How To Run Diagnostics On An iPhone Or Android?

Learn how to run diagnostics on an iPhone or Android device in this tutorial. Are you unsure of the state of your smartphone? You can run diagnostic tests on any device, whether it is a secondhand phone you just acquired or an outdated gadget you want to sell. There are various methods for performing diagnostics on an iPhone.

The Settings app can be opened to access the built-in diagnostics tool, which is one method. A third-party app can run diagnostics on an iPhone as well.

While certain Android devices come with built-in diagnostic tools, third-party diagnostic tools are also available through the App Store and Google Play Store. Here’s how to run diagnostics on the iPhone.

How To Run Diagnostics On An iPhone?

Diagnostics Mode is a self-repair option that Apple provides to its customers. This tool examines your iPhone’s hardware and software through a number of tests and fixes any problems. We will go over how to run diagnostics on the iPhone.

Both a USB cable and a power adaptor are required before placing your iPhone into Diagnostics Mode. Following the completion of these prerequisites, use this method to get your iPhone in Diagnostics Mode.

  • Step 1: Prior to doing anything else, turn off your iPhone by holding down the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume’ buttons simultaneously until the ‘Power off Slider’ displays on the screen.
  • Step 2: To shut down your iPhone, slide the slider.
  • Step 3: Long Press both Volume buttons for 30 seconds and attach your iPhone with a power adaptor.
  • Step 4: As soon as you see the ‘Apple’ logo, release the volume controls.
  • Step 5: After that, a notification stating that “Diagnostics allow Apple to diagnose potential hardware and software issues with this device” displays.
  • Step 6: Select ‘Start Diagnostics’ to launch the procedure.

If there is a software bug, your iPhone will function normally once the diagnostics are finished. You must speak with the Apple Support team if the problem is a hardware one that cannot be fixed. You can put your iPhone in diagnostic mode using this method.

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How To Run Diagnostic On The iPhone With A Third-party App?

One surefire way to solve the majority of issues faced by iPhone users is using the UltFone iOS Data Manager.

  • Step 1: Activate UltFone iOS Data Manager on your PC and connect your iPhone via USB. The main screen will allow you to select the ‘Test Report’.
  • Step 2: Test results for your iPhone will be shown right away. You can see some basic information on the website, such as the hard drive capacity, device name, charging times, front camera, and other details. Additionally, it will enable you to determine whether your iPhone was being compromised.

Call Customer Service To Run Diagnostics On The iPhone

You can contact customer service to get instructions if you are still having trouble running diagnostics on your iPhone for any reason. Here are your options.

  • Step 1: First, speak with Apple customer care. If you have iOS 10 or later, though, you must go to an Apple Store to have your phone examined. Users using iOS 10 or later should access contact tech support as well.
  • Step 2: Type ‘diagnostics’ into Safari on your iPhone.
  • Step 3: After receiving a service ticket, fill in the required information on it.

How To Run Diagnostics On My Phone Using IMEI?

Additionally, an online iPhone diagnostic test for a device can be done remotely. If so, you can accomplish this without having the phone in your hands. You can use remote testing to learn all there is to know about an iPhone’s functionality before purchase.

All you require is the device’s IMEI number. You could learn confidential information regarding the iPhone with that number. You might determine whether it was stolen or not.

How To Run Diagnostics On My Android Phone?

The operating system of the majority of Android phones contains some basic diagnostic tools, however, they differ from device to device. Just like you’d enter cheat codes or hacks in video games, you can find the tools by entering codes into the app dialer on your phone. To automatically open the menus, enter the codes listed below.

*#0*# HiddenDiagnosticMenu:

A full diagnostic menu is available on some Android phones. You will be able to examine at least a portion of the phone’s hardware. It is a helpful trick for those with access. To test the functionality of your phone’s various components, including the screen, cameras, sensors, and physical buttons like the power and volume controls, the menu provides a number of independent tests.

*#*#4636#*#* UsageInformationMenu: 

Compared to the hidden diagnostics menu, this menu will be present on a larger number of devices, albeit the data shared will vary between them. You should be able to see the app’s usage history, real-time Wi-Fi and cellular network connection data, and the phone’s fundamental details, such as its current service provider, phone number, etc.

Third-Party Apps: 

The software ‘Phone Check and Test’ has a straightforward appearance, but it accomplishes much more than just confirming that your phone’s hardware is ’functioning’. Thorough CPU, memory, and battery diagnostics are included in a full scan, and the test signs are extremely detailed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does an iPhone diagnostics take?

The diagnostics for Apple’s iPhone should take two to three minutes to finish. After finishing, a list of hardware issues with the iPhone will be displayed to you.

How can I perform diagnostics on my MAC?

You should switch on your Mac and hit the ‘D’ key to start the diagnostic procedure. Once you see the language selection screen, continue to hold down the ‘Option-D’ key. The diagnostic test should only take a few minutes after you have completed this step.

How to run a scan on my iPhone?

There is an app available that allows you to scan documents. The software uses the camera on your iPhone to scan both plain text and the page’s title. On an iPhone, you cannot scan complete papers, though.

Bottom Line 

Running a phone diagnostic test is a trustworthy technique to find out how a device is doing. You can learn more about the device’s health from this. In other cases, you can use these tests to decide whether a phone is a good investment or not. Click Here for more such guides!

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