Samsung Throws Shade at Apple Ahead of iPhone 14 Launch

Not only will Apple devotees be watching tomorrow’s unveiling of the iPhone 14, though. The makers of the iPhone’s main rival, Samsung, have discovered their own incentive to keep a careful eye on Apple’s big event. The announcement of the iPhone 14 represents a unique marketing opportunity for Samsung.

On Thursday, the United States branch of the international technology conglomerate uploaded a video to YouTube with the title “Buckle Up | Galaxy S22 Ultra & Z Flip4” At first sight, this doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, at least not to Apple aficionados. Samsung often uploads product films. After selecting play, however, the video’s true intent becomes clear. The commercial spends 30 seconds praising the benefits of its two most recent smartphones in a gruff accent, confident enough to give Ford’s advertising team a run for their money. … then informing the audience that they’re out of luck with an iPhone because of it. With a tagline like “What will they not think of next?” the video description is sure to pique your interest.

Both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Z Flip4 provide foldable touch screens, but iPhone purchasers will have to look elsewhere for Apple’s top-of-the-line 108-megapixel camera. Taking relatively detailed images of the moon is one of the features of the S22 Ultra that Samsung highlights in its commercial. But the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best smartphone camera from Apple right now, although it only has 12 megapixels.

Samsung’s ad may be sardonic, but it rings true in spite of rumors that the iPhone 14 will include a far better camera with 48 megapixels.

Do these things even matter, though? In the second quarter of 2022, Apple smartphones officially surpassed Android phones to account for more than 50 percent of the US smartphone market, marking a level of success not seen by Apple since the iPhone’s initial release in 2007. Plenty of iPhone owners will defend the quality of their device’s 12-megapixel camera, even if there are other smartphones on the market with stronger imaging capabilities.

(The annual Shot on iPhone competition, whose winners are published on Apple’s website and its Instagram page with 28.1 million followers, probably helps.) Samsung’s commercial appears to be less of a friendly jab and more of an attempt to steal some of Apple’s thunder.

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Actually, this isn’t the first time Samsung has done anything like this. Samsung has previously created videos mocking Apple for following suit in removing the iPhone’s headphone jack and no longer supplying a charging brick with new phones. The removal of the advertising from Samsung’s YouTube channel coincided with the company’s decision to no longer provide a charging brick with its devices.

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