Some Hidden iOS 16 Features You Need To Know!

This week, Apple introduced iOS 16, the most recent version of iOS, which includes a new customizable Lock Screen, significant new features to Messages, and improvements to Mail, Maps, and more.

In addition to the headline features, iOS 16 includes a variety of quality-of-life enhancements, refinements, and new capabilities that enhance the iPhone experience. Below is a list of 16 hidden iOS 16 features and modifications that you may not have known about.

Say Good Bye to the Duplicate Images

The iOS 16 Photos app will inform you if you have numerous identical images, allowing you to eliminate the extras to conserve space. If you have duplicate photos to manage, a new album titled “Duplicates” will appear with the duplicate images.

hidden iOS 16 features

AirPods Updates

iOS 16 makes it easier to manage AirPods settings by adding a separate area to the Settings app that appears when AirPods are attached. This hidden iOS 16 feature also includes a Personalized Spatial Audio feature that employs the TrueDepth camera to scan your ears in order to provide a listening experience that is uniquely tailored to your preferences.

Face ID in Landscape Mode

iPhones with the iOS 16 update enable Face ID in landscape mode. This makes it easy for users to unlock the device when not held in the traditional portrait orientation. The capability is exclusive to iPhone models 13 and later.

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Hidden and Recently Deleted Photo Protection

According to this hidden iOS 16 feature, the Hidden and Recently Deleted photo albums cannot be accessed without authentication via Face ID or your Touch ID, whatever you have set up on your device. This makes it so that anyone who gets into your phone can’t see these albums while it’s unlocked.

hidden iOS 16 features

WiFi Password

If you’ve ever been annoyed by being unable to access the WiFi password of the network you’re connected to, iOS 16 will change that. In the iPhone’s WiFi settings, the password of the network to which you are connected can be shown.

Haptic Feedback for Keyboard

This hidden iOS 16 feature includes a keyboard setting that enables haptic feedback that can be felt when typing. The vibrations accompany every key press, providing users with a tangible indication that a letter has been pressed.

iPhone hepatic keyboard iOS 16 hidden features

Copy and Delete Screenshots

When taking a screenshot on iOS, in addition to being able to save the screenshot to Photos, Quick Notes, and Files, you can now “Copy and Delete” the screenshot. The new feature copies the screenshot to the clipboard of your iPhone, deleting it from the Camera Roll, making it simpler to use screenshots just one time without bothering to delete them afterward.

Delete Options for Find My, Clock, and Health

With iOS 14, Apple permitted iPhone owners to uninstall some pre-installed applications. Apple is expanding the number of apps that can be deleted from a mobile device with iOS 16, which now includes Find My, Clock, and Health. If you need to, you can download the apps again from the App Store in the future.

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Built-In Currency Conversion

Thanks to new Live Text features, the iOS Camera and Photos apps now have built-in currency conversion. Simply position your iPhone camera in front of a price tag, wait for the Live Text symbol to appear, tap and hold on to the price, then select “Convert.” Live Text also offers translation and conversion of units of measurement.

See Your Battery Percentage

With iOS 16, Apple is enabling users to view their battery percentage directly in the status bar within the battery icon, eliminating the need to swipe into Control Center to view their battery level. On some iPhone models, the battery percentage toggle is unavailable.

Use Siri to End a Call

This amazing hidden iOS 16 feature enables users to use Siri to end a call. By setting Call Hangup in Settings ( Select Accessibility and then tap on Siri. There, you can turn ON the Call hangup feature.) You can now speak, “Hey Siri, hang up the call,” to end an active call. Note that the other party or parties on the call will hear your request before being disconnected.

hidden features of iOS 16

Prevent Accidental Call Hangups

iOS 16 users will be able to disable the side button’s ability to end an active call. In previous versions of iOS, pushing the side button and locking the iPhone during a call terminated the call immediately. To prevent mishaps, iOS 16 allows users to disable this feature by navigating to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and switching off “Prevent Lock to End Call.”

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Sorting Options for Playlists

Apple Music customers on iOS 16 will be able to sort playlists by title, artist, album, and release date. When watching a playlist, tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner will reveal the new sorting option.

Full-Screen Lock Screen Music Player

Apple is bringing back the full-screen Lock Screen music player as a major but potentially lesser-known feature of iOS 16. When playing a song via Spotify, Apple Music, or other music apps, tap the album image on the Lock Screen from Now Playing to access the brand-new player interface. Tap the album image on full-screen to minimize Now Playing.

Hidden iOS 16 features

Talking about the lock screen, another iOS 16 feature I love is the creation of an emoji lock screen wallpaper. You can check out our step-by-step guide on how to create emoji lock screen wallpaper on iOS 16.

Personalized Spatial Audio

iOS 16 users with the newest AirPods and certain Beats headphones can activate Personalized Spatial Audio. This feature uses the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro to map out the shape of the user’s ears. This is done to improve the Spatial Audio experience.

Heat Alert While Charging

In iOS 16, if your iPhone is too hot, you’ll receive a new alert informing you that charging will be delayed until the device cools down. This is done to prevent potential long-term battery harm to your iPhone.

Hidden iOS 16 features

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