How To Unsend An Apple Mail In iOS 16?

Here is a tutorial for iPhone users on how to unsend an Apple Mail in iOS 16!

An email that was intended for colleagues only was sent to your boss? Now that iOS 16 is out, you can unsend it. You can now delete the email, regardless of whether you missed including files or selected the incorrect recipients. You can also set a later time for sending emails using iOS 16.

Mail now allows you to undo a mistaken email sent within a 10-second window after it has been sent. While that is less time than, say, Gmail’s (30 seconds), 10 seconds are still better than nothing and may even spare you from annoyance or even shame.

Here’s How To Unsend An Apple Mail in iOS 16:

Follow the instructions mentioned below, step-by-step, in order to unsend an apple mail in iOS 16:

Step 1: If you have just sent an email using the Mail app, hit the ‘Undo Send’ option that is shown at the bottom of your inbox in blue letters. Normally, the ‘Undo Send’ button will show up 10 seconds after you have sent an email. To stop sending the email, tap it. Once more, the writing page will appear, so you may make any necessary edits or simply delete your email.

If you do not take any action within the allotted 10 seconds, ‘Undo Send’ will vanish, and your email will be sent. After that, it can no longer be undone.

Unsend an apple mail in iOS 16

Step 2: Returning to the email compose interface will allow you to fix any mistakes in the initial message.

Step 3: When you are prepared to send the email, tap the blue arrow.

Your email will be preserved in drafts if you hit the cancel button. By looking in your ‘Sent’ folder, you can determine whether the email has been sent or not. You can send emails from your iPhone again with this method.

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Change The Timer For Undo Option

How to modify the timer for the ‘Undo Send’ button, which by default counts down 10 seconds before sending an email? You can lengthen this timer (or turn the feature off if you ever want to). Scroll down in the ‘Settings app on your iPhone and tap ‘Mail.’ Scroll down and choose the ‘Undo Send Delay’ option after that.

Now, you can select whether you want the Undo Send timer to last for 10, 20, or 30 seconds. In this way, you may choose your own time that you may require in order to unsend an Apple Mail in iOS 16. 

However, all of your emails will be sent right away if you tap ‘Off,’ and you will not be able to undo them because the unsending option will thus be disabled.

Unsend an apple mail in iOS 16

It is also important to note that the recipient will be informed if a message is re-sent. Naturally, they will not be able to see what you deleted, but they will be aware that you deleted the text.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to edit a sent iMessage in iOS 16?

In iOS 16, you have up to 15 minutes to change an iMessage after you send it. You can edit an iMessage by long-pressing on the message you want to change, making your changes, and then pressing the blue checkmark to send the message again. It only supports iMessage and not SMS communications.

How to Schedule emails in Apple Mail in iOS 16?

There is a new function in iOS 16 that allows you to arrange a time to send an email that you have authored. In order to do this, long-press on the blue arrow-shaped send icon and then choose an option. Any time or date is up for selection.

How does the Follow-up feature work in iOS 16?

Apple has included a ‘Follow Up’ function that brings sent emails to the top of your inbox, so you can send a follow-up if the recipient of your email does not respond. You will notice a ‘Follow Up’ option on some emails in your inbox. When you tap it, the compose screen will open, allowing you to send an email to the person you are waiting to hear from.

How to mark a message as unread in iOS 16?

With the new ‘mark as unread’ function in iOS 16, you can designate an SMS message or an iMessage as new, giving it the blue dot to prompt you to read it again. The ‘Mark as Unread’ option can be accessed by long-pressing the conversation and then tapping on it.

Bottom Line 

You are now aware of how to unsend an Apple Mail in iOS 16. Additionally, you can modify the ‘Undo Send’ time window. Besides, you can completely disable the ‘Undo Send’ function. We hope you found this guide on how to unsend an apple mail in iOS 16 helpful. 

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