The New iOS 16 Unsend Messages Feature is Here!

At WWDC 2022 earlier this month, Apple revealed iOS 16, which featured the most significant new features coming to the iPhone operating system this year. One of the highlights of iOS 16 is without a doubt, the significant upgrade to the Messages app.

iMessages sent on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac can be edited by the user. Additionally, the iOS 16 unsend message feature allows you to erase or undo sending a full iMessage rather than just making changes. In the event that you make a mistake, you will be able to restore erased communications.

You may now test out the first beta of iOS 16, which gives consumers early access to Apple’s upcoming iPhone operating system, and you can soon use these new iOS 16 unsend Messages capabilities. But you should be aware that initially, not everything might function. Additionally, you should understand how to cancel an iMessage, particularly if there are any participants using an older iPhone.

iOS 16 Unsend Messages

The option to edit and even delete iMessages that have already been received is possibly one of the most practical updates included in iOS 16. Before you get overly excited, it is crucial to keep in mind that this feature has some restrictions and some trade-offs.

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That doesn’t mean that being able to modify and unsent messages won’t be a great feature. However, it is crucial to be aware that there are many instances where it will not perform as you want it to owing to technological constraints.

How Does iOS 16 Unsend Feature Work?

iOS 16 unsend messages
By Apple

It is possible to use iMessages with the new Messages features in iOS 16. Traditional SMS messages sent through your wireless provider cannot be edited or canceled. You can only use the new iOS 16 message editing features on the blue bubbles; in other words. Green bubbles stay the same.

Apple did not go into all the specifics when showcasing the new iMessages capabilities in iOS 16 at WWDC 2022. We learned, for instance, that messages can be edited after they are sent. However, on the iOS 16 unsend message feature page, Apple reveals that there is a time limit for using this feature; you can change or edit an iMessage for up to 15 minutes after sending it. After 15 minutes, you cannot edit this message.

Additionally, iOS 16 limits the amount of time you have to cancel an iMessage. The same span of 15 minutes assures that you cannot change conversations by editing earlier chat messages.

Similar to that, there is another timeframe about which you should know. If you want to recover deleted messages, you have 30 days to do it. There is a time when you might accidentally erase iMessages that you realize after some time that you shouldn’t have deleted them. To recover them, simply tap the incorrect blue bubble in the discussion to start the deletion process.

Unsending iMessages in iOS 16

Everybody has made the mistake of forgetting to choose a different topic at some point, and the iOS 16 unsend message will help you correct it. Why not alter the texts instead of unsending them? As seen by Apple’s example above, you can be replying to the incorrect person when you text.

Read More: The New iOS 16 Unsend Messages Feature is Here!

You will then have 15 minutes to cancel the iMessage after it has been sent. You must long-press the text that you unintentionally transmitted in order to delete it. This will bring up the menu shown below, where you can choose to cancel a send.

iOS 16 unsend messages
By Apple

Other Things to Know About iOS 16 Unsend Messages

In iOS 16, it is not always possible to delete iMessages as you would like. Apple will let everyone know if a message was accidentally left out of a conversation. The recipient may still see the original message if they are using an earlier version of iOS 16, and the sender will be alerted to this possibility.

As a result, you should make sure that the people on the other end are using iOS 16 as well if you decide to delete an iMessage. They will nonetheless notice it if not.

Despite this, the initial iOS 16 update, which will be made available to all iPhone users in September, might not have these iMessage editing features. The following two additions will be included in a subsequent update this year, according to Apple’s footnote:

  • Edit or delete the message within 15 minutes
  • Messages that have recently been removed may be recovered for up to 30 days.

Therefore, even though users who have the iOS 16 beta 1 loaded have been able to try it, they might not function right away. Or perhaps they will not be made available in the final iOS 16 version until iOS 16.1 is made available.

How to Stop iOS 16 From Allowing Message Editing?

Most of the time, iPhone users will use these new features to correct careless errors. These situations call for the usage of the edit and unsend features the most. However, it would be foolish to overlook the dangers. Here’s how to stop iMessage from working on your iPhone:

Step 1: Head to Settings.

Step 2:  Click Messages as you scroll down.

Step 3: On your iPhone, click the button next to iMessage to turn it off.

Although your friends and family may surprise why most of your bubbles turned green at once, you are protected from text message spoofing.

With iOS 16, Messages Will Get Additional Editing Options

Though the iOS 16 preview has drawn the most attention to editing and undoing send, Apple is also introducing other improvements to Messages. Additionally, you have the option to flag message threads as unread, which is useful if a string of text messages arrives while you are elsewhere occupied and unable to give them your entire attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is iOS 16 available?

A remarkably cool feature will be included in the upcoming iOS 16 software for iPhones. Although public betas will start to arrive starting next month, they will be released in the fall. Oh, and the new feature will also be available on the iPad with iPadOS.

Which devices are supported by iOS 16 and iPadOS 16?

The amount of RAM used by iOS 16 will determine this. If iOS 16 needs 3GB of RAM, iPhones smaller than the 7 Plus will not be able to run it. Additionally, iOS 16 will be supported on iPad 7 generation devices powered by A10 Bionic chips. The support for iOS 16 will end for iPad models older than seven.

How to install and download iOS 16?

Developers can access the Developer Downloads portal by logging in with their Apple Developer Program credentials and installing the software update profile required to set up your device to receive beta updates. Install the most recent beta of iOS 16 onto your smartphone by going to Settings > General > Software Update after installation and after the device has restarted.


One of the highlights of iOS 16 is, without a doubt, the significant upgrade to the Messages app. iMessages sent on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac can be edited by the user. iOS 16 unsend message feature allows you to erase or undo send a full iMessage rather than just making changes. In the event that you make a mistake, you will be able to restore erased communications.

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