How Selling Your Old Phones Can Help Reduce E-Waste

Did you know that electronic waste, or e-waste, is the fastest-growing type of waste globally? That’s right! And a significant contributor to this problem is our smartphones.

According to CNET, the average American replaces their phone every two years, and most of these phones are just thrown away. This creates a lot of unnecessary electronic waste, which can be harmful to the environment.

In this article, we want to discuss the environmental impact of e-waste and what we can do to reduce it. We will also talk about how selling your old devices can help reduce the amount of e-waste produced every year. Let’s start with understanding what does this e-waste mean?

What is E-Waste?

E-waste is electronic waste, which is any type of electronic device or component that has been discarded or is no longer in use. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, cell phones, and more.

E-waste is a problem because it contains harmful toxins that can leach into the soil and water if not disposed of properly. These toxins can then contaminate our food and water supply and potentially cause health problems.

According to a study by, e-waste in 2021 increased by over 60% compared to 2010. The bad news is that it’s not decreasing over time; instead, it is expected to rise another 40% by 2030.

E Waste Tradelia

So, what’s the actual problem with e-waste?

The problem with e-waste is that most of these devices are not recycled properly. In fact, only about 20% of e-waste is recycled each year.

This means that the other 80% of e-waste ends up in landfills, which can leak harmful chemicals into the ground and water. E-waste can also be incinerated, which releases toxins into the air.

Why is E-Waste Increasing?

One of the primary and most common reasons e-waste is increasing is that people are upgrading to new devices more often. In the past, people would keep their phones for several years before upgrading. But now, with new phone models being released every year, people are upgrading more often.

And it’s not just the problem with phones; it’s with all types of electronics. According to a study by the US.PIRG, the average American, owns about 24 electronic devices. And most people upgrade to a new device every two to three years.

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This creates a lot of waste because most people simply throw away their old devices. They don’t recycle them or sell them; they just throw them away. And this is a major problem because these devices contain harmful toxins that can damage the environment.

So, what can we do to reduce our e-waste? One way is to sell our old devices instead of throwing them away.

How Selling Your Old Phones Can Help Reduce E-Waste?

When you sell your old phone, you’re not only keeping it out of the landfill, but you’re also preventing it from being recycled improperly.

Instead, your phone will be refurbished and resold to someone who needs it. And if it can’t be reused, then it will be properly recycled so that the toxins don’t leach into the environment.

Plus, you can make some money by selling your old phone! So, it’s a win-win for you and the environment.

What Happens When You Sell Your Phone?

When you sell your phone, it will either be refurbished and resold or recycled properly.

Let’s say you’re selling a recent model of Apple iPhone or Samsung, which is in good condition, then it will be cleaned, tested, and repaired. Once it’s been refurbished, it will be sold to someone who needs a used phone. Thousands of people out there prefer to buy refurbished phones because they’re cheaper and still work great.

On the other hand, if your phone is old or damaged, there may still be some parts that can be extracted and reused. The rest of the phone will be dismantled, and the materials will be appropriately recycled.

For example, the metals will be melted down and used to create new products. The plastics will be recycled into new plastic products. And the glass will be crushed and used for other purposes.

This is important because it ensures that none of the toxins from the phone leach into the environment. Not to mention, you can make some extra money in the process by selling your old phone, instead of just throwing away!

Why Sell Your Old Smartphone to Tradelia?

Well, after reading about this massive problem of e-waste, you might be staring at your old smartphones and thinking, why not sell my phone? If you’re not sure how to sell your old phone, Tradelia can be your best bet.

At Tradelia, we make it easy for you to sell your old devices and help reduce e-waste. We take care of everything for you, from start to finish, so that you can give your valuable contribution to the environment while also making some extra money.

We also offer the best prices for your old devices, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best price for your phone. So, how to sell your old phone to Tradelia?

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It’s simple! All you have to do is go to or download our app. Once you’re there, you can simply enter your phone’s IMEI, and our system will fetch all the details of your phone, or you can go through a quick diagnostic test to know how much is your phone worth?

If everything’s good, you can continue to select your shipping and payment options, and done! Depending on your preference, we come to you to pick your device, or you can mail in your device. After a quick verification, you’ll get your amount instantly in the payment method of your choice. Easy, isn’t it?

Depending on your device’s condition, we’ll either refurbish or carefully recycle it. So, you can be sure that your old phone won’t end up in a landfill and pollute the environment.

By selling your old phone to Tradelia, not only you’re reducing e-waste but also contributing to a greener planet. So, what are you waiting for? Sell your old phone now and help the environment!

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