Worth Of iPhone X And iPhone XR!

Know the worth of iPhone X and iPhone XR here!

One advantage of being an Apple customer has the choice to sell your old iPhone or trade it in for cash when the time comes to upgrade your phone. Even the oldest generations of the brand’s phones can bring in a reasonable cash trade-in price due to their commitment to quality and regular updates. 

It is possible that you may wind up selling the iPhone X or XR for a low price. Use our comparison guide below to locate the finest online buyback shop deals and refuse to accept a lower iPhone X/XR trade-in value. Know the worth of iPhone X and iPhone XR here!

How Much Is The Worth Of iPhone X And iPhone XR?

When the iPhone X was announced in September 2017, people thought it was a risk because of its new notch and the removal of the home button. However, it captured users’ attention with its potent ‘TrueDepth camera’ and stunning ‘Super Retina display.’ Naturally, this ‘future of the smartphone had a price to match, with a steep starting price of $999.

You may be considering an upgrade and wondering how much your iPhone X is worth now.

The top buyback stores sell used iPhone X for prices ranging from $85.00 to $176.00, with an average resale or trade-in value of $136.50. The iPhone X, which was released in the fall of 2017, is still a popular Apple product in the used market and is still reasonably priced.

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How Much Is The Worth Of An iPhone XR?

An iPhone XR may be purchased from the best buyback stores for $90.00 to $166.00, with an average resale market or trade-in value of $138.67. Apple announced the iPhone XR in 2018; however, it still has a respectable market value. Selling your model might be a good idea before it loses value with each new update.

Factors Affecting iPhone X/XR Resale Value

The price of a used iPhone X/XR is affected by several factors, including

Storage Capacity: iPhone X/XR comes in multiple storage capacities. Three storage options for the iPhone X/XR are 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. The pre-owned market value rises as storage capacity increases. Bigger storage capacity is usually preferable for iPhone X/XR resale value.

Condition: The phone may be excellent, in good shape, or have minor damages after being used for a year or longer. Dings, dents, fractured back glass, (dare we say) functional damage, even minor scratches, and other imperfections can reduce your buyback payment by an average of 23%.

Carrier: Unlocked phones are the most valuable and easiest to sell. Locked phones connected to a service provider will make slightly less money.

Payment: Payment options include PayPal, direct transfer, and checks for your iPhone X. You can get a low store credit offer when you trade in or sell the phone at a physical retailer or carrier.

How Much Is The Worth Of iPhone X And iPhone XR Under Different Circumstances?

worth of iPhone X and iPhone XR

The storage size of your iPhone X/XR affects its selling price, as we previously explained. A 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB storage option will be available for the iPhone X/XR.


How much the worth of an iPhone X and iPhone XR depends on their condition, affecting the final price. If you have taken good care of your item and it functions well, you will get a reasonable payout. Various conditions and their definitions are listed below:

Mint Condition: It is in perfect working order and looks brand new. Both the hardware and the software are in perfect working order.

Good Condition: The device will have minor cosmetic flaws, like a scratch here and there, but nothing major. The gadget will turn on and operate properly.

Cracked Screen: An iPhone X/XR with noticeable fractures, chipped glass, or dents is considered damaged. But each piece of hardware and software works flawlessly.

Faulty: Typically, faulty phones suffer power problems and exterior damage. Additionally, they might regularly freeze, crash, or behave poorly in various ways.

iPhone X$176.00$147.00$91.00$45.00
iPhone XR$166.00$146.00$111.00$54

iPhone Resale Trade-in Values

Knowing the resale value of your iPhone can entice you to sell or trade it at the first store that comes to mind, but that would be a mistake.

Trade-ins for the iPhone X/XR are accepted at stores like Apple, although their rates can be low. These kinds of choices may not be the greatest choice unless you intend to purchase your new iPhone directly from them, which is another possible drawback.

It can be simple to reduce the cost of a new gadget by a few dollars by selling your old one to your carrier, but it is not as profitable. If you do not sign up for a brand-new plan with a flagship phone in the month of release, the carrier will not give you as much for a trade-in transaction.

For some sellers, auction platforms like eBay are effective, but you face the risk of incurring fees and encountering dishonest buyers.

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Facebook Marketplace are two private listing websites that frequently provide excellent discounts. But meeting and chit-chatting with random people to sell your equipment comes with its issues. But still, it’s the best option.

DeviceMax PriceMin PriceDifference
iPhone X$176.00$5.00$171
iPhone XR$166$1$165

iPhone Resale Value Comparison Chart

DeviceGadgetGoneAmazon Trade-InecoATMApple Trade-In
iPhone X$161.00$156.00$115.00$160.00
iPhone XR$141.00$167.00$130.00$140.00

Carrier Impact On iPhone X/XR Resale Value

A phone that is unlocked is more valuable. On the used iPhone market, however, you will get fair prices for AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile iPhones. It is crucial to keep in mind that merely 60 days after purchase, these carriers automatically unlock customers’ phones.

iPhone X$176.00$176.00$166.00$146.00
iPhone XR$166.00$163.00$153.00$122.00

Final Words

It is time to sell your iPhone X/XR if you currently own one. Read our guide to learn more about the current worth of iPhone X and iPhone XR. For iPhone X/XR models in any condition, you can obtain the best trade-in value. Consider the trade-in options profitably.

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