What’s New in iOS 16.1 Beta? Here Is What You Must Know!

Even though iOS 16 was just released on Monday, Apple is already testing the next operating system version. iOS 16.1 was released to developers today, and it includes a handful of noteworthy new features, which I am ready to tell you all about.

So, let’s dive in.

Lock Screen/Home Page Customization

When tapping the “Customize” interface on the Lock Screen, users can now choose between changing the Lock Screen or the Home Screen. Previously, only the Lock Screen was customizable. This simplifies the process of customizing the iPhone’s appearance without requiring additional steps.

Learn how to customize the lock screen on iOS 16 here.

Matter Support

The addition of a “Matter Accessories” section to the Settings app in iOS 16.1 suggests Apple is preparing for the debut of the Matter smart home standard in the autumn.

When selecting the Matter Accessories area, all Matter accessories that have been added to a connected service are displayed. The text states, “These can also be added to additional services using an app that supports Matter.” The matter will enable interoperability across smart devices from different manufacturers, allowing HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant devices, among others, to communicate with one another.

iOS 16.1 Matter Support

Apple states in the update’s release note that pairing Matter accessories requires a profile to be installed on your device. Several more difficulties with the Matter standard are also recognized, and fixes are provided on Apple’s website.

  • The accessory tile is not removed by removing Apple Home from the Matter accessory Connected Services menu in Home.
  • You may be prompted to enable Wi-Fi when pairing a Matter attachment.
  • Accessory details may not be accessible if a Matter accessory is inaccessible.
  • The Matter Support Framework pairing API may not support pairing using a Matter ECM code.
  • When pairing Matter accessories, alerts about uncertified accessories may surface.
  • If a Matter item is already coupled to a third-party ecosystem, you may be unable to pair it with Matter.

The initiating device and home hub must share the same iCloud account. Matter accessories can only be paired by a home’s owner, not an invited user.

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 Clean Energy Charging

In iOS 16.1, a switch to enable. Clean Energy Charging will attempt to lessen your carbon footprint by charging you selectively when electricity with reduced carbon emissions is available.

Apple claims that, based on your regular charging habit, the iPhone will still reach full charge before you need to use it, and the feature may be disabled if desired. It appears to be enabled by default with the iOS 16.1 update.

iOS 16.1 Clean Energy Charging

API for Live Activities

iOS 16.1 reinstates the Live Activities API that was available to developers during the iOS 16 beta for testing purposes. Currently, iPhone users cannot access Live Activities because no apps support it, but developers can begin integrating support.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

When Apple released iOS 16, iCloud Shared Photo Library was absent from the betas till now. Available on macOS Ventura and iOS 16.1 soon.

Dynamic Island outline

When your device is locked, or the Dynamic Island is active, a gray border now appears around the interface to help distinguish it from the background.

SOS Satellite 

Text strings in iOS 16.1’s code seem to illustrate functionality, integration, and even a “demo” version for consumers to demonstrate how it works without really contacting emergency services. We don’t know if this will be made public in 16.1 or if we’ll have to wait for a later version.

Delete Wallet App

iOS 16.1 includes the option to completely delete the Wallet app from the iPhone. In iOS 16 and prior, it was possible to remove the app from the Home Screen but not delete it. Those who do not wish to utilize Apple Pay or other Wallet services are now able to completely remove it.

Since Apple Pay is the only mobile wallet supported by the iPhone, the company is challenged for allegedly violating antitrust law.

iOS 16.1 Delete Wallet App

Battery Percentage in the Status Bar

iOS 16.1 adds the battery % to the battery icon in the status bar of the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini, which did not support the capability in iOS 16.

UI Screenshot

When you dismiss the Screenshot editing tool, a new interface appears in the upper right corner with the options to delete, copy and delete, or save a screenshot. This menu was previously located at the bottom of the iPhone’s display. Therefore, the new implementation is sleeker and less obtrusive because it no longer occupies the bottom of the screen.

Improvements to Stage Manager in iOS 16.1

The latest beta of iPadOS, version 16.1, released today, brings several improvements to Stage Manager. Here are the updates, as pointed out by Federico Viticci on Twitter:

  • Finally, the button to open new windows on a stage is operational. An animated curtain appears while Windows loads, revealing the program switcher.
  • It’s now simpler than ever to view all instances of a given app currently active. Both the app’s dock icon and the Globe-Down shortcut can be used to access it. A “plus” button to open a new window is always present in that “region.”
  • Stage Manager now allows you to transfer windows from your iPad to a remote monitor.

Other New Features

Know of a new iOS 16.1 feature that we missed? Share your thoughts in the section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features does iOS 16.1 have?

What features does iOS 16.1 have? In order to facilitate the upkeep of current family photographs, this update introduces the iCloud Shared Photo Library. Other enhancements and bug fixes for the iPhone are included in this update as well, such as the ability to use third-party applications in Live Activities and use Apple Fitness+ without an Apple Watch.

Should you get the iOS 16 beta?

iOS 16.1 is readily available for download and installation, but it is not recommended for regular iPhone users because it is still in development and may contain bugs or unfinished features that make the device frustrating to operate. It’s possible that not all iPhone apps are fully compatible with iOS 16.1.

How can I get iOS 16.1 on my iPhone?

Once you’re ready, open your iPhone’s Settings app, navigate to General > Software Update, and tap the Download and Install button next to iOS 16.1.

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