Why Does Siri Sound Weird On iOS 15 After Update? 10 Quick Fixes

Are you in the same dilemma of ‘Why Does Siri Sound Weird on iOS 15” as others? If so, here are the 10 quick fixes for you to get your natural Siri voice back on your iPhone.

What started out as just an unusual app in 2010 is now regarded as Apple’s #1 voice assistant to help iPhone users in performing various tasks. With each and every update since 2010, Siri’s sound has become more natural and more natural-like as compared to its original robotic version. And now, the latest Apple update, iOS 15, is also here with lot more improvements in Siri, making it more interactive and intelligent. 

But unfortunately, there is one thing about Siri that reverted back to the previous versions, and now people are annoyed. I think you guessed it right. In iOS 15, there is a glitch that changes the current human-like Voice of Siri to an annoying robotic one as it used to be in 2010. The worst is that it sounds even a lot more awful in the Airpods, and oh, how can I forget the navigation and an annoying robotic voice reminding me to take turns every few minutes. 

Well, if you are experiencing the same and don’t know why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15 then you are in the right place. Here, we have some quick 10 fixes for you to get rid of that robotic Siri and bring back your human voice assistant on your iPhone. 

Why Does Siri Sound Weird On iOS 15?

Currently, there is no reason why Siri’s voice glitched back to the previous 2010-like robotic version. Apple developers are tiring their best to find out the reason behind this glitch and to remove it for good. 

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But we only know right now because of the iOS 15 update. Plenty of iPhone users complained about the robotic voice of Siri after updating their devices to the iOS 15 update. So, it is safe to say that this glitch is the side effect of the great iOS 15 update launch. 

But the good thing is we don’t have to wait for Apple developers to give us a solution to change Siri’s voice back to the normal human-like. 

Siri Sound Muffled? Here Are 10 Quick Fixes For It

There can be multiple problems with Siri’s voice in iOS 15. The most popular error is the robotic voice. But some other users also complained about the muffled voice and Siri not communicating in a clear sound. If you are also one of them, at least I was, try any of these 10 quick fixes we mentioned below to solve your query; why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15. 

Fix #1: Restart Your Phone 

Restarting your iPhone can fix several common problems. First, try restarting your iPhone if Siri’s speech sounds strange after upgrading to iOS 15.

  • Press and hold the sleep button of your iPhone along with the volume-down key. 
  • A power-off slider will appear on the iPhone’s screen. Slide that power-off slider to the right side. It will power off your iPhone. 
  • Now, when iPhone is completely shut down, press and hold the main iPhone button to start it again. 

If, after restarting your device, Siri is still sounding weird then go ahead and follow our below-mentioned suggestions below.

Fix #2: Reset The Siri Sound 

The next easy solution we will give you as an answer to why Siri sounds weird on iOS 15 is to reset the Siri sound directly from settings. For this;

Step 1: Open Settings. 

Step 2: Tap on the Siri&Search option there. 

Step 3: Next, tap on Siri Voice and then select the ‘American.’

Step 4: Next, simply select the voice from the options available there. 

That’s it; the Siri voice will be changed back to the natural human-like. 

why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15

Fix #3: Turn Off The Low Power Mode On Your Device 

Most of the iPhone feature shut down or change a little bit when the iPhone’s battery is low or if your device is in low power mode. Try to turn off the lower mode and see if Siri is back to its natural voice. If yes, then it is literally because of the low battery, which enables the low power mode on your device. Here is how you can turn off the low-power mode.

Step 1: Open the Settings app. 

Step 2: Find the Battery option there and tap on it.

Step 3: Next, simply touch on the ‘Low Power Mode’ toggle. It will turn off the low-power mode. 

why does Siri sound weird on iSO 15

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Fix #4 Check For The Storage 

Most of the time why Siri’s voice reverted back to the robot one because of low storage on the device. Your Apple device should have 150MB to 500MB of storage to accommodate Siri’s all 6 accents and 2 different voice options. When your device has low storage, the device automatically deletes files, and these sometimes also include Siri’s audio files. In that case, redownload Siri’s voice if you like to get rid of the robotic version. 

why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15

Fix #5: Check The Update

Siri’s voice is a global issue almost every iOS 15 users is facing. In this case, it is recommended to wait for the iOS 15 minor update. Check this by going to Settings > Update. If any new update is available, tap on the update and download/install it on your iPhone. It will revoke Siri’s robotic voice error. 

Fix #6: Reset Your Device

Another solution you can try to resolve the ‘Why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15′ error is to reset your device completely. Make sure to back up all the data on your iCloud before resetting. Follow the steps here to reset your iPhone or iPad. 

Step 1: Open Settings and find the General option there. 

Step 2: In the General, search for the Transfer or Reset iPhone option and tap on it. 

Step 3: Here, you will find Erase all content and Settings feature. Tap on it to reset your iPhone as new. 

Step 4: A prompt will appear telling you exactly what will be deleted from your iPhone. Tap Continue here if you are okay with deleting data. 

Step 5: Next, the device will prompt you to enter the iPhone password to initiate the resetting process. Type in the password and end the process. 

Fix# 7: Check-in Siri’s Servers 

Make sure that Apple’s Siri service is accessible by connecting to the servers. The current status of Apple’s systems can be viewed on its website. A green dot next to Siri means everything is operational. Unless that’s the case, the problem is on Apple’s end. Be patient while Apple works to fix the problem.

Fix# 8: Your Microphones and Speakers Should be Clean

Siri’s ability to recognize your voice depends on the health of your device’s microphone. Make sure there are no barriers between the microphones and the speakers. It is important to regularly inspect your microphones and speakers for dirt, lint, dust, and other debris.

In the event that debris is detected, it should be removed using an interdental brush, extremely soft toothbrush, hearing aid cleaning kit, or a specialized port cleaning tool.

Fix# 9: You Should Check to See that Siri Isn’t Turned Off/Disabled

If Siri isn’t working after upgrading to iOS 15, check Screen Time to see if it’s been disabled. Here’s the procedure:

The iPhone’s Allowed Apps section may be found in Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. You must activate Siri and Dictation.

why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15

Fix # 10: Turn On & Off the Aeroplane Mode 

Put your device in “Airplane Mode” and leave it that way for a few seconds. Help Siri start over with this. Setting > Airplane Mode or Control Center can accomplish this for you. Turn the switch on and leave it on for around 30 seconds. Try it out now to see if Siri returns any results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15?

Why does Siri make strange noises? Many iPhone users have detected a difference in Siri’s tone and pitch when upgrading to a new iOS update 15. 

Why is the Siri sound of man now?

Siri has a combination of voice options in iOS 15. You get not just six different varieties, but there are also options of two different voices for each one: one for a man and the other for a female. If you select a male Siri voice, Siri will communicate exactly like males. Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice > Change Voice to change it back. In general, if you want to go with the ‘American’ Variety, Voice 2 or Voice 4 are good choices.

Why does Siri have a robotic voice?

In case of the unavailability of Siri’s audio files, it reverts to its artificial voice. There could be a number of reasons behind this error, so you must use a trial-and-error strategy to get Siri to stop sounding strange.

On iOS 15, how can you fix Siri’s voice?

Siri’s change of sound could be due to a variety of factors. The reason could be a bug, Low Power Mode, an involuntary change to Siri’s voice settings, and other aspects. We’ve gone over each scenario in particular in the article, so read thoroughly.

Is Siri’s voice changed in the new updates?

Siri’s default voice has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in the iPhone 4Sin 2010. However, with the iOS 15, you can choose from a variety of Varieties. Picking from any of the new versions will modify the voice of Siri, which can surprise you. Furthermore, if Siri is unable to access the audio files due to space limits or other factors, it may revert to its artificial voice.

Bottom Line 

There could be multiple reasons why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15. But trying above mentioned 6 fixes could help you get rid of this error. If none of these methods work, then simply wait for the iOS 15 minor update or reset your device entirely and download all the settings again. We hope you find this article about ‘why does Siri sound weird on iOS 15’ helpful. If you have any queries, ask away in the comment section below. 

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