How to Display Upcoming Calendar Events on Your Lock Screen in iOS 16?

How to display upcoming calendar events on your lock screen in iOS 16 is explained here!

The new iPhone interface has undergone numerous alterations. The time displayed on your lock screen can now be modified. Additionally, you have the option to add your own photographs to your lock screen. You do not need to alter your images because the preview uses styles that are automatically generated.

Your lock screen also displays a list of all your upcoming events. Here’s how, in iOS 16, to display upcoming calendar events on your iPhone lock screen. One of the significant changes Apple is delivering with iOS 16, is the ability to customize the lock screen.

So, how do you make your lock screen include your calendar? Check below.

How To Display Upcoming Calendar Events On Your Lock Screen in iOS 16 

The calendar Lock Screen widget appears in 2 forms that give you the choice to either use a smaller widget to show just the event name or time or a larger widget to show both the event name and time.

Unlock your mobile using Face ID or Touch ID, long-press the lock screen to access the Lock Screen gallery, and then start adding widgets. You are guided through the remaining steps by the ones that come next.

Step 1: The widgets selector will appear when you tap the frame either above or below the time.

Step 2: To add a widget to the selected frame, tap the calendar events widget at the top of the screen in the widget selection.

Step 3: Additionally, you may even select from a few widget variations by tapping ‘Calendar’ in the column list of apps. You can tap or drag the image you wish to insert into the frame when you swipe to it.

upcoming calendar events on your lock screen in iOS 16

Step 4: In the top-right corner of the screen, select ‘Done’ once you have finished organizing your widgets.

Step 5: In the wallpaper gallery, tap the lock screen to activate it.

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Following the instructions above will successfully add a new ‘Reminders widget’ to the lock screen of your Apple iPhone. Now, the list of upcoming reminders is accessible directly from the lock screen of your smartphone.

Now, you can rapidly access information without opening your iPhone’s home screen or ‘Today view’, by customizing the iOS 16 lock screen with your preferred fonts, colors, and, for the first time, widgets. 

Additional time zones, a particular alarm, the calendar event, the weather forecast, your activity rings, the reminder, and a chosen stock can all be displayed as widgets above the clock on the lock screen. A widget can be added to the lock screen above the digital clock and below the date.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In iOS 16, can widgets be added to the iPhone lock screen?

In iOS 16, you can certainly add widgets to your iPhone’s lock screen. Four small widgets, two medium widgets, or one medium and two small widgets can all be added.

How can I add widgets on iOS 16?

You can add widgets by unlocking your iPhone, holding down the bottom-right button while tapping the plus (+) sign, and then select Add Widget from the widgets pop-up.

How can your iPhone lock screen be customized in iOS 16?

By unlocking your iPhone, holding down the lock screen for a long time, and then tapping the blue plus (+) sign, you may customize your lock screen. In iOS 16, you may customize your lock screen’s font and color, wallpaper, and widgets.

Bottom Line 

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this post on ‘how to display upcoming calendar events on your lock screen in iOS 16.’ The feature performs well. The Apple Reminders app is excellent for keeping track of your tasks.

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