iOS 16: How To Remove An Item From Your Medication Log In The Apple Health App?

Vitamins and prescribed medications can now be added to the Apple Health App, which will then remind you to take them on time in the all new iOS 16. Learn how to delete an item from your medication log in the Apple Health App by reading further.

In the Health app of iOS 16, Apple has added a new medication management tool that makes it easier to keep a track of your medications and prompts you to take the right quantities at the correct times.

Since prescriptions and medicine requirements may change over time, you can quickly amend your medication log and delete any entries that you no longer need to take from the Health app.

A medicine can be archived if you no longer need it; this prevents it from appearing in your schedule or medication list. Here’s how to archive a prescription or vitamin item from your medication log in the Apple Health app with iOS 16.

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iOS 16: How To Remove An Item From Your Medication Log In the Apple Health App?

Step 1: On your iPhone, launch the ‘Health app’.

Step 2: Choose the Browse section, then choose ‘Medications.’ You can also search for ‘Medications’ in the Health app’s search bar and select it from the results list.

Step 3: Locate the drug you want to archive under ‘Your Medications.’

Step 4: Tap the yellow ‘Archive’ icon after swiping the leftover medication.

A different option is to hit the Edit button at the top of ‘Your Medications,’ then tap the Archive symbol next to the relevant medicine. A drug cannot be added to favorites after it has been archived, so keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track your fitness activity on iOS 16?

Before iOS 16, if you wanted to use the Fitness app in iOS 15, you had to have an Apple Watch. With iOS 16, this requirement has been removed. Your level of exercise can be monitored using the Fitness app and the iPhone’s motion sensors. Your daily calorie burn can be calculated using the iPhone’s step counter, distance walked counter, and third-party workout tracking. The Exercise and Stand goals are unavailable if you do not have an Apple Watch, so your options are restricted to a daily Move goal.

How do you get medication reminders on iOS 16?

When it is time to take your medication, the iPhone will notify you. To do this, add your prescription to the Health app and choose a time and day to take it. All medications that have a schedule in the Health app can send notifications. Medication notifications fall under the category of time-sensitive notifications and, unless you change the setting, will be sent at the time you choose. All medications with a specified time, day, and/or frequency of administration come with automatic notifications.

How to check the side effects of the medication you are using on iOS 16?

If there are any listed side effects for any medication in your Health app’s list, you can view them by selecting the ‘Side Effects’ button. Not all medications have adverse effects mentioned, and Elsevier, a firm located in the Netherlands, which specializes in medical content and publishes the Annual ScienceDirect book series on drug side effects, is the source of the data.

How can I share my medications with my doctor?

The Health app has an ‘Export Medications List PDF’ option in the Medications section that, as the name implies, generates a short PDF listing the medications you are now taking. You can discuss this list with a physician.

Bottom Line

This is how to remove an item from the medication log in the Apple health app with iOS 16. If you no longer need medication, follow the above procedure and remove it. Check Here for more such guides!

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