iOS 16 Battery Drain Is Affecting iPhone Users; Here’s How?

Although iOS 16 has been out for two weeks, some users are still experiencing bugs and iOS 16 battery drain is affecting iPhone users. And I was expecting that at least this time the battery issue will be a problem. But, as usual, I was disappointed! So, let’s talk about what this issue is all about and is there any fix in sight?

Apple’s public release of iOS 16 was two weeks ago today. There have been some bugs, performance issues, battery drain, and other issues since the upgrade, along with the customizable Lock Screen, big changes in Messages, and new features in Maps. The iOS 16 battery drain is affecting iPhone users the most.

Some users may initially claim problems after installing a big iOS upgrade; however, these reports often go away in the days following the version’s release. Unlike previous years, consumers have been reporting several issues with iOS 16 on a near-daily basis this year.

While iOS 16.0 was released for all compatible iPhones, an iOS 16.0.1 update was provided on launch day to fix a few issues with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Recently, Apple released iOS 16.0.2, which fixed a number of issues, including a camera shake on the iPhone 14 Pro and an obnoxious prompt to copy and paste. Unfortunately, a number of issues that were present prior to the release of iOS 16.0.1 and iOS 16.0.2 are still present for consumers. Some examples are as follows:

It is expected that iOS 16.1, along with iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura, will be released in October, after further testing with developers and public beta testers. The standard advice from Apple Support for clients experiencing problems is to restart their iPhones or, in the worst situation, perform a restore.

iOS 16 battery draining issues

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Is There Any Solution to the iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue in Sight?

Based on reports, it seems that the iPhone XR and later models up to the iPhone 13 series are impacted by the iOS 16 battery drain issue.

Some consumers have been getting responses from Apple Support(opens in new tab) suggesting that they try restarting their phone, and if that doesn’t work, they should try a restoration to resolve iOS 16 battery drain. Turning off the haptic keyboard feedback feature may be done under the “Sounds & Haptics” section of the settings menu.

Seeing as iOS 16.0.2 did not fix the issue, we are hopeful that iOS 16.0.3 will, although there have been no hints of this happening. While the second beta of iOS 16.1 has arrived, we still have no word on whether or not it will improve iPhone battery life, despite including a new battery % icon.

Even if Apple does address battery drain issue with iOS 16.1, we might not see it until next month, and it might only debut alongside iPad OS 16.1 and macOS Ventura.

Apple has a long list of flaws they haven’t fixed yet, including the aforementioned iOS 16 battery drain, a slow and slightly glitchy highlight search, CarPlay troubles with the iPhone 14 Pro, and a flickering display problem that appears to just affect low-brightness iPhone screens. With any luck, issues will also be addressed in Apple’s upcoming operating system upgrade.

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