16 Amazing iOS 16 Features iPhone Users Will Get This Year

There are a lot of cool features in iOS 16 that you don’t know you needed almost all the time. For a software upgrade that is not considered a substantial redesign, iOS 16 has a lot of improvements, so many that Apple just scraped the surface when showcasing it at its Worldwide Developer Conference.

Anyone who has downloaded the iOS 16 beta will be able to see all of the additions and improvements that the upgrade will bring when it launches this autumn. The iOS 16 beta has already started to roll out. So, if you’re a beta tester, you should probably get the iOS 16 beta update on your iPhone.

Despite all of the significant new features, several smaller ones did not get the same attention on the large screen at Apple Park. Here are a few new iOS 16 features that you will be amazed to get in this new update.

16 Cool & New iOS 16 Features

1. The Camera app now has a Sharing option

Share Photos from Camera App on iOS 16

In the version of iOS 16, sharing photographs directly from your Camera app is straightforward, albeit it does involve a few touches. In this iOS 16 feature, Apple will make the process easier by including an automatic toggle that will allow you to automatically share images you snap. The switch is for iOS 16’s new iCloud Shared Photo Library feature, which allows up to six users to add photographs and edit them together.

Even better, your phone will be able to identify when you are close to another member of your iCloud Shared Photo Library album, allowing you to share your photos with them.

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2. keep track of your orders In Apple Pay

Keep Track of Your Orders in Apple Pay in iOS 16

Finally, several features in Apple’s existing apps that have been eclipsed by other updates will be highlighted. For instance, Apple Pay Later, which enables users to divide their transactions into four monthly payments, is a big change introduced by iOS 16 in the Wallet app. When you buy products with Apple Pay on iOS 16, you get a lot more than that.

You will be able to track your Apple Pay orders right from the Wallet app. Only participating merchants can use this iOS 16 feature.

3. The swift exit function of Safety Check

Safety Check App iOS 16

Safety Check, an iOS 16 feature designed to help victims in domestic abuse situations quickly cut links with potentially harmful people by canceling location access among other things, has pleased me.

Apple appears to have given considerable thought to how it may assist users in making a clean break and staying safe, including a less-publicized function called Safety Check. Quick Exit is a means to swiftly exit the Safety Check screen if you are concerned that someone may notice you trying to reset access for persons and apps.

You return to a home screen after tapping the Quick Exit button. Instead of returning to Safety Check, returning to Settings will take you to the main Settings panel. Another option to keep a possibly harmful person from watching your activities is to use this method.

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4. New Map iOS 16 Features

New Map on iOS 16

More updated cities will be added to Apple Maps later this year, with new information such as lane layouts, local areas of interest, and other useful data to traverse huge cities like London and Las Vegas.

Apple is also integrating multi-step excursions to Maps, a feature that most competitors have had for years, with the option to plan trips on a Mac ahead of time and have Siri add additional stops to the itinerary.

In the Transit directions option, there is also new data, with the app estimating journey expenses for various modes of transportation – but it is unclear where this will be available.

5. Focus Mode and Focus Filter iOS 16 Feature

Focus Mode on iOS 16

Users can use Focus Mode to ensure that they are not disturbed at work by personal contacts or at home by work contacts, providing for a better work-life balance. Focus Modes in iOS 16 can set a specific Lock Screen configuration automatically, allowing you to have a separate Lock Screen for work, home, or other activities.

Focus Filter on iOS 16

Third-party developers will be able to use the Focus Filters functionality, which allows your apps to filter out distracting items when using a specific Focus Mode. When Focus Mode is activated, Safari will trigger specific tab groups, so you will not be tempted to explore social media while at work, for example.

6. Wallet

Wallet on iOS 16

With in-app ID verification enabled for third-party apps, Wallet is witnessing privacy improvements. . There won’t be a need for any point-of-sale equipment with the introduction of iOS16’s tap-to-pay feature on the Apple device. In addition, Wallet allows you to view receipts and track orders.

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7. My Sports iOS 16 Feature

My Sports iOS 16

Apple News now has a new My Sports area where you can browse schedules, standings, and scores for your favorite teams in the iOS 16 beta. Sporting event live updates can be put on the lock screen, so you will always know what is going on even if you can not watch.

8. Redesigned Home App

Redesigned Home App on iOS 16

The Home app is receiving a makeover to make managing your smart appliances and rooms a lot easier. Each of your rooms, along with lights, temperature, surveillance, and other categories, will be visible to you in a single location.

By pressing on a category, you may view three to 4 surveillance cameras at once and learn additional specific status details.

 Smart home widgets can also be added to the lock screen, allowing you to easily access smart home controls and see the state of your house at a glance.

9. Fitness App

Fitness App on iOS 16

Even if you do not have an Apple Watch, you may use Apple’s Fitness app to track your fitness. The program will help you reach your regular Move objective and calculate your caloric burn by using the motion detectors in your iPhone, step and duration tracking, and activities from other apps.

10. Mark Unread Messages

Mark Unread Messages on iOS 16

You can now mark texts as unread in the Messages app once iOS 16 is loaded on your iPhone. Another feature that is long overdue is the ability to forget about a message you have read but intend to respond to later.

11. Passwords for Wi-Fi networks will be revealed in the Settings menu

With iOS16, you can sync Wi-Fi logins across several iOS devices. This way, as soon as you log in to the iPhone, your other Apple devices like Mac and iPad will also connect automatically. Although highly helpful, this function does not take the place of being able to divulge a passcode so that it could be shared with a buddy or gadget that is not an Apple product.

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12. Lock Hidden and Recently Deleted Albums

Lock Hidden and Recently Deleted Albums on iOS 16

It was always possible to hide photos in iOS 15 and earlier, but the feature was not foolproof. To ensure any level of privacy, you would need to hide your Hidden album, and even then, a snooper with an unlocked iPhone could easily unhide it. With iOS 16 beta, you may lock both the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums, requiring authentication via Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.

13. Family Sharing iOS 16 Feature

Family Sharing on iOS 16

With Apple’s Family Sharing function, you may share an account with your family, enabling parents to approve transactions made by children as well as view photos and videos as a group. Via the iOS 16 beta, parents or guardians would be capable of responding to Screen Time requests in Texts, making it simpler for them to impose age-appropriate content restrictions.

14. CarPlay Updates

The software layer may now display content on several screens in your vehicle and even regulate the climate or radio station. The next version will also come with the option to customize the driving experience with multiple gauge clusters, widget compatibility, and glanceable information from weather and other apps, according to Apple.

15. iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos on iOS 16

Family Sharing customers will gain access to a brand-new independent photo library called iCloud Shared Photo Library, which will let up to five users simply exchange photos. There will be read-only and write-access for everyone who has accepted an invitation to the shared library.

Users may now select which collection a photo must be saved to in the Camera app, which streamlines publishing to the shared library based on who is in the pictures.

16. Dictation

Dictation iOS 16

Users can switch between voice and touch typing effortlessly with a unique on-device experience. With iOS 16, Dictation can also identify emojis and automatically punctuate them. The keyboard in iOS 16 now has haptic feedback. As a result, audio and vibratory feedback are now available while entering messages. It is understated and a pleasure to use.

Final Thoughts

iOS 16 appears to be a promising update for our favorite iPhones, which will be available this fall. If you are a member of Apple’s Developer Program, you can get the iOS 16 beta right now and try out the new features for yourself.

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