OFF Global Introduces Two New Nokia Laptops: The Nokia PureBook Fold and The Nokia PureBook Lite

OFF Global, the French startup that holds the international license to develop Nokia notebooks has put out the debut of the Nokia PureBook Fold and Nokia PureBook Lite to coincide with Berlin’s IFA trade show from 2 September to September 6.

The PureBook Fold with a 14.1-inch edge-to-edge touchscreen will be available in black, red, and blue for EUR 549 beginning in September in France. This month, the PureBook Lite with a 14.1-inch FHD display will also be available in France in the same colors and for a starting price of EUR 449.

Nokia PureBook Fold

nokia_purebook_fold 2

The Nokia PureBook Fold combines productivity and portability in a 2-in-1 experience, providing additional options and flexibility in a new sleek, and attractive design. In tablet or laptop form, it offers a variety of functions developed exclusively for students and adolescents on the road, in the classroom, and at home.

It is 18.6 mm thick and 1.66 kg in weight. It includes Windows 11, a keyboard, a touchpad, USB ports, 8 GB RAM, and a 128 GB hard disk. It employs biometric Windows Hello authentication and includes built-in speakers.

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Nokia PureBook Lite


According to OFF Global, the PureBook Lite contains features that let the entire family perform daily duties or engage in recreational activities, including streaming, web browsing, and homework. It also features Windows 11, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage. The best part is that it comes in a variety of colors. It boasts a big touchpad, a battery life of 8.5 hours, and Windows Hello security. There is the ability to expand the device’s storage capacity via the micro-SD slot.

The Nokia PureBook Lite makes an impression with its sleek lines and tiny bezel, giving it an appealing and sophisticated appearance. There are three color options for the Nokia PureBook Lite: red, blue, and black.

Nokia PureBook: Threefold more options

The Nokia PureBook Pro, which was introduced earlier this year and is suitable for both personal and business users, is now complemented by two new laptops, the Nokia PureBook Fold and Nokia PureBook Lite, providing a selection of Nokia PureBook laptops to match a variety of demands or budgets. From 2 September to September 6, 2022, the Nokia PureBook Pro, Nokia PureBook Fold, and Nokia PureBook Lite will be displayed at the IFA on the Nokia stand in hall 6.2, booth 105.

Cost and Accessibility

14.1-inch Nokia PureBook Fold “available in France beginning in September in Black, Red, and Blue for 549€.

Nokia PureBook Lite 14.1 “available in France beginning in September in Black, Red, and Blue for 449€.

Availability in additional countries is forthcoming; keep tuned to OFF Global or Nokia channels for the most recent information.


OFF Global, based in Lyon, France, was founded in 2020 as an independent company to develop, manufacture, and distribute Nokia-branded laptops under an international (except India) sole Brand license from Nokia. OFF Global is a subsidiary of OFF Financière et Participations, an investment company. Nokia is a trademark owned by Nokia Corporation.

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