The iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus Launches With Amazing Satellite-based Emergency SOS & Much More!

Apple today unveiled the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, which are available in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes and share the same design as the iPhone 13 but include improved cameras, quicker performance, and satellite connectivity.

Size & Display of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

The displays on both versions are Super Retina XDR OLED. The 6.1″ iPhone 14 is accompanied by the 6.7″ iPhone 14 Plus.

iPhone 14 Performance

Performance: The iPhone 13 Pro features an A15 Bionic processor with a 5-core GPU. The same chip will be used in the iPhone 14.

Best iPhone Battery Life Ever

During its fall product launch on Wednesday, Apple said that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro lineups had “all-day” battery life. According to Apple, the iPhone 14 Plus boasts the best battery life ever in an iPhone. Previously, the larger display and better battery life were only available in the iPhone Pro Max models.

This most likely suggests that the latest models will have a longer battery life than the iPhone 13 series.

Colors of iPhone 14

The purple is a pale lilac, and the new blue is similarly subtle.

Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, and Product are the five colors available (RED).

iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus colors

Camera of iPhone

  • Low-light capture has improved by 49%. Exposure time in night mode is doubled.
  • Sensor-shift OIS, F/1.5 aperture.
  • New 12MP main camera with a bigger sensor and 1.9 micron pixels.
  • Last year, iPhone users took over 3 trillion images.
  • New Photonic Engine for low-light performance. Improved picture pipeline for better low-light images.
  • A hybrid system with a TrueDepth camera allows for faster focusing even in low light.
  • The front camera’s low-light capture and autofocus have been upgraded.
iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus colors

Crash detection is also available on the iPhone 14

As said by Apple last year, crash detection is here finally. Along with the Apple watch series 8, iPhone 14 series also supports a crash detection feature.  Once the product detects the accident it will automatically dial 911.

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The first iPhone without a SIM tray is a significant departure

eSIM is supported by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. All iPhone models sold in the United States no longer include a SIM card slot.

Apple promotes eSIM setup and storage of numerous eSIMs.

5G connectivity enables superfast downloads, improved streaming, and real-time connectivity. Around the world, 250 carriers already support 5G. eSIM has been much improved, making it easy to connect.

The iPhone 14 camera system is a “significant advance.”

Video enhancements include a new stabilization mode, Action Mode. Full-sensor with overscan and roll compensation is used.

Every camera benefits from this. The front and ultra-wide cameras have a 2x improvement in low-light performance, while the primary camera has a 2.5x improvement.

iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus Comes With Satellite Communication

Apple iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus Satellite Communication

Emergencies do not always occur at convenient times. Satellite communication. The Apple Watch uses the same gyroscope sensors. The Watch and iPhone will collaborate to get you assistance. When you’re not connected to the internet, your iPhone can connect you to the assistance you require.

Holding your phone finds a satellite, allowing you to connect with rescuers and share your location. “Satellite Emergency SOS.” You must be outside and have a clear view of the sky. Because bandwidth is limited, even sending a text message is difficult.

Cell towers do not reach some areas, such as meandering backroads and mountain ranges.

Send and receive enough information to summon emergency assistance. Standard protocols are not intended for this purpose. Custom short-text compression algorithm to reduce message size by a factor of three. If you have a clear view of the sky, it will take less than 15 seconds to send a message.

Custom components and software are required for iPhone 14 antennas to connect to the satellite. Tells you where to aim your phone to connect to the satellite and stay connected as it moves.

We collaborated with emergency specialists to provide common solutions to emergency service queries such as how many individuals were hurt and what assistance was required.

Can be utilized in less serious situations. Find My app can share your location through satellite. If local centers are unable to take text messages, relay centers can contact emergency services.

This satellite service’s ease of use might be a game changer for many backcountry adventurers and remote search-and-rescue agencies looking for missing individuals.

This is such an important component of the iPhone experience that it is included for free for two years with the iPhone 14 in the United States and Canada. The launch date is November.

Apple Fitness + Also Comes in iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus

Apple Fitness+ will be available to all iPhone users this autumn, with no need for an Apple Watch.

Price of iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus

Amazing deals from Apple and our partners, including up to $800 off in the United States.

Preorders for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus begin on September 9. The iPhone 14 will be available on September 16, with the iPhone 14 Plus following on October 7.

The iPhone 14 starts at $799, and the iPhone 14 Plus starts at $899.

That’s hardly the beginning of the iPhone tale today. Continue to visit the website to get to know more about what this Apple event is going to uncover.

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