Support for iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets in Applications

Apple added a customizable and editable Lock Screen with widgets in iOS 16. You can have a maximum of five distinct widgets added to your iPhone’s Lock Screen, including 4 widgets beneath the time and 1 widget above it. Apple provides widgets for apps such as Calendar, Clock, Weather, Reminders, and Fitness, but even the various third-party app developers can create widgets for the Lock Screen.

We have compiled a list of third-party applications that have integrated widget support as of today so that you can view the widget possibilities available to you. Note that if you intend to purchase an iPhone 14 Pro, widgets will be accessible even while the screen is off, courtesy of the Always-On display.


Flight monitoring application Flighty offers multiple widget configurations. Before your flight, you can view a countdown, and when you’re ready to board, you can view your gate code, seat number, and departure time. You can access your in-flight progress indicator while the aircraft is in the air; and you can even view your accurate gate of arrival, weather at your destination, and your baggage’s carousel information upon your landing.

flighty iOS 16

Facebook iOS 16

The widgets on Facebook allow you to view your friends’ birthdays and the most recent updates from the people you follow.

Plant Daddy

Plant Daddy is a modern app that allows you to care for your plants by scheduling on your lock screen, through a widget- the entire information regarding your plant’s care, along with reminders for planting them. Most importantly, unlike other apps, it doesn’t force upon you typical care suggestions for your plants, rather allows you to create personalized plant notes for yourself!

Apollo iOS 16

The Reddit app called Apollo has recently added additional entertaining widgets from which to choose. There is a widget that takes you directly to trending topics, as well as a distance-scrolled widget, a quirky one called karma widget, and an inbox widget that displays the number of unread messages. There are additional widgets that display the performance of your latest post or remark, as well as the opportunity to navigate onto a favorite or even a random new subreddit.



By using Fantastical’s Lock Screen widget, you can display for yourself on your lock screen, a tiny calendar and upcoming events. Fantastical even supports iOS 16’s Focus Filters feature.

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Scanner Pro

The all new widget by Scanner Pro allows you direct access to camera in order help you swiftly scan your documents.

Google Mail, Google Chrome, and Google Maps

As we mentioned earlier this morning, Google added a variety of new widgets to its apps. There are widgets for Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google News, and Gmail, among others.

  • Google: Launch the app to initiate a search through text, voice, or the camera.
  • View the number of messages in your mailbox in Gmail.
  • Chrome: Conduct a search, including by voice or in private browsing mode.
  • Google Drive: Quickly access files and folders you’ve marked.
  • View real-time traffic conditions and predicted journey times to regularly frequented locations, such as your home, with Google Maps.
  • Google News: View breaking news in real-time

Things 3

The Things 3 widget enables you to create a widget that navigates directly to your Today list, Inbox, and other lists. You can create a widget for any list you employ. Things have a rectangular widget that displays three tasks below the clock and an optional smaller widget that displays a single task above the clock.

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The Halide widget provides Lock Screen access to the Halide camera app. Tapping it launches the Halide app, granting you faster access to your Halide camera.

Paku for PurpleAir iOS 16

Paku has been updated to include a widget that displays air quality information on the Lock Screen for people who monitor air quality using PurpleAir.

iOS 16 Paku-air-quality

Slopes: The Ski & Snowboard (iOS 16)

The ski app called Slopes has now included the widgets of resort conditions as well as the snow forecast, alongside a Season Stats widget which displays performance.

CARROT Climate iOS 16

There are around a dozen weather widgets available on CARROT Weather. You can choose a Snark widget that displays usual snarky comments, as well as other widgets that display daily conditions, low and high, wind, daily forecast, the UV index, even humidity, and visibility, among others. A significant number of widgets require a Premium subscription.


Parcel iOS 16

The package monitoring software Parcel has included a widget that displays the current delivery status.

parcel-app-widget- iOS 16

Many More…

  • Walletry
  • TV Launcher-UK channels
  • NapBot
  • CardioBot
  • Motivation
  • WaterMinder
  • PedoMeter++
  • TripIt
  • Pestle
  • Dark Noise
  • Todoist
  • Just Press Record

Tell Us About Your Preferred Widget

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