What Is The Blue Arrow On iOS 15?

Did you notice that Blue Arrow on iOS 15 supported the devices you are using? Well, that could mean something! Here is all you need to know about the blue arrow on iOS 15.

Slight UI changes in iOS 15 are being spotted on a regular basis. It could be the new fonts, settings, softened corners, and so on, but a recent update appears to have caught the attention of many people.

You must have noticed a new blue location icon in the status bar, which has been present on iOS for some time now. If you want to know what these iPhone symbols on top of the screen in the Control Center of your iPhone represent and how they can help you,  then you are in right place. Then keep reading to learn everything there is to know about what is the blue arrow on iOS 15.

What Is The Blue Arrow On iOS 15?

The blue arrow on iOS 15: indicates that an app or website on your iPhone is utilizing Location Services of your iPhone. In short, if your iPhone is showing a blue arrow in the top right corner of your screen, it means something on your iPhone is using location services.

Several apps make use of the location service of your iPhone. Did you realize, though, that you can find out which applications have access to your current location? When you use services like Find My iPhone, Maps, or other apps that use location services, an arrow icon will be shown in the upper right corner of your iPhone’s screen. The arrow can be shown in many different sizes and shapes.

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It may change colors at times. This depends on different applications using your location. When it comes to privacy concerns, you should understand what the location services arrow in each configuration means, especially if you do not know which apps have access to your location.

The two icons have different meanings.

  • The solid white and blue location icon appears when the program or website you are using now requests and uses your location.
  • The hollow pink location icon appears when an app or website is granted location permission under certain circumstances.

How Do You Use Location Services On Your iPhone?

Step 1: Select Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2:  Press the “Privacy” option. It will be available at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: There is a drop-down box, select “Location Services.”

Step 4: You will find a description of what each arrow implies under System Services: Arrows.

Step 5: “A hollow arrow shows that an element could obtain your location under certain circumstances.”

Step 6: “A purple arrow indicates that something has recently passed through your region.”

Step 7: “A grey arrow implies that your device location was used in the last 24 hours.”

Step 8: On the location services tab, you may change your settings and see how your location has been shared with different apps. To see and adjust more location-specific options, go to System Services.

If you want to stop the arrow icon to appear on your screen, turn the toggle off “Status Bar Icon” off. You can also turn off your iPhone’s location services to stop apps from using your location. But keep in mind that this would limit the functioning of other applications like Maps and Weather.

How To disable Location Services?

Open the Settings app and tap on Privacy if you have discovered any problematic apps or want to turn off location services completely on your device. Then, at the top of your screen, touch ‘Location Services’ and turn its toggle to on.

Now if you are looking for a way to refuse a certain app location permission, you can find it in the list there available below, tap on it, and choose one of the preferred alternatives. If you simply want to give the app your general location, you can turn off the toggle for “Precise Location.”

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  • Never: The app in question will not have access to your device’s location.
  • Ask Next Time Or When I Share: The preferred app will as you for permissions the next time it needs access to it or any time you do a manual act that requires it.
  • While Using The App: When you use the app, it will have access to your location.
  • Always: Regardless of whether you use the app or not, the selected app will have your location access.

What Causes The iPhone’s Location Icon To Stay?

If you are concerned about the privacy of your location and device, you might wonder why the location Icon is still present on the iPhone. Your location must be known when you use a GPS-based app like Maps, Uber, or Yelp. However, you don’t have to always give Apple or any other app permission to access your location and find out where you are and where you’ve been.

What If the Location Icon Remains Turned On All The Time?

Fix Location Icon Always ON With iToolab FixGo

If you are still having problems with the location icon staying on, we recommend utilizing the iToolab FixGo program. FixGo can solve up to 200 system problems without losing any data. To fix the symbol that remains on all the time, follow the procedures below.

Step 1: On your computer, download and install iToolab FixGo. Fix Now after selecting the Standard Mode.

Step 2: To begin downloading the iOS firmware for your device, click the “Download” button.

Step 3: Click Repair Now after the firmware package has been downloaded successfully.

Step 4: You have now successfully resolved the issue.

Using iToolab AnyGo, Spoof Your GPS Location

If you have tried all of the previous suggestions and the Location Icon remains on, you should try iToolab AnyGo, a very handy privacy tool. AnyGo makes it simple to spoof your iPhone/GPS iPad’s location. You can also imitate GPS movement at a natural speed along any specified path.

Furthermore, AnyGo is extremely useful while playing location-based games like Pokemon GO. The app works with iOS 15 and the latest iPhones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Apple Maps display such a large blue circle around the current location pin?

Apple Maps’ estimation of your current position is depicted by the size of the circle around your current location pin. Huge circles indicate rough locations. Triangulation using radio signals from several sources, such as mobile towers or wifi hotspots.
If it displays a small circle next to your current location, it thinks it has a good grasp of where you are. One way is to use your built-in GPS and a clear sky.

Why does the location of your iPhone change?

Your GPS chip must switch from one satellite to the next when the GPS satellites travel across the visible sky above you.
If you happen to be using it at the same time that a cluster of satellites disappears from view and new ones must be calculated, your location will jump until all the calculations are finished, and your position returns to where it was.
If a satellite drops out of service, your location cannot be determined precisely until the next satellite behind it rises over the horizon, and your GPS chip receives the signals and calculates the portion once more.

Is it possible to know if someone used Find My iPhone to trace me?

Any person you have given permission to track you is continually doing so. It is impossible to predict when that individual will decide to look. Every individual who is following you appears in your FindMy app. You can opt out of being monitored at any moment, and the tracker will be notified.

Bottom Line 

We have gone over what is the blue arrow on iOS 15 in detail, as well as how to remove an arrow icon from the status bar step by step. Additionally, we provided the ideal method of using iToolab FixGo, an extremely handy tool that may easily cure your iPhone problem. Now you have your answer about what is the blue arrow on iOS 15. 

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