How To Identify Plants And Flowers Using Your iPhone Camera In iOS 16?

Here’s your easy guide on how to identify Plants and Flowers using your iPhone camera in iOS 16!

Try using your iPhone if you are looking for a quick way to recognize the species of plants and flowers without opening a taxonomy book. The functionality you require is already included in iOS 15 and later’s ‘Visual Lookup’ feature, so you do not even need to buy an app.

Since the release of iOS 15, Apple has improved the on-device machine learning capabilities and integrated them into the Photos app, which makes your iPhone more capable of identifying the subjects of the photographs you shoot.

As a result, the Photos app can recognize a variety of things in your image library, including buildings, animals, books, plants, and artwork, and then provide information about them, which it has gleaned from the internet.

If you encounter a plant or flower that you are unfamiliar with, the below-mentioned steps will show you how to use ‘Visual Lookup’ to obtain taxonomic information.

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How To Identify Plants And Flowers Using Your iPhone Camera In iOS 16?

Here are the exact steps to identify plants and flowers using your iPhone Camera in iOS 16:

  • Step 1: On your iPhone, open the Photos app and choose an image of something that is clearly defined, such as a flower or an animal.
  • Step 2: Look under the screen for the info ‘I’ symbol. Tap the item if there is a small star next to it; this means you may perform a ‘Visual Lookup’ on the item.
  • Step 3: To display the Lookup search results, tap the small symbol in the center of the image.

Siri Knowledge, related online photos, and other online information sources are included in the ‘Visual Lookup’ search results. Please be aware that it depends on your location.

image 92
Image Source: Apple

It does not matter if you are trying to identify a plant, a flower, or another; the basic concept is the same in both cases. Taking a picture of the object, or an image which comprises the object that you want to search about, is the first step in each scenario. When the iPhone has finished saving the image, go to the Pictures app and try to identify the item.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you get medication reminders on iOS 16?

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Bottom Line

This is how you can identify plants and flowers using your iPhone camera in iOS 16. This feature not only works on photo subjects, but also on screenshots. ‘Visual Lookup’ is not just for plants. You can identify landmarks, creatures, and more. You can view what a landscape looks like or what breed a dog is.

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