use the 'follow up' feature in Apple Mail

iOS 16: How to Use the ‘Follow Up’ Feature in Apple Mail

Check below how to use the ‘Follow Up’ feature in Apple Mail! A follow-up email can be sent if you do not hear back from the person you sent the email to, using one of these new features called ‘Follow Up’, which brings sent emails to the top of your inbox. This effective function is incredibly easy to use and can assist you in keeping track of emails that you might otherwise forget to revisit.

unsend an apple mail in ios 16

How To Unsend An Apple Mail In iOS 16?

Here is a tutorial for iPhone users on how to unsend an Apple Mail in iOS 16! Apple Mail now allows you to undo a mistaken email sent within a 10-second window after it has been sent. While that is less time than, say, G-mail’s (30 seconds), 10 seconds are still better than nothing and may even spare you from annoyance, or even shame.