How to Invert Camera on FaceTime on iOS 15?

Do you want to know how to invert camera on FaceTime on iOS 15? FaceTime video conversations use the front-view camera by default, but you may wish to show another person something different, such as your cat’s strange sleeping position.

You can turn your iPhone around, but it is difficult to see where your camera is pointing. Here’s how to invert camera on FaceTime on iOS 15.

How to Invert Camera on FaceTime on iOS 15?

Let us get started on how to invert your FaceTime camera so now you know why it is useful. Let’s get started. To flip the FaceTime camera on iPhone and iPad, follow the below-mentioned instructions.

Flip Camera Using Menu Bar

Step 1: Tap anywhere on the screen during a FaceTime call.

Step 2: From the bottom, a menu bar will rise. Toggle the symbol to the left.

Step 3: Now that the viewpoint has shifted from the screen side to the back-facing camera, I can show my friend this lovely lamp.

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Step 4: Tap the flip icon once again to return to the front-facing camera.

how to invert camera on Facetime on iOS 15

That is all about how to invert the camera on FaceTime on iOS 15. You can now communicate with your friends and family while chatting and exchanging information from your daily life. This advice also applies to group FaceTime calls.

Flip Camera From Picture-in-Picture

You can also use FaceTime’s picture-in-picture mode while conversing to invert your phone’s camera. Here are some basic steps for completing the job:

  • Select the home screen that has just popped up.
  • Find the screen on your phone where you can see yourself.
  • Picture-in-picture allows the other person to see your screen while you see theirs magnified.
  • A little camera may be seen on the compact display. Clicking the flip symbol here will invert your camera for the call.
  • The next step is to click the inverted camera icon.

Switch the Camera’s Orientation using Tile

Automatic Prominence highlights the contact you are currently conversing with in a FaceTime call by making their contact tile larger. The tile makes it easy to flip your phone’s camera upside down.

  • Tap the tile when you get a FaceTime call.
  • To use the back camera, simply tap the reversing arrow.
  • Tap the flip icon again to return to the front-facing camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my iPhone camera flip my picture?

You see a mirror image when you open the front camera on your iPhone to take a selfie. Because we are accustomed to staring in the mirror, the camera is set up to show us exactly what we are used to seeing. However, when you press the capture button, the shot is unflipped and saved to your Camera Roll.

Can you flip the camera while recording with an iPhone 11?

Yes, you can flip your iPhone if you mean to turn it sideways or upside down. While recording, it will not appear that way. During recording, it will already be upside down on the screen. However, turning the video that way will cause it to seem sideways or upside down.
The fixed camera position in the video is always the initial orientation of the camera. The camera will record in landscape (lengthwise horizontal) if you start recording in such a position.
You can not flip the camera from the back to the front (or vice versa). Physically turning your iPhone around is a workaround.

How can I keep my face from inverting on Facetime?

During your Facetime call, tap on your tile (profile icon) on your screen. 
Here, to turn off the portrait mode, tap on the button. That’s way, your face will not invert by going into portrait mode. 

Bottom Line

We mentioned step by step guide on how to invert facetime camera on iOS 15 iPhone and iPad. We hope you find this guide helpful. Due to this feature, you can now flip your facetime camera during video call conversations.

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