How To Unhide Apps On iPhone On iOS 14?

Are you wondering how to unhide apps on iPhone on iOS 14 because you feel there are certain apps on your phone that you can not find? You may quickly hide apps that you have downloaded on your iPhone to keep them private. You won’t receive notifications from apps that you’ve hidden on your iPhone, until you begin to unhide them. Here’s how to unhide apps on iPhone on iOS 14 in detail.

There are a few ways to hide apps on an iPhone if they are too embarrassing or addicting to stay on the Home screen. Or perhaps you simply do not want others to see them, or you are looking for apps on a partner’s or child’s phone.

On the iPhone, there are numerous options for hiding apps. You can organize them into folders or move them to the App Library. If you have iOS 14 or later, you may also get rid of the mess by eliminating all Home screen pages.

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What if you want to unhide apps you have not used in a long time, and you have no idea where you have been hiding them? Or perhaps you want to find out what apps are hidden on someone else’s iPhone. On the iPhone, there are various ways to rapidly locate hidden apps. The article will show you how to unhide apps on iPhone on iOS 14

How To Unhide Apps On iPhone On iOS 14?

You may know how to conceal apps on your iPhone but are unable to locate a hidden app. Here are the methods for you as an answer to how to unhide apps on iPhone on iOS 14.

Use App Library To Unhide Apps

After iOS 14, the App Library was created to organize and keep all of your apps in one location. So whenever you hide an app and want to unhide it again, you will find it in the App Library. Get it back from the App library to unhide apps from the iPhone home screen.

Step 1: Keep an eye on your home screen’s right side; here, you will find the app library. Tap to open it and continue to swap from right to left.

Step 2: Type the name of the app you wish to unhide into the search bar above.

Step 3: After that, select the app. Press and hold the app icon of the desired app, then slide the app with your fingers to the home screen and release it.

Step 4: You can do it in another way by locating the app and then long-pressing it before selecting Add to Home Screen.

Remove Screen Time Restrictions 

App limits, iPhone usage, and parental control may all be adjusted with the help of screen time. It is also a terrific method to customize how your apps are hidden and unhidden on your iPhone. You can modify the age limit or allow all apps if you want to reveal apps.

Step 1: First of all, Go to Settings. 

Step 2: Select Screen Time in settings. 

Step 3: Navigate to Restrictions on Content and Privacy. Set a screen time passcode by turning on this option.

Step 4: To make downloaded apps visible again, follow these steps. Select Content Restrictions. 

Step 5: Tap on Apps.

Step 6: Allow All Apps should now be selected. It will unhide all apps, regardless of their age. 

Step 7: In the case of pre-installed apps, you have to go to Allowed Apps and turn on their settings.

Use spotlight Search To Unhide Apps

Using Spotlight Search, you can open hidden apps on your iPhone. iOS has a built-in search capability that lets you locate any app on your iPhone, even if it is buried in a folder or the App Library. 

Step 1: To begin searching, swipe down from the top of the screen and type the app’s name.

Step 2: Then tap or hit Go on the keyboard to open the app icon that appears in the search results list.

If you are still having trouble finding a hidden app on your iPhone this way, check to see if it is being hidden from search results. 

Step 1: We will do this through the Settings app on our iPhone. 

Step 2: Then hold Siri & Search for a few seconds. 

Step 3: To access the hidden app, scroll down and tap it. If the option next to Show in Search is off on the next screen, activate it.

Use Siri To Unhide apps

You may now ask Siri to open any app you choose, in addition to utilizing the iPhone search or searching the app library.

Step1: Long-press the touch ID/ Side button to summon Siri or speak “Hey, Siri” to activate Siri.

Step 2: Now say to Siri, “Open app name.”

Step 3: Even if the app is hidden from the home screen, Siri will immediately open it.

Unhide Purchased Apps

Have you bought any premium apps from the Apple app store but are unable to locate them? Most likely, you have hidden these programs from the app store’s purchasing list. Follow the steps below to unhide paid apps on your iPhone.

Step 1: Access your Account from the App Store.

Step 2: Then tap on the ‘Hidden Purchases’ under your account photo.

image 96
Image Source: Apple

Step 3: Locate the app you wish to unhide in the list and click the download button.

Unhide Hidden Home Screen Pages

You may have hidden a few Home screen pages if you discover your iPhone is missing several apps. You can use Search, Siri, or the App Library to find those apps, and you can also unhide the pages that include them. 

Step 1: Long-press a blank area of the Home screen to start jiggle mode.

Step 2:Tap the dot strip above the dock again to continue.

Step 3: The following screen should show you all of the Home screen’s visible and hidden pages. 

Step 4: By activating the pages that include the apps, you can make them visible again.

Reset Your Home Screen’s Layout

To uncover hidden apps on your iPhone and restore the Home screen to its previous state, perform a second Home screen reset. 

Step 1: To do so, open the Settings app 

Step 2: Select General, Reset, then Reset Home Screen Layout from the menu. 

All custom folders will be removed, all Home screen pages will be unhidden, and all apps relocated to the App Library will be re-added. However, it will not affect any apps that have been hidden with Screen Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Apple Watch, how do you unhide apps?

On your linked iPhone, open the Watch app. Turn on the Show App on Apple Watch toggle for the app you want to unhide under the My Watch page > Installed on Apple Watch.

On my iPhone, how can I unhide all apps?

It is impossible to unhide all hidden apps at once. Each app must be found under Hidden Purchases and reinstalled separately.

On iPhone, how to hide apps?

To hide apps on the iPhone, make a folder for a few apps and move the apps you want to be hidden to the second page of the folder (for example, a dating app or a game you are a bit too old to be playing). The apps on your home screen will then be hidden. It is a very straightforward procedure.

In iOS 14, how can I access the app library?

Simply slide all the way to the iPhone’s home screen’s very last right-hand page to find it. Once you arrive there, all of your apps will be grouped into folders.

Bottom Line – How To Unhide Apps On iPhone On iOS 14?

So, here is how to unhide apps on iPhone on iOS 14. You can unhide apps on your iPhone by going to the App Library on the right-hand side of the screen or by going to the Account area of the App Store and unhide secret purchases. Keep your content private on your iPhone by hiding and unhiding apps.

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