iOS 16: How To Lift Subjects From Images On The Web?

Check out this simple guide to learn how to lift subjects from images on the web!

A great new function that lets users remove a subject from an image is available on iPhones running iOS 16 or later. Users can drag and drop subjects from any image in their iPhone’s Photos library to any location they like.

You can use this function in screenshots, Quick Look, Safari, and other apps as well. The ability to separate a subject from a background is not exclusive to the Photos app.

In iOS 16, you may remove objects from web photographs without using any third-party apps. In iOS 16, use these steps to lift subjects from images on the Web.

iOS 16: How To Lift Subjects From Images On The Web?

Step 1: Find a Safari webpage with an image with a distinct subject.

Step 2: Long-press the image to bring up the popover menu, then choose ‘Copy Subject’.

lift subjects from images on the web

Step 3: Launch Messages, Notes, Mail, or another app that supports photos after quitting Safari.

Step 4: To enter your isolated subject, long-press on the input box in the chosen app and select ‘Paste’ from the popover menu.

Any image stored on your iPhone can be used with the subject-lifting feature. As long as the subject is visible in the image and iOS can isolate it from the backdrop, you are allowed to lift subjects.

You can also copy subjects from pictures you acquire on the internet. Additionally, you can lift subjects sent to you by your friends via iMessage, Mail, WhatsApp, etc.

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How Does It Work In MacOS Ventura’s?

As you might expect, this also functions on your iPad running iPadOS 16. Moreover, macOS Ventura also includes it! Right-click any image in Safari or Photos and select ‘Copy Subject’ to add it to your clipboard. You can also tap the touchpad with two fingers.

If you are using another program (or a different browser), save the image first, open it in ‘Finder’ using ‘QuickLook’ (the space bar), right-click, and select ‘Copy Subject.’

The image can then be pasted into any program, such as Messages, Mail, or Notes, that allows you to import photos from your clipboard.

How Does It Work In Pause Videos?

You may pause a video playing back in the Photos app and choose the subject exactly as you would in a still image. However, not all online videos support this, especially if they have their own player. To get around this, take a snapshot and copy the object from the screenshot. It involves one or two extra steps, but it is a much more reliable approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pin safari tabs in iOS 16?

It is now possible to use pinned tabs in Tab Groups in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Pinning is a choice if you have tabs in your Tab Group that you would like to keep open all the time. In iOS 16, open the ‘Tab Group’, long-press the URL bar in Safari, and select ‘Pin Tab’ from the menu that appears. This will pin the selected tab to the already selected ‘Tab Group.’

How to share the safari tab group in iOS 16?

Sharing a Tab Group is done by tapping the share sheet icon located at the top of the ‘Tab View’, choosing the recipient, and then tap the share sheet icon again. You can use the Messages app to send an invitation and then check the ‘Tab Group’ interface to see who has accepted.

Where can I drop or paste the subjects I copied from the pictures?

In iOS, you can drop subjects selected from photographs at any location. It includes applications like Notes, Messages, Mail, Safari, and more.

Bottom Line

Now, you know how to lift subjects from images on the web. The image no longer has to be downloaded from the internet. This functionality can only be used if you run iOS 16 or later and iPadOS 16 or later. Check Here for more such intriguing guides!

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