Will the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Get iOS 16? Everything You Need to Know

With iOS 16, Apple is finally granting users the additional customization options they have long requested from the company. Significant updates and customization options have been available with the latest iOS update.

A new lock screen gallery with a weather wallpaper that displays current weather information is one of the cool new features included in iOS 16. Other nice extra updates include revamped notifications, a Live Activities feature (that keeps users up to date on events as they occur), and the iCloud Shared Photo Library

Furthermore, there are additional Automation capabilities for Mail, Live Text in movies, Tab Groups in Safari, Edit and Delete options for iMessage, improved permissions for family sharing, and more. As of right now, iOS 16’s developer beta is accessible; Apple is anticipated to begin distributing the program to all customers this fall.

However, the iOS 16 will not be available on all iPhones. Apple has ended the latest iOS support for some of its oldest iPhones currently on the market. Since iPhone 7 and earlier versions are one of the oldest iPhones being used by people all over the world, many users are concerned about whether their iPhone 7 will get an iOS 16 upgrade or not in light of this. Let’s find out!

Will iPhone 7 Get iOS 16?

The 2016 release of the iPhone 7 marked the introduction of the company’s first entirely black iPhone. In comparison to its forerunners, it had excellent performance and battery life thanks to the A10 Fusion chip. Since the phone has been available for six years, concerns about future support have begun to surface.

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Unfortunately, Apple has chosen to discontinue support for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 16. Many consumers are disappointed with Apple since it removed the iPhone 7 series from its list of iOS 16 update supported devices. While some people are using social media to vent their rage at Apple, others are debating the decision’s logic.

How Long Will iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Will Get Support?

Up until this fall and the release of iOS 16, the iPhone 7 will receive official support. The end of support for the iPhone 7 will occur after the release when Apple stops signing iOS 15.5 within a month of the release. The iPhone 5s has gotten six feature updates, from iOS 7 to iOS 12, making it the iPhone that has received the most support to date.

Among these improvements, there were a few significant UI and feature updates, demonstrating the performance Apple can squeeze out of older gadgets. The iPhone received an update even though many would say that iOS 12 significantly slowed it down.

Apple did not cease releasing upgrades until there was a degradation in the phone’s performance.

Is iPhone 7 Useless Without an iOS 16 Update?

According to your definition of what is worthless, the iPhone 7 will indeed lose its usefulness after it quits getting updates if you consider it a phone with weak security and out-of-date security patches.

But it will not stop working as a result. If there is no hardware malfunction, you can still use the smartphone to make calls, play games, operate programs, and access the internet. However, because it will not receive any security updates, your device will now be open to assaults and breaches.

It will soon be necessary for you to purchase a new device because iOS 15.5 will eventually stop supporting app upgrades and contemporary apps. The phone should continue to work for at least another two years after this, but it will take some time.

Are iPhone 7 Users Happy?

Users of the iPhone 7 were hopeful that the upcoming operating system would be made available to their devices after Apple released iOS 15 to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus last year. But with iOS 16, Apple simultaneously stopped supporting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models.

The EoL for the iPhone 6-series was anticipated, but the issue with the iPhone 7 was not, which is why it is causing outrage among many people around the world.

Although it is not immediately evident why Apple suddenly stopped supporting the iPhone 6-series and iPhone 7-series, it has hurt many people who were eager to experience the newest version of iOS on their dependable old iPhones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the iOS 16 beta developer?

Open the download page for the Apple Developer Program in your browser, select Install, and then grant Profile for iOS 16 to begin installing the iOS 16 beta on your iPhone or iPad. When prompted, enter your passcode. Then, click Install twice more. Your device needs to restart right now.

Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. You will be able to see an update as soon as it becomes available. Tap download and install, then input your passcode to continue updating your phone. The most recent iOS 16 developer beta will be available to you after your phone restarts.

When will Apple discontinue support for iPhone 7?

Apple offers support for all of its products for up to five years after they are discontinued, with a few exceptions. The iPhone 7’s support will last until September 2022 despite its discontinuation in September 2017.

What devices will support iOS 16?

If you own an iPhone, you might be interested to know if the imminent iOS 16 upgrade will work with your model. The complete list of iPhone models that are compatible with iOS 16 is shown below.
1. iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, Pro max
2. iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, Pro Max
3. iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max
4. iPhone XS, XS, Max, XR, X
5. iPhone 8, 8vPlus
6. iPhone SE 2nd generation or later

Bottom Line 

Will iPhone 7 get iOS 16? Here is all we know and what you need to know Customers who possess several older iPhones, the most noteworthy of which is the iPhone 7will regrettably not be able to use all of iOS 16’s new features or the update itself. Instead of maintaining one iPhone 7 model but not the other, Apple has just discontinued support for all versions.

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