How To Make Your iPhone Switch Lock Screens Based On Time And Location with New iOS 16?

Check how to make your iPhone switch lock screens based on time and location with the new iOS 16. 

The option to associate a personalized Lock Screen with a certain Focus mode is one of the enhancements that Apple has made to Focus modes in iOS 16. This means you can tailor them particularly to better reflect your emphasis, thanks to the variety of customization choices that can now be applied to Lock Screens.

One fantastic feature of iOS 16 is that you may customize your Lock Screens to be more useful or informative and switch back to them when you need to. For instance, you might have a Lock Screen with work-related widgets and a family portrait when you are at the office. Alternatively, if you are preparing for bed in the evening, you might like a minimalist Lock Screen with fewer widgets and a calming sunset background.

The amazing part is that by connecting a Lock Screen to a Focus mode, you can program your device to automatically switch to your personalized Lock Screen at a specific time or even location. You can link Lock Screens to pre-existing Focus modes by touching the ‘Focus’ button in the Lock Screen gallery, which can be reached by long pressing the Lock Screen that is active on your iPhone.

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When you associate a lock screen with a Focus mode, the lock screen is also triggered when that Focus is engaged. The lock screen must therefore be linked to a Focus first, and the Focus mode must then be scheduled, based on time and location so that both the Focus and the lock screen associated with it are enabled automatically.

How To Make Your iPhone Switch Lock Screens Based On Time And Location with New iOS 16?

The answer is simple, by linking lock screens to focus mode. You can link focus modes with particular lock screens that you have designed for particular situations. This eliminates the trouble of having to alternate between lock screens each time you switch focus modes. If your device has automation set up for focus modes, using them with lock screens also enables you to smoothly swap setups.

This implies that if automation initiates a focus mode, not only will your home screen configuration change, but your lock screen will also switch to the specific one which is associated with your current Focus mode.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app.

Step 2: Tap Focus.

Step 3: Select the lock screen’s Focus mode by tapping on it, then choose the time or location you want to use it for. We advise making a fresh Focus mode without any constraints if all you want to do is alter your lock screen. Your device’s lock screen will change without any impact on the other features.

Step 4: Find ‘customize screens’ by scrolling down. Your lock screen preview will have a ‘Choose’ button.

Step 5: Decide which lock screen you want should be applied automatically.

Step 6: Select ‘Done’.

Step 7: Click ‘Add Automation’ under ‘turn on automatically’ to continue.

Step 8: Select a time and location from the available choices. Let us look at them in greater detail below.

Option 1: Time

This will enable you to customize your focus mode and use the personalized lock screen at particular times.

Step 1: Click the ‘From’ option, and tap the time.

Step 2: Set the time that you want your lock screen to change by scrolling up and down.

Step 3: Next, touch the time next to the ‘To’ option.

Step 4: You can specify the time at which the focus mode will be turned off, and your personalized lock screen will be erased.

Step 5: Select the days you want to apply this rule to by tapping them. The entire week will, by default, be chosen. Once you tap them, they will be taken out of the selection.

Step 6: Hit ‘Done.’

The chosen Focus mode and the associated lock screen will now be triggered and deactivated according to the schedule you have determined.

Option 2: Location

If you wish to start the Focus and its associated lock screen based on a location, use this option.

Step 1: Now, depending on your preference, go through either of the sections below.

Step 2: You may apply your personalized lock screen and linked Focus mode by tapping the search box at the top and typing the address there.

Step 3: The location should now appear in your search results once you type in the address or name of the place. On the same, tap. Additionally, you have the option to specify which of your favorite places should appear first.

Step 4: Determine the radius within which you want to apply the customized lock screen by using the slider at the bottom.

Step 5: If your settings are finished, select ‘Done’.

Every time you enter the chosen place, the specified Focus mode and its connected custom lock screen will now be automatically triggered.

switch lock screens based on time and location with new iOS 16

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is battery life affected by having several lock screens?

Yes, it appears that custom lock screens significantly drain the battery of the phone during these early iOS 16 versions. This has been noticed by numerous users, and it appears that real-time widgets like the weather are to be blamed.

How many personalized lock screens are you able to make?

The number of lock screens you can create in iOS 16 appears to be unlimited. On our smartphone, we were able to make 25 lock screens, and there was still room for more.

What is making my iPhone so hot?

Multiple lock screens on iOS 16 devices have also been observed to cause device overheating. There is a strong increase in temperature that the current iPhone body appears incapable of controlling as intended due to excessive battery usage, background and foreground workloads, and other factors.

Bottom Line 

So this is how to make your iPhone switch lock screens based on time and location with the new iOS 16. If you want your iPhone’s lock screen to change at a particular time and day, you can also create a schedule by following the above-mentioned steps. 

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