How To Mark A Message As Unread In iOS 16?

Here’s how to mark a message as unread in iOS 16!

Upgrades to security and privacy are included in iOS 16 in addition to modifications made to the UI of the lock screen. Depending on the time and location, you may now change your lock screen. Or you can continue using your own photo as your lock screen background. In iOS 16, you can additionally customize your lock screen by adding the activity rings widget.

With iOS 16, you may now mark messages as unread on your iPhone. Marking a text as unread might be quite useful if you want to remember to reply to it later. Apple has modified the iMessage application in iOS 16. You can now edit, delete, and designate messages as unread.

Imagine receiving a crucial SMS from a close friend while you are on the run. But you decide to check it out later because you are short on time and do not read the message. Regrettably, you forget about it. And when you return to the message, it is already too late.

Not to worry, we have all been in this predicament, but on the plus side, Apple has found a more effective solution. To ensure that you never forget to review crucial messages later mark this message unread, keep reading to find out how to mark messages as unread in iOS 16.

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How To Mark A Message As Unread In iOS 16?

Follow the steps mentioned below to easily mark a message as unread in iOS 16:

Step 1: Go to the conversation thread you want to mark as unread in the ‘messages app’ to mark a message as unread. Once you feel haptic feedback, tap and hold on to it again.

Step 2: There would not be many choices under the conversation thread. To label the message as unread, use the menu option entitled ‘Mark as Unread’.

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Step 3: A message thread can easily be marked as unread by simply swiping right and tapping the ‘Unread’ option.

Step 4: The conversation thread will have a blue dot to the left of it, indicating that it has not been read. If you have enabled them, the badge showing the number of unread messages on the Messages app will also change to reflect this.

That’s how, within a few seconds, you can mark a message as unread in iOS 16, and avoid so many unwanted circumstances ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

In iOS 16, how to edit a sent iMessage?

At some point, all of us have been in a situation where we are messaging someone and either say something inappropriate or simply make a typo. In either case, it can be embarrassing, and until recently, there was nothing you could do to fix it. But, that will now change, thanks to the new ‘Edit’ feature in the Messages app. Just tap and hold on to the sent message. You can then press Edit to change the message’s text by selecting it. To conclude the edit, hit ‘Done’ after making your desired changes to the punctuation or wording.

In iOS 16, how to unsend a message?

The procedure is simple, just tap and hold the problematic message to reveal the ‘options menu’, then tap ‘Undo Send’ to remove it from both your own and the recipient’s message threads. The same 15-minute time limit also applies to unsending texts in iOS 16, as it does for amending the already sent texts.

How to view your iMessage history of edits?

You can view the edit history for each edited message along with the recipient. Moreover, it is a rather easy process: just tap the edited tag beneath the message you modified to reveal the edit history.

Bottom Line

You now understand how to mark a Message as unread on iOS 16. Now, always respond to messages sent to you by friends or coworkers, and you will avoid getting into uncomfortable situations. Isn’t it remarkable how such a small element can make such a significant difference in our lives? Click Here to read more such guides!

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