iOS 16: How To Make Siri Wait Longer For You To Finish Speaking?

Here’s your guide on how to make Siri wait longer for you to finish speaking!

Apple’s in-built Siri voice assistant has undergone incremental improvements in iOS 16. These include expanded offline support, the ability to end calls using Siri, and new accessibility features.

The ability to extend Siri’s pause time makes the voice assistant wait for you to complete speaking for more time as one part of these new accessibility improvements.

Siri now has three pause time settings: Default, Longer, and Longest. By following the instructions below, you may test out these possibilities for yourself to see which one is the best for you.

There is a setting for Siri’s pause time that is hidden inside the ‘Accessibility’ setting. Anyone can use this function to improve their dialogue with the virtual assistant, even though it was initially created by keeping persons who have speech difficulties in mind.

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Press & Hold The Home/Power Button

Siri can be activated on iPhones by voice command or by pushing and holding the Home/Power button. Please note that Siri cannot be activated via the Power button on iPhones with a Home button.

Although this may not be the easiest technique, it is effective. Our problem, in which Siri begins searching for results before the end of your statement, can be resolved using this way.

Simply press and hold the Home/Power button until you have finished dictating your complete command or inquiry.

However, if you’re using iOS 16 and dislike utilizing physical buttons to activate a “voice assistant,” continue reading.

iOS 16: How To Make Siri Wait Longer For You To Finish Speaking?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to make Siri wait longer for you to finish speaking:

Step 1: Start by opening the ‘Settings’ app on your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2: After that, scroll down and select ‘Accessibility’.

Step 3: Select Siri in the ‘General’ section by scrolling down.

Step 4: You have three options to select from under the ‘Siri Pause Time’ section:

  • Default: By default, do not lengthen Siri’s pauses.
  • Longer: Choose it to increase Siri’s pause interval a little bit.
  • Longest: The longest option should be chosen if you want Siri to wait for an extended period before speaking again.

Step 5: Select the preferred choice at this point to exit the setting. The modification will happen immediately. Call up the virtual assistant and ask it to carry out any task to determine the difference. For example, “Hey Siri, send Happy a message.”


The last menu screen’s bottom offers the option to ‘Announce Notifications’ on the Speaker. If you enable it, Siri will speak all notifications aloud. ‘Prefer Spoken Responses’ is another feature that, when activated, prompts Siri to speak out loud in different circumstances, like when the phone is muted.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to automate messages sent with Siri in iOS 16?

There is a new option in the Settings app’s ‘Siri and Search’ area for automatically sending a message using Siri, eliminating the need for you to confirm your message-sending intent. This streamlines the process and, in addition to working with CarPlay, eliminates the need to approve each message if you are having a lengthy discussion with someone and do not have access to your phone to type.

How to share the safari tab group in iOS 16?

Sharing a Tab Group is done by tapping the share sheet icon located at the top of the Tab View, choosing the recipient, and then tapping the share sheet icon again. You can use Messages to send an invitation and then check the Tab Group interface to see who has accepted.

How to Lift Subjects From Images on the Web?

In the Safari app, iOS 16 features a helpful feature that allows you to drag objects directly out of photos. Any image on the website should be opened, long-pressed, and the ‘Copy Subject’ option selected. The primary subject of the photograph will be immediately copied by your iPhone, which you may subsequently paste into another app, like Messages being one.

In iOS 16, how do you copy subjects?

In iOS 16, you can copy subjects by long-pressing on them, choosing ‘Copy Subject’, then choosing ‘Open Another App and Paste’.

Bottom Line 

You may now easily make Siri wait longer for you to finish speaking by adjusting Siri’s response time to your preference. The ability to extend Siri’s pause time or automate messages sent with Siri makes Siri one of the most valuable iPhone features. We hope you found this guide helpful.

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