such as the iPhone getting stuck on confirming an update, the iPhone getting stuck on preparing an update, or the iPhone requesting an update, among others. Then UltFone iOS System Repair, an all-in-one iOS repair tool, is a must-try. It can help you fix most system problems, including these iPhone update issues.

  • Step 1: Connect your device to the tool when it has been downloaded and launched on your computer. To enter the iOS system repair module, click Start once you have finished.
  • Step 2: To continue, select ‘Standard Repair’.
  • Step 3: Click the ‘Download’ button first. By selecting ‘Browse’ and moving to a new location to save the firmware package, you can change the saved path.
  • Step 4: Click ‘Start Standard Repair’ after downloading the firmware file.
  • Step 5:  When the repair process is finished, your iOS device will reboot and everything will be back to normal.


Is every iOS upgrade required?

No, every iOS update is not required. However, you should do so because there are several security updates available that will assist keep your device secure.

How can I install iOS 14 on my iPhone 6?

You must first back up your iPhone 6 before installing iOS 14. After you have finished backing up, go to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why is my phone not working after installing iOS 14?

Many customers report this issue after updating their phones. The upgrade may have rendered the phone inoperable, necessitating a factory reset to restore functionality.

Bottom Line 

So, now you know how long does iOS 14 take to install on your iPhone and how to fix your iPhone if it gets stuck or freezes during the installation of iOS 14. We hope you found this guide useful. In the first place, get help from UltFone iOS System Repair if you want a stress-free and seamless experience. Click Here to read more such guides!

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