iPadOS 16 Supported Devices

Check the list of iPadOS 16-supported devices here!

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple launched iPadOS 16, allowing beta testers and programmers to preview the latest iPad operating system prior to its official public release in the autumn. Any compatible iPad will be able to easily update to iPadOS 16 in the Settings app’s ‘Software Update’ section when it becomes available in October.

New features in iPadOS 16 include multitasking, collaboration in iMessages and Safari, enhanced Apple Mail, a dedicated Weather app, and more. Additionally, this version has ‘pro’ features like ‘Reference Mode’ and ‘Display Zoom’, as well as improved support for external displays. 

You must be wondering which are the iPadOS 16 supported devices. Read below!

iPadOS 16 Supported Devices

Apple lists the following devices as being compatible with iPadOS 16:

  • All models of iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 3rd and later Generations
  • iPad 5th and later Generations
  • iPad mini 5th and later Generations
iPadOS 16 supported devices

How to Find Your iPad Model?

You can check the Model Name in Settings -> General -> About if you are not sure about which iPad model you have.

By heading to Settings -> Software Update, you can also determine which version of iPadOS is installed on your device. It will alert you here whenever an update is available for your iPad.

To keep your iPad updated with all the newest features, you can check back in the Settings app when iPadOS 16 is made official in the fall of 2022, perhaps in or around October.

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Not All iPads Are Compatible With All iPadOS 16 Features

Despite the very comprehensive list of supported devices, not all iPad models that support iPadOS 16 are compatible with all of the functions.

The ability to utilize an external monitor with ‘Stage Manager’ and iPad at full resolution and the ability to use ‘Stage Manager multitasking’ are two of the best features of iPadOS 16. However, they both require an M1 iPad model or better.

Because of this disappointing reality, iPadOS 16 is an uninspired update for those who use older iPad models without the M1 processor. Even the most expensive iPad Pro models from the past two years cannot use the Stage Manager features. The need for an M1 processor is probably due to the memory and processor restrictions of earlier chip designs. However, one would have to question this, given that these other iPad models without M1 processors are still being marketed as new and refurbished on the Apple website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new updates in the weather app iPadOS 16?

Using the Notes app, handwritten words can appear more clear and for the first time, individuals can write with the Apple Pencil during using dictation. Users can add boxes and arrows to the tool bar or the area they are drawing using their fingers or an Apple Pencil. You can also type text into editable boxes and rotate images inside the drawing area. Additionally, ‘Quick Notes now supports the inclusion of screenshots.

In iPadOS 16, what improvements are made in the files app?

The ‘Files app’ has been greatly enhanced in iPadOS 16, with more practical navigation buttons, more straightforward access to standard features like duplicate and rename, the capacity to alter file extensions and examine folder size, a unified open and save panel, and sortable columns.

How to install iPadOS 16 on your iPad?

Go to the ‘Apple Developer Program’ enrollment page on your iPad. To sign in, pick ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu in the top-left corner of the screen, then select ‘Downloads’. Tap ‘Install Profile’ under iOS 16 beta or iPad OS 16 beta by swiping down.
To download the profile, tap ‘Allow’, then hit ‘Close’.
On your device, open the ‘Settings app and select ‘Profile Downloaded’ from the list that should show beneath your Apple ID banner. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap ‘Install’.

Final Words

So, if you are wondering about which iPadOS 16 supported devices are, then read this guide. If you are not aware of your iPad model, then head to your setting to find out your model. Keep visiting Tradelia for more such guides.

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