How To Switch On Dark Mode With A Focus In iOS 16?

Do you unwind in Focus mode after work? Follow these steps to switch on the dark mode with a focus in iOS 16.

Focus mode, a Do Not Disturb feature that Apple expanded in iOS 15, lets you set up various permissions for contacts, apps, and other things depending on what you are doing. Apple has increased the functionality of Focus modes in iOS 16. One new feature is the ability to turn on ‘Dark Mode’ for your device when a particular Focus is enabled. Read till the end to know how to switch on Dark Mode with a Focus in iOS 16.

What Are Focus Filters In iOS 16?

Focus Filters, a brand-new feature in iOS 16, are a part of the Focus option and help you control how your device and apps therein operate while a specific Focus is active. For instance, you can exclude specific app content using Focus Filters. You might exclude events from your family calendar if you have a work Focus, for example.

You can utilize ‘System Filters’ in addition to ‘Content Filters’, though. You can alter system preferences when a Focus is active using the filters in this category. To make the iOS UI easier on your eyes, for instance, you can engage Dark Mode while your Focus mode for shutting down at night is enabled. You can learn how to switch on dark mode with a focus in iOs 16 by following the steps mentioned below.

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How To Switch On Dark Mode With A Focus in iOS 16?

Step 1: Open the ‘Settings’ application on your iPhone, then select ‘Focus’.

Step 2: Choose the Focus mode that will trigger the activation of Dark Mode.

Step 3: Under ‘Focus Filters’, scroll down and select ‘Add Filter’.

Step 4: Tap the ‘Dark Mode’ card under ‘System Filters’.

Step 5: Ensure Dark is viewable in the ‘Appearance’ drop-down menu, then select ‘Add’.

Step 6: When you enable the Focus mode again, Dark Mode will now turn on automatically.

iOS 16 Focus mode
Focus Linking and Dark Mode

How to get rid of the Focus filter?

Step 1: Launch the Settings app, then select ‘Focus’.

Step 2: Select the Focus mode from which you want to remove your Focus filters, and then tap it.

Step 3: Tap the Focus filter you want to delete after scrolling to the bottom.

Step 4: In the top left corner, press ‘Delete’.

Step 5: To confirm your selection, tap the ‘Delete Focus’ filter. For the chosen Focus mode, the chosen Focus filter will now be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other applications create Focus filters?

Yes, it appears that Apple will also be publishing a ‘Focus filter API’ that will enable third-party app developers to provide different Focus filters based on their particular product or service. This will help reduce a lot of distractions and can be really helpful for instant messengers. If a developer implements the Focus Filter API, you will be able to choose a mailbox to show within a third-party email software.

Do Focus filters have an impact on all Focus modes?

No, the focus filters you select in the ‘Settings app’ are specific to the focus mode you have chosen. While you can design similar filters for one Focus mode, they will not apply to other Focus modes.

Will Focus filters function on different devices?

As long as you are logged in with the same Apple ID and have not removed the personalized Focus mode from one of your devices, sharing across devices will function with Focus filters as well.

How to use a focus filter in the Safari app?

When establishing a focus filter, choose ‘Safari’ from the four options. To open, select the tab next to the Tab Group. Select the tab groups you want to use with the Focus mode now. During this time, all bookmarks and other tab groups will be hidden from your view. In your Focus Tabs Group, permit opening external links. Then, tap ‘Done’.

Bottom Line

You now understand how to switch on dark mode with a focus in iOS 16. On your iPhone, the Dark mode can also be manually activated. On Focus mode in iOS 16, you may now switch to Dark Mode. Simply connect the Focus to Dark mode. Therefore, your iPhone will operate in Dark Mode when you enable a certain Focus. Click Here to read more such easy and interesting guides!

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