How to Bookmark a Page in Safari – Ultimate Guide

Saving your favorite web page while browsing is something we all wanna do. I mean, who doesn’t want to start reading their favorite article exactly from where they left it. Or continue watching their favorite video on some random website that they left in between.

Now you can bookmark your favorite websites on Safari to keep your favorite stuff always on top.

So, how to bookmark a page in safari? Or, more specifically, how to add a website to favorites in Safari? In this guide, we will show you some quick and easy steps on how to add a bookmark to your favorite websites and pages and also how you can edit or rearranges the pages after you add them to favorites.

How to Add a Bookmark in Safari on iPhone/iPad

To save your favorite web pages on safari on iPhone all you have to do is to bookmark them so that you can later open them without searching and tapping on different links again and again. Here is how you can add a bookmark in Safari on your iPhone.

Steps To Add Bookmarks

Step 1: Open your iPhone or iPad and tap on the “Safari” app to open it.

Step 2: Search for the website you want to add a bookmark to.

Step 3: After you are on the exact page you like, click on the share icon. This share button is shaped like a box with an arrow in an upward position. On iPhone, you can find this share button at the bottom of the screen. While on the iPad, this share button is available in the upper left corner of the screen.

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Step 4: After tapping that icon, select the option of “Add bookmarks.” This option has an icon of an open book in grey color.

how to bookmark a page in Safari

Step 5: You will be asked to name your bookmark. You can either choose the name of the web page already written there or name it whatever you want.

Step 6: Next, the Safari will ask you to choose the location to save your bookmark. Under the “location” option, you will see the list of available folders you already have on your iPhone. If you want to save the bookmark to some existing folder, then tap on it. If you want to create a separate folder for this new bookmark, read our next section.

Step 7: After you select the location of your bookmarks taps “save” to save your favorite site.

how to bookmark a page in Safai

That’s it. Your bookmark will be saved to the location you choose, and your favorites will be saved. Do remember that if you want your bookmark page to stay on top of the directory, do not choose a folder location and tap save directly after adding the page to the bookmark section.

How to View and Re-Organize Your Bookmarks

So, now you know how to add a bookmark to your favorite site. But what about deleting it or managing it? First of all, here is how you can view your bookmark site.

  • Open the Safari app.
  • Tap on the Bookmark icon.
  • Next, tap on the Bookmarks tab.
  • Tap on the Edit option given in the corner of the screen.

Create a New Folder For Bookmark

After you are in the “Edit Bookmarks,” you can remove, rename, or create folders for your current and new bookmarks. Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a new folder for your bookmarks in the Safari app;

  • Tap new folder
  • Type the name of the folder
  • Tap bookmarks under the location
  • Tap Save

Delete A Bookmark

To remove a bookmark, here is what you need to do after tapping “Edit:”

  • You will see a red circle with a (-) sign on it in front of all the bookmarks you save. Just tap on this red (-) sign of whatever bookmark you want to delete.

How Add A Website To Favorites In Safari?

Aside from “add to bookmarks” there is also an option of “add to favorites” in Safari which allows you to save your favorite sites. The only difference is the favorites remain on every new Safari tab you open.

This is best if you are reading an ebook and want to keep it in front. Or you can also save your movie website by the “add to favorites” option as it will keep it in front and you wouldn’t have to search for it again and again.

Steps To Add To Favorites

Here is how you can add to favorites:

Step 1: Open your favorite page you want to save. Tap on the ‘share’ icon given at the bottom center of your Safari browser. It is the same icon we mentioned above, with a box and upward arrow.

Step 2: Here, instead of choosing “add to bookmarks” tap on the “add to favorites” option.

To Edit Favorites on iPhone

Step 1: To edit your favorites you have to follow the same steps we mentioned above. Tap the ‘bookmark’ icon to edit the favorites.

Step 2: Next, tap on the option of the “bookmarks” tab.

Step 3: Now here, tap on the option of “favorites”.

Step 4: Next, tap ‘edit’ to rearrange, delete, or rename your favorites.

How To Sync Bookmarks Across Devices Using iCloud

By enabling iCloud bookmark syncing in Safari, you may access your saved pages from any of your Apple devices. When you add a website to Safari’s bookmarks on one device, it will be added to the bookmarks on all of your Safari-enabled devices. How to set it up is as follows:

Step 1:To access the iPhone’s configuration menu, select Settings.

Step 2: Choose iCloud by tapping your name at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Click the Safari toggle switch to “on” (green).

Step 4: Select Merge. You have set up iCloud to sync your iPhone’s bookmarks with your other iOS devices.

how to bookmark a page in Safari

Bottom Line

So, this is it for now. You can save your favorite websites or pages just by tapping the “add to favorites” and “add to bookmarks” options in the Safari app on iPhone or iPad. But make sure you do not bookmark a lot of unnecessary pages otherwise, it can get difficult to find your actual favorites. Do let us know what you think of this and is there any other way to save your favorite websites.

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