How To Show The Weather Forecast On The iPhone Lock Screen With The New iOS 16?

Check the steps to show the weather forecast on the iPhone lock screen with iOS 16 in this simple guide!

With the use of widgets, Apple’s new iOS 16 allows you to show the current weather conditions right on your iPhone’s Lock Screen. To find out how it is done, keep reading.

Many Apple Watch owners are accustomed to being able to quickly check the weather by looking at their wrist, thanks to watch-face complications. The arrival of iOS 16 and Lock Screen widgets has made it possible to view weather data directly on your iPhone without even unlocking the device.

Numerous variations of the weather Lock Screen widget are available. You can simply display events related to the planets, like the Moon, Sun, different weather conditions of different locations, rain, air quality, humidity, UV index, or wind, by inserting a widget above the digital clock beside the date.

You can arrange widgets horizontally next to one another in the wider, oblong space located directly beneath the digital clock. Keep in mind that the larger widget format is only available for the current weather and moon occurrences.

You will enjoy this new upgrade in iOS 16, especially if the weather in your city is prone to sudden changes. 

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How To Show The Weather Forecast On The iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16?

In iOS 16, you may customize your lock screen to include a weather widget. Consequently, how to access the weather forecast on the iPhone lock screen with iOS 16? In iOS 16, follow these steps to display the weather forecast on the iPhone lock screen.

You only need to unlock your iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID. Click on the lock screen to access the Lock Screen gallery, and then add widgets. The remaining steps of the procedure are outlined below.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to open the widgets selector and tap the frame either above or below the time on the screen.

Step 2: Next, to add your weather widget to the selected frame, you must tap it at the top of the widget’s selector.

Step 3: To select from multiple options, touch ‘Weather’ in the column list of apps. To place one, swipe to the one you want, then tap, drag, or drop it onto the frame.

weather forecast on the iPhone lockscreen

Step 4: Tap ‘Done’ in the top-right corner of the screen when you have finished organizing your widgets.

weather forecast on the iPhone lock screen

Step 5: To activate the current Lock Screen, tap it in the wallpaper gallery.

If you want to show the weather forecast on the iPhone lock screen, then follow this step-by-step guide.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can iOS 16 show the weather on the iPhone lock screen?

Yes, iOS 16 allows you to display the weather on the iPhone’s lock screen. You have the option of adding a weather widget or setting a Dynamic Weather Lock Screen

How can I add widgets to iOS 16?

When your iPhone is unlocked, long-press the area below the clock, then tap the plus (+) sign, then select Add Widget from the widgets pop-up to add more widgets.

How can I alter the iOS 16 lock screen wallpaper’s color?

By tapping on the three dots, you can alter the lock screen wallpaper’s color. After selecting your new color, slide the gradient bar to change its hue, tap outside the window, and your changes are final.

How does iOS 16 shuffle wallpapers?

By unlocking your iPhone, you can shuffle your wallpaper on iOS 16. Long-press the lock screen, then tap the three dots, choose Shuffle Frequency, then tap Done.

Bottom Line 

Now that you are aware of how you can display the weather forecast on the iPhone lock screen with iOS 16. To add to your lock screen, you can also select from several widget variations. On all the most recent news, we will keep you informed.

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