How To Mute Someone On Facetime & How To Pause The Video Call?

How to mute someone on Facetime? is a question we all have asked ourselves at some point. I don’t know if it’s just me or if anyone else also gets to experience some of the most random things when video calling Facetime. Most of the time, it’s my doorbell ringing amid a Facetime call with my team member, and other times, it’s a child in my home increasing the volume of their Doraemon cartoons. 

Well, we all experience such things regularly on our video calls. The only difference is sometimes the noise comes from our end and sometimes someone else’s. However, in any of these situations, it may worsen the experience of all the participants on the call. That’s where the “mute the Facetime call” feature comes in handy. 

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Muting Audio and Pausing the video call on Facetime are handy features you can use in various situations. For example, your partner is walking in unknowingly that you are in a meeting. In this case, you can simply pause the video call on facetime.

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So, if you also want to know how to mute someone on facetime or how to pause Facetime, you are in the right place. Here, I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to mute and pause Facetime. 

How To Mute Someone On Facetime On iPhone?

Unfortunately, Facetime doesn’t allow you to mute the other person. On Facetime, you can only mute your audio and not the other caller ID. But we have some tricks for you to simply not hear the audio and watch the video. 

Possible Ways To Mute Other Person On Facetime 

1. Make Use Of Headphones

Using a headphone to block out other individuals on Facetime is highly recommended. Simply plug the earphone into your iPhone and put the earphones aside rather than in your ear.

If this disturbs you, turn the volume down to zero.

2. Reduce The Volume On Your Device

Don’t have a headphone? Or don’t want to use one? Not an issue. I  recommend turning down your iPhone/Mac/iPad volume until it reaches zero. On your iPhone, you can quickly turn down the volume using the volume down key on the side of your iPhone. For Windows and Mac, here is how you can quickly turn down the volume of your device. 

DevicesMute The Volume Decrease The Volume IncreaseThe Volume
MacPress F10 keyPress F11 keyPress F12 key
WindowsPress Fn + F6Press Fn + F7Press Fn + F8

3. Ask The Other Person To Mute

We mute another’s ID volume for a variety of reasons, including ambient noise that disrupts a call. If this is the situation, politely ask them to turn down their volume. 

How To Mute Someone On Facetime On Windows?

If you use Facetime on Windows, here are three different methods to mute someone on Facetime.

Method 1: Use The System Tray Of Your Laptop

The quickest and most efficient way to mute someone on your laptop is muting the overall laptop. 

Step 1: Use your cursor and click on the ‘speaker’ icon at the bottom right corner of your laptop screen. If it doesn’t appear, click on the arrow facing upward. You will find the audio/speaker option there, among other hidden icons. 

Step 2: To mute your Facetime web browser, place your cursor in the menu and click the audio icon.

Method 2: Use System Settings

Step 1: To begin, type System Settings into the search box of your Window or press Win+I to get to the search box.

Step 2: Select the System in the Windows Settings interface.

Step 3: On the left sidebar, choose the Sound tab.

Step 4: On the left sidebar, choose the Sound tab.

Step 5: You will be prompted to sound mixer, but the UI will be different in this case. Nonetheless, you may mute the sound on your window here.

Method 3: Directly Mute The Facetime Browser Tab

Another method to answer your how-to mute someone on Facetime on Windows is by directly muting the Facetime browser tab. Some online browsers, such as Google Chrome, enable users to mute a specific tab, although this capability is only available in the latest Chrome Browser versions.

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To silence a web browser, right-click on it, and from the multiple options there, select Mute site.

On Android, How Do You Mute FaceTime?

You can mute the other caller ID on Android by reducing or muting the audio on the handset using volume-down keys on your device. If you can’t get down the volume below a particular point, you can simply alter the sound settings in the Settings app of your Android phone. To begin, go to Settings. After that, go to Sound & Vibration settings. Here, mute the media volume.

How To Mute Yourself On Facetime?

Now you know how to mute someone on Facetime without even the options present directly on Facetime. Here, have a look at how to mute yourself on Facetime whenever you need to and on whatever device you are using:

Step 1: Call someone on Facetime. 

Step 2: Tap on the call window on your iPhone to open it.

Step 3: Tap the mute option given at the bottom of the screen and many other options. The mute option has an icon of a mic with a slash on it. 

That’s it; you can hear the other person, but they will not listen to you. It can be handy when discussing something personal with your home buddies when talking to a friend or work staff. Simply tap on the mute option again to unmute the audio on Facetime.

How To Pause Facetime?

The above discussion was about how to mute someone on Facetime. Now let’s have a look at how to pause the Facetime call. 

  • Initiate the Facetime Video call with someone. 
  • Tap on the caller Window. 
  • Then, tap and drag the grey bar upward, available at the bottom of your screen.
  • You will find multiple options there. 
  • Tap on the ‘Camera Off’ to pause Facetime. 
  • That’s it. Tap on the ‘Camera On’ to restart the call again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a FaceTime group be muted?

The best approach to silence a FaceTime group is to turn off your device’s sound. If that isn’t possible, you should attach a headset to your phone and put it aside rather than wearing it.
Alternatively, consider decreasing the sound using the volume down keys on your phone or switching to silent mode. When using Windows, you can mute the Facetime browser page manually.

How can you tell whether FaceTime is muted?

Check the mute symbol on FaceTime to see if you’ve been silenced. If it’s gray, you aren’t muted, and the other Caller ID can hear you. If it’s white, though, the mute option is turned on, and the other person won’t be able to hear you.

Is it possible to mute the other person on FT?

Sadly, you can’t silence the other user on FaceTime (FT).  If the other Caller ID’s voice irritates you and you can’t end the call, simply turn down the sound level on your smartphone to avoid hearing them.

Bottom Line 

So, there you have it. We hope the information above helps you find the answer about how to mute someone on Facetime or pause Facetime completely. Both are really easy, and you have to perform just a few steps to mute and pause. Let us know if you have any queries; we will be glad to help you.

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